It. Was hot. Maybe not out in the audience, where the air was open and ventilated, where nice big fans kept the air whirring around and the heat vents weren't so close to the back curtain they were two inches away from a fire hazard. Out in the nice padded seats where spectators and proud parents sat, everything was comfortable and manageable. Kurt, rapidly twisting and bowing, wanted to hit them. Lucky bastards.

The air on stage was thick, whether it was with tension, fear, or just really poor heat circulation. Sweat beaded on all the performers foreheads, and in the flashing lights that were a bitch and a half to pay for, each body glistened and shone. Kurt moved quickly, keeping perfect pace with the rest of New Directions. Their first number was ending. His heart thudded hard.

Swear to shake it up if you swear to listen!
Oh we're still so young, desperate for attention,
I aim to be your eyes,
Trophy boys, trophy wives!

Swear to shake it up and you swear to listen!
Oh we're still so young, desperate for attention!
I aim to be... your eyes!

As they'd been practicing for months, all performers stopped on a dime. Kurt's lungs were beginning to ache, which was a good thing, he supposed. In the center of the stage, Artie, who had been leading the song in vocals, began to wheel away and the lights dimmed. Kurt felt his stomach turn fourteen different ways and the sweat on his face felt cold. Across from him, Finn watched with eyes that were equally, if not more, terrified. Slowly, the dancers began to move and separate, pairing up so that Mercedes was holding onto Mike in the traditional Waltz position, as did Rachel and Puck. The rest of the dancers migrated to the back. Kurt stared hard at Finn. He nodded, and Finn nodded back. Both boys walked to center stage and took up the position.

Star crossed lovers…
They say we're not meant to be
'Cause the stars in the sky, and the fashion that they are aligned.

The dance began, slow and simple. It was as it had been the three hundred other times they'd danced it. But as the opening bars were played and the routine started, there was so much more fear and realization. Kurt tried not to shiver. Finn was staring into his eyes, their hands interlocked so tightly that they were both going white-knuckled. Finn exhaled, making his body relax. He mouthed words softly to Kurt.

Let's do this.

It was still sort of unbelievable, how all of this had happened so fast. Looking back at the past four weeks, Kurt would still sometimes have to stop and ask himself how far into one of his little romantic comedy fantasies he'd gone. But this wasn't some dream, some cooked up over-hyped fantasy. This was real. And as the two boys began to move and sway in the center of the stage, Kurt knew it was only one other thing. Fantastic.

That wasn't to say, of course, that the world had happily progressed in the way of a fairytale or Disney Movie.

After that day in the cafeteria Finn had gone almost completely into shock, managing to spend another, oh, thirteen seconds with Kurt before politely getting up, escorting Kurt to a place where he could spend the rest of his day good and Puck-less, and promptly disappearing for the next seven hours. Kurt hadn't known what to think, he was on his own emotional high and all, so he'd just sort of slumped in a bathroom stall until Lunch was over, numbly changed into another outfit, and went through the rest of the school day in a haze. Of course, there would soon be no end to the questions that hit him from every angle, but at that point, he'd just sort of tuned out, let his mind go on auto-pilot.

Soon, the scenario would be going on in his head in an endless loop, becoming more or less real with each occasion. After going over it for about the thirteen-thousandth time, Kurt was sure it wasn't real. Thirteen thousand and one, though, made him feel the stickiness of the leftover blue shushie behind his ears. He could feel Finns hands, taste him, have the tangible experience.

What in the name of all things good and right in the world had happened.

Somehow, Kurt managed to make it home and into his room. He repeated the process in his room for a few more odd hours before there was a knock at his door. Kurt bolted upright. He'd been checking his phone every twenty seconds hoping it was him. But besides about 27 texts from Mercedes and a few others, he'd gotten no word. As the lanky teen descended the staircase, Kurt didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"If you've come down here," He'd said in a tone that was ripe with wit, "To tell me that was all nothing, I will kill you."

That had prompted a smile. Oh, God, a real Finn Hudson smile. Kurt couldn't remember the last time he'd felt so wonderful. He wanted to let everything fall into place, right then and there. He'd wanted life to go to perfect land with no stops or bumps. But he couldn't. The past two weeks had still happened. He had the bruises to prove it.

"We're gonna have to talk about it." Finn had told him, sitting opposite Kurt on his couch. Kurt had nodded, terrified of how the conversation would turn. He'd forced himself to do it, though, to listen to Finn tell him all about the guilt, the rage, the fear. In the end, he'd begged for forgiveness and asked for a chance to start over.

Kurt had explained just how much of a hell his life had been over the past two weeks, unable to go to anyone for help, how angry and frustrated and trapped Finn had made him feel. How, no matter how sweet the gesture was, Finn couldn't let it be the only event in which Finn ever loved him. Not to say that he'd have to come to school and have hourly make-out sessions, but Kurt would not be ignored or be something to be ashamed of.

But he was really proud of Finn for the event. And he would one day be willing to forgive him for turning a blind eye to Puck's cruelty.

And he'd be happy to give it a second chance.

I say if the future's been drawn out there's no point in living…
I won't give up my love so that fate can have its way.

Back on stage, Kurt knew the looks would be coming soon. People, finished with clapping for the first number, would slowly begin tuning in for the second. It would be a slow song, so they'd all settle back and ready themselves. Then they'd have to have a double take and ask themselves 'are those two boys?'

'Yes.' Kurt answered them, breathing in and pulling Finn closer. Behind them, the other two dancing couples did the same while the background dancers moved softly.

Kurt couldn't believe it was happening. He had to bite down hard on his tongue not to break out in an out-of-character grin. He took in a deep breath and sang out the chorus, his arms getting Goosebumps in the process.

If the stars say that you couldn't love me,
Are you telling me that you would listen?
If the words make their way from your mouth,
Don't ask my permission,
All is forgiven…

Kurt turned slowly and let his body fall in trust-fall position. He fell back far enough to startle himself before he felt Finn's strong arms wrap around his ribcage. Kurt reached up and grabbed Finn's tie, wrapping it around his wrist as Finn hauled him up, and Kurt relaxed into Finn's body.

It was wonderful, thrilling, en experience never to be forgotten. And Finn wasn't running.

The news had gone over at school about as much as one would expect it to. Sometimes, Kurt could only stand by and feel guilty as he watched people Finn had always known and trusted turn and treat him like some sort of alien creature. It broke his heart to know he was the reason for such torture. But at those moments where Kurt was sure Finn would come up and shake his head, push him away, say it was over, the taller boy would just reach over and interlock fingers, leaning against him for support.

Wasn't that something. Kurt Hummel, Supportive Boyfriend.

The first week of the two of them being publicly together was nothing short of hell. Whilst they had been slowly dealing with their issues for a long time, working out kinks and smoothing over bumps, suddenly showing up to school and being together and not responding to the endless taunts was equivalent to walking into a sleeping child's room at midnight and flipping on the light switch. People were gonna react.

Kurt had lost count of the times people, everyone from Rachel Berry herself to people he'd never met before, had come up to him or Finn with one of two questions on their lips.

"So you're going out with Finn?" They would ask him, and depending on the person, Kurt would nod in a superior fashion or smile proudly. Only when Rachel confronted him did he allow himself the smugness.

"You bet we are. Tsk, Tsk, shouldn't have pushed him away. Unlike you, Your Majesty Queen of Drama, Finn doesn't settle for second best."

He'd then proceed to book it away, either to find Finn, a group of friends, or to avoid Jesse as he hunted Kurt down for calling him second to anything. Kurt knew how to handle the stares and the whispers, and he did it with the flair that only Kurt Hummel could. Such a fact was lucky for Finn, who had no way to deal with said whispers and stares, and who soon got many a lesson in how to deal with things as only Kurt Hummel could.

Time after time he'd be standing with him, chatting or whatever, when someone, usually someone Finn had known for years, would walk up with an air of confusion or displeasure, and it would be like the tone of the entire earth shifted. Things became sharp, focused, dangerous.

"So it's really true."

Kurt would inch closer to Finn, his smaller body pressed against a line of lockers, just able to see the meat head who's piggish presence was already smogging up Finn and Kurt's atmosphere. Finn didn't need to look up from the things he was getting. He would nod, numbing himself to the words. Kurt, knowing better than to toss a cocky look at a jock, instead relaxed his posture and breathed out.

Simple. Question answered. Lah-dee-dah.

"How long have you been a fag?"

Kurt saw Finn's hands ball into fists. He whipped his head around to glare at the jock. Said Jock did not respond. Only stared at Finn with a mixture of embarrassment and laughter. Kurt swallowed his rebuttal. Just like Finn always wanted to bask Puck's skull in when he gave Kurt a look, Kurt wanted to be the one to fight Finn's battles for him. Such was a process both boys were working on.

Finn rolled his eyes as Kurt had taught him. That was all the comment was worth. Hardly batting an eyelash.

"I dunno, man. Look, it's no big deal, okay?"

Be satisfied, you great oaf.

"So like, all those times we've been in the locker room and you've seen us guys, like uh, naked and stuff-"

Patience lost. Finn looked at Kurt for help. As always at these times, there was a fear and misunderstanding in Finn's eyes. That golden boy that wanted everything to just be okay was struggling. Floundering. Kurt feared the day when Finn had to decide whether or not to rejoin football. But that day was not today. And Finn was Kurt's boyfriend. And Kurt would make that well known.

"All those times didn't matter with you animals 'cause he was thinking of me." Kurt quipped, grabbing Finn's hand and waiting for him to shut his locker before walking away with enough confidence and pride for the both of them. Soon enough, as the process was repeated and repeated, Finn would be able to shake off the words and taunts, able to take Kurt's hand, able to have his own pride.

But until that day came, and damn if it wasn't fast approaching, Kurt was there for him.

Star crossed lovers, we do what we want to…
Some learn the hard way,
We all learn through consequence.

As the lights flashed haphazardly, Kurt whipped around, his grip on the tie unfaltering as he pulled Finn close to him. Behind them, the other two couples began to move in more choreographed ways. Their twirls were smooth and swift, a watery waltz with a little flair mixed in for good measure. The background dancers were doing their part as well, never trying to move or overshadow the others, pleased to be shadows in this performance for the ages.

Sometimes, Kurt still had to ask himself how they'd ended up actually getting the number. The boys had been about two weeks public (Three to regionals,) when the old song, a nice revisited version of Harder to Breathe by Maroon 5 had fallen through. It didn't have the spark needed, the choreography was lackluster, and after a hard argument among the club, it was decided the number needed to drop.

They scrambled, of course, to find something that met the requirements of a good crowd pleaser. They 'settled' on about seven different songs fourteen or so times before things began to get hopeless. Kurt hadn't been the original one with the idea, though. Finn had heard the other boy humming it once and had liked the tune. After looking it up, he'd hatched the plan. Of course, this was still Finn and the mere idea of being just that damn public scared him. He'd gone to Kurt who, while admittedly loving the idea, made it clear that he wasn't going to push Finn into something he didn't want.

They'd settled on a plan. Rehearsals had been bumped up so that the club would be meeting pretty much every day until regionals. If in three days the club hadn't found a new number, they'd bring a rusty version of it to Schu. If Schu didn't homophobe out of it, they'd present it to the club. From there on, they'd see how things went. Neither of them really expected it to happen, but they'd sat in Kurt's basement for three days all the same, working on the moves for each part, coming up with excuses to get it past Schu, and trying to make it sound like a legit reason.

They weren't just doing it, though, to show the world just how damn in love they were. Although Kurt would proudly admit that was one of the reasons, he and Finn both really did feel it would make them stand out in the competition. They had a crowd pleasing classic, a high energy beginner, all they needed was a good, pleasing middle.

Making it past Schu was simpler than either boy had imagined. Kurt took the lead as he led Finn into the music room after the rest of the club had left, but he'd blanked as far as pitching had gone. Looking at Finn helplessly, he'd tried to figure out a way to say 'Hey, we've got a great song with awesome choreography that promises to be a favorite. Oh, and it's got gay bits.'

That was basically the road they'd taken, Kurt looking at Schu with an expression of pride and nervousness as Finn struggled through the idea. At first, it looked like the music teacher was going to shoot it down. But as they showed him their ideas and sang out a few words, the teacher slowly nodded. He wasn't sure how it would be received, but it seemed like something that would give them the upper hand. All they had to do was get it past the rest of the club.

And, of course, Rachel shot it down so fast it left a small crater in the tile between Kurt and herself. But with the support of Mercedes, who knew if they didn't do it then they'd no doubt end up with a Rachel/Finn single number with the rest of them singing background. Once this was pointed out, a few more members warmed up to it. Mike, Matt, Brittany and Santana, Tina and Artie, Quinn, one by one the group warmed up to the idea. Before long, the only two left opposing was the impeccable Rachel Berry and the great stone-minded Noah Puckerman.

Finn and Kurt had made a point to avoid Puck, for no other reason than the fact that they were terrified. Puck preyed on the weak and hapless, and after the original outburst in the cafeteria they had no idea how he would come around. Things went as expected pretty much, Finn got his first dumpster dip (While Kurt bolted for the door, oh the romance,) and the pair were barraged with slushie facials and the whatnot. Some of these came from Puck, some didn't. Whether this was the result of them avoiding him or Puck planning something dastardly for them, they'd soon find out.

But as tension rose in the choir room, as the rest of the willing room stared down at the fidgeting nay-sayers, both the eyes of Finn and Kurt were on Puck. They'd accounted him as their biggest issue. Kurt could just see Puck, looking stone faced and cold against the rest of the room. Rachel was spouting off excuse after excuse after excuse, words falling through the air like the screeching of an annoyed bird. Eyes darkened and lips turned to frowns, and before long it almost seemed as though a riot was on the way. It was only as Puck stood up, running a hand through his narrow strip of hair and shaking his head.

"Rachel, will you shut up?"

Rachel, about four percent through a twenty-minute rant on how, even though it should be accepted, homosexuality was still negatively viewed through most of the conservative town and how an openly gay performance would bring the club's chances of winning down in flames, stopped as Puck's voice boomed over the room.

"It's not like they're gonna be doing it on stage, geeze. And if it's gonna be something that's different and exciting, why shouldn't we do it?"

Puck hadn't met Kurt's eyes, but he saw Puck's dark gaze linger on Finn's for a fraction of a second before breaking away. Puck made his way over to the rest of the club who were watching, open mouthed and astounded. To be fair, Kurt felt the same way.

It had taken a few more lectures and twenty minutes to get Rachel to fold, ('You all hate me! You do! You thought I'd be okay with this just because of my dads? You're dragging this club down and I won't be taken with you!' She stormed out for about ten minutes before coming back in a huff and agreeing.) Somehow, the boys had managed to do it.

I say if the future's been drawn out then nobody's living.
I won't give you up love, so fate can have its way.
Its way.

If the stars say that you couldn't love me,
Are you telling me that you would listen?
If the words make their way from your mouth,
Don't ask my permission,
All is forgiven.

Kurt hadn't been there, at first, when he heard some random kid mention something about Puck and Finn. He'd been walking, tittering with Tina about something when he'd heard half a sentence that held the words 'Homo' and 'Puck'. Stopping dead and giving Tina a look to stop time, Kurt had tuned in just soon enough to hear the jock say that Puck had found Finn and that they'd exchanged words and had ended with a friendly hand-to-shoulder gesture. Well, the way they'd put it was that they'd talked and hugged and one of them was wondering if Puck, too, was gay. This caused a small amount of blood loss in Kurt's lip as he bit into it.

With Tina on his heels, the smaller boy had scoured the school until he eventually found Finn, talking pleasantly with Quinn and poking at her belly. Their motions weren't flirtatious, but friendly and teasing. Kurt watched in light amusement as Finn placed his hand on Quinn's belly, only to look like it got kicked off a moment later. Kurt had to turn his confidence up to maximum to break the moment. Privately, he could still feel the stings of the Clingy Girlfriend Quote in the back of his mind. But he did it, interrupted them and politely asked for Finn's attention. Leaving Tina and Quinn to talk, Kurt drilled for details.

Apparently, after the episode, Puck had cornered Finn and had let him know just how un-gay he was, informing him that the only reason he'd stood up for the two was because they'd been friends once and he didn't want the club to end up with another lackluster performance. It sounded like garbage to Kurt, but in reality, it was one of the nicest things Noah Puckerman had ever done for anyone but himself (And maybe Quinn.) They'd ended with a friendly handshake and a warning to watch out for slushies on the fly.

It was as close as a peace treaty was going to come.

Is it over?
(The stars keep this fire from burning out)
Is it over?
(Are you saying that you'd really listen?)
Is it over?
(The stars keep this fire)
Is it over?
(The stars keep this fire)

As for the boys themselves, things were going well. After the immediate dream time in which they didn't know how to act around each other (Affectionate? Plainly? Melancholy?) things smoothed out. They moved past the stages that they never would have before, and before long could be looked at as a proper couple. Little things that made them each other were shared, they were affectionate, happy. When it was pointed out to Finn that sometimes when he thought of something funny or clever, his eyebrow would raise just the slightest bit like Kurt, it was laughed off. Sometimes Kurt would turn a phrase in a way that was simplistic, a little thing Finn did all the time.

The worst debates were usually about fashion, or Finn's lack thereof. It wasn't so much that Finn cared what others thought, more along the lines that he just didn't feel right in those fancy over-hyped outfits that Kurt adored. Kurt would give up nothing in the way of his own clothing, oh hell no, but he soon grew to accept the fact that Finn would never be quite as fashionable as him. That didn't stop the little accessories or tidbits that always seemed to make it into Finn's simpler outfits, but hey, it was a compromise.

Both boys had decided right off the bat not to tell Carol or Burt. The way things were looking, the pair was not about to separate any time soon, and any awkwardness that could be caused by their situation (And there was a lot) was easily avoidable. Deciding that they'd cross that particular bridge when they got to it, the boys kept their affections subtle to none when the parents were around. That's not to say that when they weren't around, though, things went wild and crazy. Finn had accounted himself as straight all his life, and even though he loved loved abso-freaking-lutely loved the feeling of Kurt's lips on his, he was rightly terrified to go any farther. They had their moments of passion, of course, but Finn just wasn't ready to take that big step. And even if it drove Kurt a little crazy, he was willing to put up with it. One day, he knew, Finn would be ready.

They boys were just a couple. They bonded, they laughed, they argued, they made up. They were two people who met in a most normal way, and just happened to fall into eachothers arms on that crazy roller coaster called love. They had no way to know where things were going or how they would end up. The future seemed farfetched to them as they napped, coddled up on Kurt's futon, or as Kurt sat in Finn's lap, Finn's cologne smelling arms wrapped about his shoulders. They were just a couple of crazy kids in love. Anything and everything could go right or wrong. But it didn't matter to them, not yet.

If the stars say that you couldn't love me,
Are you telling me that you would listen?
If the words make their way from your mouth,
Don't ask my permission…

On stage, the number was coming to a close. Both boys were in the heat of battle now, moving and swirling, staring at each other from across the room as they did their best to look professional and talented. As far as Kurt could tell, there was no protest going on, no one had gotten up and left, and they had yet to be pelted with anything spoiled or made of glass. Kurt ran, his arms finding Finn's as he jumped, caught a split second before a very painful connection with the ground. (He would know, after a few rough/ slippery handed rehersals) Finn's arms wrapped around Kurt's waist, his other behind Kurt's head. Kurt exhaled, knowing it would soon be over.

Finn smiled at him as he hauled the smaller boy up onto his feet. Their last few steps were done hand in hand, as they'd been planned. Kurt smiled, looking at Finn's sweet face. The last words slipped softly from his lips.

All is forgiven.

And so it is done.

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