I started this out as a one-shot. But I've decided to make it a story. I was going to keep the first chapter but I realized it was slightly out of character with the Phantom. I have been reading the Phantom of the Opera book by Gaston Leroux. I've decided to make an intro into Narnia. The story starts right when Erik walks through the broken mirror like the movie.

I'm going to base this story from both the movie and the book. The Phantom's appearance will be like the movie though.

Chronicles of Narnia will be like the same.

I hope you like this version. All I have right now is the Intro but I will soon post chapter 1 or as I have called it scene 1.

It's really creepy but there actually was such a thing as the phantom of the opera. I read that in Gaston Leroux's letter thing in the book. It would not be as creepy if the Phantom looked like he does in the movie but his appearance is so creepy in the book.

He has a death head with eyes that grow in the dark like fire.

He smells of death.

He looks like a dead corpse.

I am not sure if that's all true but that is very freaky.

Be thankful he doesn't look like that in this story or surely Lucy would die of fright before Tumnus could save her lol.

Enjoy. Please read and review.

'The Phantom of the Opera in Cair Paravel'


Erik known as the Phantom of the Opera or Opera Ghost started to crush all the mirrors in his place under the Opera House with a crystal ball on a stick.

Christine Daee had left with Raoul Chagny, after giving Erik his ring back.

Erik went ballistic with sorrow. He could never be loved with a face like his. Erik had realized how much they loved each other.

Christine thought Erik had been her Angel of Music though time to find out it was really the Opera Ghost himself. He had given her music lessons for three months and then Christine shunned him away. That was her repay for him teaching her how to sing like an angel.

He wanted to teach people to sing, but oh now it was never to happen. He would never be betrayed like that again.

Erik finally crushed all the mirrors except one big one aside from the rest. He started toward it and gave it a few good swings in anger and it shattered to pieces He dropped the object and stepped through the glass. There was a tunnel behind the mirror. Maybe a passageway to escape the Opera House without getting arrested.

He walked into it then turned around. He did not want to leave his mask and cape behind and frighten everyone away by his face. He was ready to leave this hurtful place and find a new home where no one would see him grabbed his black cape and half mask then went in not stopping until……..

He slipped and started to fall down, down, down as the tunnel dipped into a slide. Everything was becoming lighter and finally he hit down hard on a stone floor in a strange tower.

The place was strange with a very interesting statue of a huge fierce lion. There was a balcony, a huge wooden door, and the place was very spacey. And what was more strange was it had living courters and all.

Erik knew he was not in the Opera House now and he excepted at least that.

"Well, I guess I can call this place home. It's fair enough for now," the Opera Ghost sighed in defeat not realizing he was not in France but in Narnia ruled by High King Peter the Magnificent, Queen Susan the Gentle, King Edmund the Just, and Queen Lucy the Valiant.

He heard two people talking and he went to the balcony to peer out.

He knew then he was not in France. It was daylight where in France it was night. Erik saw two young women, two young men, and a strange creature with a top half human body and bottom half goat, walking beside the younger woman.

The eldest young woman, and the two young men waved, excusing themselves from the other woman and the strange creature.

Was this some type of dream? From what he understood that strange creature was a faun. But they were only found in stories of myths and fairy tales.

As for the woman beside him, she was beautiful and wore a crown on her head as did the other people except the faun.

Kings and Queens just maybe? Since he was in a castle tower to begin with.

So assuming.

The other woman or Queen was beautiful but not as much as the younger.

He could hear everything the girl and faun said.

"I had a splendid time, my Queen," the faun said to her.

Ah yes, he guessed right. But what was a Queen doing with a faun?

"As did I, Dear Tumnus. I hope you will play your flute again soon, next picnic we have," there the Queen gave a twirl and started to dance.

The faun called Tumnus gave a soft laugh. The faun was thinking his faunish ways were rubbing off on her because Lucy started to dance for an unknown reason. That was something a faun would do.

But then Tumnus could also say Lucy's human ways were rubbing off on him for he almost always caught himself about to shake hands with another Narnian which would give him a look of confusion.

"I'm glad you liked the song," Tumnus grinned at he

"Maybe I should accompany it next time with singing," Lucy gave another twirl, circling the faun.

Erik took a sharp intake of breath.

The Queen definitely knew how to dance. Did she know how to sing though?

And then she did sing. Her voice almost as beautiful as Christine's.

(Author Note: all singing in this story is in italic)

"As the music floats through the air, we dance—we sing!" The Queen spun around again and the faun gave a light chuckle.

Erik smiled. A few lessons from himself and the Queen would sing just as wonderful as Christine Daee or better at that. He would find out where in Castle she stayed.

Tumnus loved Lucy's singing. It was almost magical.

Lucy was then trying her hardest to get Tumnus to dance with her.

"My Queen, It is not proper that a commoner dance with royalty," Tumnus objected in spite of himself.

"Away with the laws. Is it breaking the law to dance with your best friend in the whole wide world?" Lucy took one of his hands, trying to persuade him.

"Lucy I cannot but object. I shall get you in trouble if I dare do," Tumnus sang in defeat. He wanted to dance with her, sing about how much he cared for her. But it would be all in vain.

"My brothers would not care," Lucy gave him a frown that almost won his heart over.

"And your subjects?" Tumnus looked her in the eye.

"I did not think of them," Lucy said in sadness, about to turn to go.

"Lucy wait!" Tumnus grabbed a hold of her arm quickly.

They stopped singing.

Lucy looked back at him. Tumnus leaned toward her.

Lucy's heart started pounding. What was he doing???

Tumnus mentally slapped himself, catching himself about to kiss a Queen of Narnia. What a silly faun he was indeed.

"Tumnus?" Lucy whispered, almost in shock.

Tumnus drew back abruptly, then ran into the forest.

Erik had seen this display below him, it made him sad not that the faun could not love this Queen but because the Queen looked so rejected. The Opera Ghost walked away from the balcony and paced the tower. He was going to make her fall in love with him. The Opera Ghost or The Phantom of the Opera known as Erik. He would make her believe he was her Angel of Music for he planned to be her tutor. But this time 'Angel of Music' would just be a figure of speech though she would not know it at first.

"You shall be mine!" Erik said with a swish of his cape.

Sorry if you think Tumnus is a little out of character since he doesnt sing in the books or movies but it fits in this story perfectly.

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