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Chapter 13:

Morning came way too soon for Lucy. It seemed as if she had just gone to sleep after Tumnus escorted her back to her chamber. She had told him on the way back about Venice staying with her while they were at war. Tumnus had been horrified at the news but Lucy had assured him Erik would make sure he did her no harm.

Still she was nervous about the matter as she got up to see her siblings, Tumnus, and the rest of the army left for Tashbaan.

She stood by Derasi as all the soldiers went to and fro getting ready to leave.

Lucy felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around not seeing anyone as Tumnus walked up to Derasi giving her a kiss. Of course that must have been him. He then turned to Lucy and gave her a back breaking bear hug.

"I'm going to miss you," Tumnus told her as he let her go. His eyes were clouded with sadness.

"As I will you," Lucy said softly. Tears were starting to try to come down her face.

Tumnus extracted the famous handkerchief and handed to her. By now the thing was quite dingy but still well used. The two seemed to be trading it back and forth a lot. "You need it more than I do," he said with a small secret smile.

Lucy choked on her tears in a slight laugh. "Thank you." She took it and dabbed her eyes. The hanky smelled woodsy like Tumnus and comforted her a little.

"There now," Tumnus put his arm around her shaking shoulders.

Lucy leaned against him and sobbed. "I don't know why I'm crying like this," she said feeling exasperated with herself. Truthfully she had a strange feeling that something was about to change and would never be the same. Something bad was going to happen and it was going to involve Tumnus. She looked up at him.

Tumnus cupped her cheek in his hand, "You see me again. Don't worry." And with that he placed a kiss upon her cheek and took a step back.

"Move out!" Orious shouted out and everyone started bustling around to go.

"Goodbye," Lucy said to him.

Tumnus glanced down at his hooves then back over to Lucy. She looked so distressed. He hated leaving her to defend to Venice all by herself but at least Erik would be out of the dungeon to protect her.

He nodded as he fastened his sword and quickly ran after the retreading army.

Lucy stood there a minute watching Tumnus and her siblings going off to war. She looked over to Derasi who was wiping her own tears.

Derasi sniffed. "Well I guess I best get home." She walked off before Lucy was even able to say goodbye.

Lucy knew Derasi was sometimes a little jealous of the relationship between Tumnus and she. Lucy and Tumnus shared such an unbreakable bond. Sometimes it seemed Tumnus was more devoted to Lucy than Derasi.

A tear fell from Lucy's face and her hand clutched tight the handkerchief. The only thing she had of Tumnus besides the flute he made her.

The courtyard was empty before Lucy decided to go back into the palace. She was dreading to see Venice. She was terrified of that man and hoped Erik would hurry and get out of the dungeon.

She decided to take detour to the library. Reading always helped to calm her nerves. Just as she reached for the library door handle a black gloved hand came out of nowhere and took a hold of her.

Lucy squealed in terror, starting to shake in fear. Oh dear Aslan! Venice!

"Lucy, shhh," Erik said softly and she whirled around to face him with a beautiful smile upon her face.

"Oh Erik!" She threw her arms around his waist, not being able to reach his neck and hugged him furiously. "Am I ever so glad to see you!" she half sobbed and half laughed. She clung to him for a minute not wanting to let him go.

Erik glanced around for signs of Venice and then gently took Lucy's arm and guided her into the library and closed the door slowly. Locking it he turned to her with a smile.

"I've missed you," Lucy took his hands in hers.

Erik laughed, "Missed me? You just saw me last night, my dear."

"You know what I mean," Lucy said trying not to roll her eyes at him.

Erik stooped and kissed her softly. Lucy wrapped her arms around his neck. She really missed this.

Knocking sounded on the door and they both flinched and pulled back to stare at the door.

Lucy looked up at Erik with fearful eyes and didn't speak a word.

Erik placed a finger to his lips.

They stood very still and silent.

The knocking kept coming. "Lucy? Are you in there? Get out here now," Venice's voice yelled through the door. "That lover of yours escaped the dungeon. Explain!"

Lucy cringed and shrank against Erik at Venice's harsh tone. She didn't even want to think about what he would do if he found her.

Erik wrapped his arms around her protectively and placed his chin on top of her head and waited. No matter how much he wanted to go out there and strange Venice to death he had to wait. He wasn't about to put Lucy is the danger. He would wait until she was asleep first...

Venice grunted on the other side of the door and footsteps sounded, letting the two in the library know he was gone...

Lucy exhaled in relief and plopped in a chair near her. Erik came to stand beside her.

Lucy's eyes looked haunted to Erik. And he lowered himself to his knees and studied her.

Lucy's thoughts were on what happened in the last weeks. Venice had showed them he was crude and unmerciful. It scared Lucy to think of what Venice might be able to do to Erik.

"Lucy don't worry. Everything will be fine," Erik coaxed the young queen before him.

"I can't help it," Lucy frowned as Erik stood back up.

"Lucy," Erik scolded, lantern light glowed on his ivory mask making him look intimidating. But to Lucy she wasn't scared of him. He took her cheek in his left hand. "Don't ever worry about me."

Lucy nodded slowly, becoming lost in the gold in his eyes that was slightly casting a small glow. His eyes were so beautiful and unique.

"Now," Erik walked off toward the many giant bookshelves. "Which book were you coming to read?" he looked at a couple of titles before turning back to her in question.

Lucy couldn't help the smile that crept onto her lips, "'The Mist and the Sea'." She said.

Erik looked for the 'T's'. "Ah there it is!" he exclaimed, picking up a rather large and dusty book. He blew the dust off. He handed it to Lucy.

The two ended up reading until it turned dark outside. Erik silently led Lucy to her chamber, preparing to stay in the room with her by taking the sofa. This would be a long night considering this would be the night he would kill Venice Deces.

Erik would have his revenge and protect Lucy.

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