So at last here is Soccerward- we have been teasing our Twitter bitches with this one for ages but finally we have declared Soccerward fit to play!

This is a collab between myself (chelletwi83) and my dear friend Chartwilightmom.

The idea came from my love of Manchester United (the biggest soccer club and england) and Chartwilightmom's love of all things british.

Edward is a from Manchester and I shall be handling his POV as I too am a Manc!

Chartwilightmom shall be handling the American side (BPOV)

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All my life had led up to this moment.

The lights of the stadium were almost blinding and the atmosphere was undeniably electric.

The adrenalin pumped through my veins like a drug.

Every bit of training at Carrington, every Premier League match, the group stages of this tournament and even my time spent as a youngster at the academy made me the player I am, good enough to stand beside some of the biggest names in world soccer.

The mistakes I had made had enabled me to realize what really mattered. All the fuck ups I was responsible for, the women I had used and thrown aside needing nothing from them but a cheap bit of pussy, the fights I got into because I had issues controlling my asshole tendencies. They had all taught me valuable lessons about the kind of man I wanted to be.

I had the chance now to prove to them all, all the doubters that I had been worth the time, money and effort I was afforded.

I would play for the people who helped me get here, pulled me back from the brink of self destruction. Who believed I could change when there were those who thought I was a lost cause, a liability.

But she, she had believed and I would do this ultimately for her.

Even if she couldn't be here to see it, I would pour every ounce of my being into my game tonight to make her proud so if she ever did get to see, she would know I hadn't given up.

I looked to the stands, trying to see my sister and my friends I spotted them almost immediately and my sister was already in full soccer hooligan mode and I could see her exchanging some not so friendly banter with the opposing teams fans.

Bella would have loved to come with me to Italy, she had once told me it was one of her favourite places on earth.

I would bring her here someday, if I got the chance, fuck that, I would move heaven and earth to make sure I did.

I had lot of people to thank for the faith they had in me but none more so then Bella Swan.

Her 'take no shit policy' had been a little hard for me to deal with at first but once I had got past the cold exterior she like to exude I discovered the most loving and amazing woman I have ever known.

Bella Swan was my saving grace.

And I had not been able to save her back, not from that bitch. She was too determined to make me suffer.

A woman scorned and all that.

I believed she was still alive that she wasn't quite far gone enough in the fucking head to kill her or really hurt and anyhow I knew if she was truly gone from this world I would feel it.

I felt her absence greatly, no more so then in this very moment but my heart told me she was still on this earth somewhere, she should be here witnessing first hand the culmination of her efforts.

But that fucking bitch took that away from her, from us.

The chances of that bunny boiling twatwaffle actually letting her watch it were very slim.

We were lining up, both teams standing side by side as they always do before a Champions League match.

The flashes of thousands of cameras went off trying to capture the moment. I could feel the hairs stand up on my neck, it all felt so surreal.

I felt Jasper and Emmett who were stood on either side of me shifting from foot to foot, it was not like either of them to get nervous before a match.

But this wasn't just any match. This was the match, the one that every player at club level aims to be a part of.

Being part of a club like Manchester United you are always likely to play at the very top level of the sport but it's still a huge deal for all of us young lads who have never been here. Not like Paul and Ryan who have done this three times.

"Man, I really hope Kaka's off his game tonight," Jasper whispered out the side of his mouth. I simply nodded in agreement not wanting to be caught on camera seeming anything less then one hundred percent focused so on the unlikely chance that motherfucking bitch was letting her watch then she would see that all those things she said and did had stuck with me.

The first notes of the Champions League theme song sounded and the already charged atmosphere went stratospheric.

The players from the Real Madrid team began to move across our line shaking our hands as was customary but not before the team Captains had exchanged their respective clubs motif.

I glanced over to Carlisle, he nodded his head at me and I knew he was trying to tell me that Bella would want me to play and it would all be okay one way or another.

I had to have faith although with everyday that she was gone my faith was tested more and more but I knew she would want this, she had worked so hard to get me here, not playing would have been a huge slap in the face to her.

All twenty-two of us took up our individual positions and kept out muscles warm by moving around while we waited for the ref to blow the whistle and start the game.

Then all of a sudden the whistle was blown, I kissed the club crest on my playing shirt as I always did at the start of a game and sent out thoughts to my Bella hoping she could some how hear me.

That this was for her.

Everything I did was for her and if it was the last thing I did I would find her and save her from that twisted cunt.

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