Chapter 2. The hunt goes on my friends and will not end… until the end. Or until this fic finishes. Hope you all like it and if not, I will make you. BWHAHAHAHA! I dedicate this to my girlfriend,oo ForgottenRoses oo for being such an awesome girl and being so encouraging in my personal issues.

Hunting Season

Metal and claw clashed. The girl managed to get her claws caught in between the spear and managed to wrench it out of it's wielder's hands and threw it away. N'yaka-de looked to where it fell, turned back and snarled. The girl just smiled and winked.

"Now, we're even, mandible mouth", she taunted and ran from the pyramid onto the grassy area below. The alien roared and ran after her. Shade made to run after her when the other alien held her back.

"What are doing, we should help her!", she yelled at him.

"She insisted she fight her on her own", he responded calmly. "Anyway, I think I should introduce myself. I am the Wolf, as my name is said in your tongue."

"Well, I'm Shade and this is Knuckles. We guard the Master Emerald together", Shade told him.

"Together? You are mated then?", he asked without a trace of embarrassment. Both Knuckles and Shade blushed scarlet at this and avoided looking him in the eye.

"Wha... no... we uh... we're just friends", Knuckles stammered. The alien chuckled and shook his head.

"Okay, I 'll take you're word for it. The girl's name is Angela by the way", he said as if it was an after thought. A loud thud drew their attention and turned to see two more Yautja materialize behind them. The Wolf spun round and drew his own spear. "You two take the one the one on the right, I'll take this one", he nodded to one on the left. The one in question fired off a shot and then ran off.

"Get back here you unholy pauk!", the Wolf yelled before running after him with his spear in the air. The other hostile alien drew a pair of blades from gauntlets on his wrists and roared in challenge towards Knuckles and Shade.

"I look forward to making you two my next trophies", he said sinisterly as he stood ready to fight.

"Well, you must not know who you're dealing with then", Knuckles responded before raising his fists and charging. He bought down on him, but the alien caught it and threw his own punch. Said action hit Knuckles with such force, he was knocked backwards into the wall. He slumped down, dazed and didn't get up.

"Knuckles!", Shade exclaimed and turned to his attacker, anger twisting her features. "You're gonna pay for that!" Without a moments hesitation she attacked. It was with such ferocity, that the warrior was caught off-guard. The punch caught him in the stomach. While this would have knocked the wind out of any human, the hunter barely flinched and made a counter-attack, swiping at her head with his wrist-knives. She ducked out of the way, the blades skimming her head and activated her own cloak. The alien obviously wasn't expecting this and whirled around looking for his target. Shade, however, had already sneaked around him. Her hands glowing, she rushed at him. He spun around but was too late and howled as his energy was drained by Shade. He collapsed to his knees, panting slightly. Shade looked at him, a superior expression on her features.

"Aww, you look tired", she said in a mockingly sweet voice. Her hands glowed again. "Well, lets put you to sleep." She ran at the alien hunter and punched him in the head. The Predator was forced backwards, luminous green blood covering the stones and hit the ground with a satisfying thud. The hunter made no signs of life or movement. He was quite dead. Shade then went to Knuckles, who was beginning to regain consciousness. He grumbled something incoherently as Shade helped him to his feet.

"Take it easy Knuckles, you look like you had a nasty hit to your head", Shade advised as the echidna staggered a little.

"Your one to talk, you took that thing down all by yourself", he said approvingly, smiling as he leaned against a pillar. Shade blushed at this muttering "It was nothing."

"Nonsense Shade", said the guttural voice of the Wolf. His spear was also stained with luminescent blood and he himself had sustained a few injuries. "To defeat one of my kind in single combat is an admirable feat indeed." He approached her and removed a round, flat disc from his belt. He shook it and blades sprung from within then retracted them again. "We give the victor a weapon as a mark of respect. So, I feel it only right to present you with this shuriken as your prize", he said proudly and handed it to her. Shade looked at the weapon and smiled at the Wolf.

"Thank you", she said and bowed to him and he bowed back. "But, where's that girl, Angela?"

"Right here!", a low voice proclaimed. They turned and saw N'yaka-de holding Angela in an arm lock, his blades pressed against her throat. "You may have defeated my brothers, but you won't kill me! This ooman (he gestured at Angela) is my passport to life. Put down your weapons or her thwei covers the stone at your feet." From the look in his eye and the tone in his voice, he sounded as if he meant it. Slowly, they lowered their weapons and put them on the ground.

"Good", said N'yaka-de, his voice dripping with contempt. "Now, if your good, I may let you keep her head."

"Hey, mandible mouth", Angela teased her captor. "Unfortunately, your passport's just expired!" Then, she stood hard on his toe. He howled and relaxed his grip and Angela broke out, spun round and impaled him with her claws. He had barely screamed before she decapitated him with one swing and his body fell, headless and dripping with blood, to the stone floor.

"Thwei-de", she said, shaking blood off her claws. She then turned to Knuckles and Shade. "Thank you both for aiding us. Now we must leave. I t was an honour fighting with you both." Before either of them could do anything, she ran off, her alien companion following.

"Wait!" Knuckles would have chased after them, were it not for his injuries and Shade holding him back.

"No Knuckles, your in no condition to run. Besides, I have a feeling we'll see them again.", she told him, in a commanding, yet caring tone.

"Yeah, you're probably right", Knuckles agreed. He stared after where they'd gone, the glow of the Master Emerald combined with the alien blood giving him a rather eerie look. As he stood, Shade took his hand. He looked at her and she smiled. He blushed a bit and smiled back.

"Well, that's another problem solved and done" Angela said cheerily to her companion.

"Hold on, getting a message from the others" The Wolf informed, holding up his wrist device. A series of words scrolled across the screen in his language. "Oh no."

"What", asked the mutant in a worried voice, "What did it say?"

The Wolf looked at her, his expression grim. "It said 'we were too late. Their ships have left the base. They are coming.'"

Angela gasped. "You mean..?"

The Wolf nodded. "A whole army. 25000 of them." He shuddered. He could already see them, flying in the air, their harsh voices toning their battle cry: "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!"

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