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Summary: A new group of robots from Cybertron appear on Earth after RotF. However, why is Barricade among this new group? Where do his loyalties now lie if not with the Decepticons? And how does Sam Witwicky fit into all of this? The answers to such questions will bring one of the greatest evils into the very clutches of the Fallen's apprentice…No set pairings

Delictum = Latin for transgression

.:talk:. – talking with their internal processors

speaking in Cybertronian

'internal thoughts'



4 months after Mission City, 2007

He was in pain. He knew that being as badly injured as he was, the mech knew that he probably was very lucky that he didn't either go into stasis lock or permanently off-lined. But after getting a major beating from Starscream, the mech tried to get himself to an out of the way area that did not have any humans around.

Damn did he wish that the pain would just leave! He mentally cursed that damned cowardly Decepticon for the damage to his alt form. He couldn't even transform back into his robot form because of Starscream. He HATED the fact that he had been stuck in a very damaged Saleen in a car lot that was adjacent to an abandoned factory for the past few months.

'Slag…I'd almost wish the those fragging Autobots would show up…put me out of my misery,' Barricade thought to himself as the sun began its ascent into the partially cloudy sky.

.:Are you in need of repair?:.

The Decepticon would have jumped at the voice if he was in a physical condition to do so as the strange voice was transmitted to his internal sensors. Out loud, he spoke in Cybertronian.

Of course I don't. It's quite obvious that I'm lounging in this Pit-forsaken rock for fun, Barricade answered sarcastically. You must be an Autobot to state something that is very apparent. Come out and show yourself, Autobot, it's not like I am in a position to blast you.

With the roar of an engine, a blue motorcycle came into view, a nondescript female human riding it. The 'human' shimmered for a moment before disappearing as the Cybertronian approached Barricade.

This one sees that you are unable to do much, Decepticon, the motorcycle replied in a monotone. This one has been following your signal since the incident in the human urban area known as Mission City. This one believes that your fellow Decepticon left you to die before he fled this planet. It was difficult to track you to this location due to the cellular phone transmissions the humans use to communicate.

Barricade snorted and would have rolled his optics if he was able to. He spotted the Autobot symbol on the front of the handlebars and audibly sighed when he realized that this one was a femme. What do you want? he asked, being suspicious of the strange femme. What do those Autobots want from me?

The femme's engines revved for a moment, as if she was annoyed with the mech. This one may have the Autobot symbol on her chassis, but this one does not consider herself an Autobot. This one's companions, as this one, consider themselves neutral in the war between the Autobots and Decepticons.

That startled the Decepticon for a moment before the wheels started to turn in his mind. There was one neutral group that he knew of but didn't think that this Autobot femme could be a part of. He realized that it was possible that her group may be wanting to recruit him.

A chuckle came from the motorcycle. This one believes that she knows what you are thinking, Decepticon. And the answer is yes, we do wish to recruit you to our cause. Our leader wishes to know of the current state of Decepticon affairs. The leader believes that you would be more willing to join us than the Autobots. And this one agrees with the leader's assessment that the rest of the Decepticons would probably try to offline you permanently.

A growl emanated from the damaged Saleen. He knew that the femme was right on that matter. Starscream would probably get the other Decepticons to see his view while the Autobots at best would keep him locked up for eternity. What do you propose then? Barricade snarled.

The motocycle femme revved her engine again, this time in amusement. The leader wishes for your cooperation, Decepticon, in saving this planet. This one knows of the hatred the Decepticons have against the native sentient life forms on Earth. However, think on this. This planet has been visited several times in the past by our kind…and unbeknownst to the current Prime and the Decepticons, this world is also a prison to a well kept secret. A secret that the one who killed Megatron now has burned into his organic brain by the shard of the Allspark. This secret is just one of many that the leader has knowledge of. If you do agree to help us in maintaining this secret and join us, you will be fully repaired by a competent medic and access to our weaponry and technology will be granted.

Barricade thought about the offer for a moment. The thought of helping these disgusting humans rankled in his spark, however…to gain knowledge that not even Megatron was aware of was quite enticing. That and the fact that he would have access to possibly better weapons and technology made him believe that joining with this Autobot femme and her group would be the best solution to his problems.

Before I agree to…this thing, I need to know your designation, he stated arrogantly, hissing slightly as another wave of pain went through his circuits. Mine is Barricade.

That is acceptable, the femme replied. This one's designation is Parity, former Autobot scientific research assistant and scout. You have made the most logical choice, Barricade. The leader is most anxious to meet you. If you are up to her standards, she will have you as her strategist.

Barricade groaned internally. Parity's leader is a femme as well? What the slag did he just get himself into?

AN2: I know, the prologue is a bit short, but this was a good place to stop. And yes, it's bad of me to start a new story while I have others that need tending. I'll probably put some of them up for adoption soon since I no longer have the inspiration to write them anymore.

Just to clarify a bit, I am not planning on pairing an OC with an established character. I'll do it only if the readers like them well enough for that. Reason? The reason is that I normally do not read stories where established characters are paired with an OC, not unless it's an exceptional story.

Also, I would be more than willing to have people send me ideas and information regarding Cybertron's past, in a PM and not a review. Also, I'm not very good at describing the robot forms when not in their alt-mode. I would appreciate any help on that front concerning my OCs..:smiles:.

Oh yeah! Parity's alt-mode is a 1999 Ducati Monster City...god, what a beautiful machine... .:grins:.