"Bella!!!!" I groaned and turned around in bed, trying to ignore the shrieking voice right outside my bedroom door.

"Bella! Are you awake?" The voice asked too happy.

"Go away, Alice." I groaned and pulled my blanket over my head.

"I know this is your way of telling me that you love me and that this is your grumpiness talking out of you." She chirped, still too happy and opened the door.

"I said. Go. Away." I growled, but she jumped onto my bed and began to pull my blanket away.

"Alice…" I warned.

"Oh shut up, Bella. It´s Saturday and it´s a lovely and sunny day. Don´t hide all day long in bed. We have a lot to do." I huffed and turned to face her. My best friend was kneeling on my bed, her hands on her small hips.

"It´s…" I took a look at the alarm clock.

"… 7.30 AM. What the fuck, Alice!" she just rolled her eyes.

"I let you sleep in, dear Bella. I´m awake for hours." She complained.

"Alice, I´m not a Duracell Bunny, like you. I NEED sleep and A LOT of it." I snapped.

"Come on, Bella. You promised me to go shopping today. The dinner party at my parents´ house is tonight and you still have no dress."

Crap, the dinner party. Right! I didn´t want to go. Not that I didn´t love Dr. and Mrs. Cullen, better said Carlisle and Esme. I also loved her brother Emmett, who was a great buddy. But I couldn´t face him. Not today, not tonight or ever. I couldn´t face my personal devil… Edward.

As Alice and me had been best friends, ever since I had moved to Forks to live with my dad Charlie, who was the chief of police, at the age of 17 we had been best friends.

Ever since then, the Cullens had been like a 2nd family to me. Esme was the motherfigure I never had, Carlisle was like a 2nd father, Em was the big and protective big brother I had always wished for and Alice… she was not only my best friend, but also my sister in so many ways.

After graduating highschool, we went to NY to college together. She studied design, while I studied to become a journalist and writer. We shared a dorm together and after finishing, we moved into a lovely little apartment. To others it looked like Alice and me couldn´t be more different. She was bubbly, hyperactive, sweet, easy socializing and cute. And I was… none of that. I was silent, kept to myself, was extremely shy and blushed all the time. It was hard to me to socialize with others, but I was fine with that. I didn´t need many people around me or many friends. I knew who my true friends were and that was all I needed.

After a few years in NY, Alice and me got homesick and so we decided to move to Seattle to be nearer to her family and my dad. Alice opened her own boutique, which rocked from day one on and I got a job at the Seattle times. We were happy with our lives.

Well, I was mostly happy… I would be thoroughly happy, if there wasn´t Alice 2nd brother Edward. From the moment, I stepped into Forks High on my first day, he made fun of me, called me names…

Okay, I never was the school princess or cute new girl. I was the silent freak that kept to herself and rarely spoke to anybody. It took Alice 2 weeks to get me to speak to her properly for the first time.

I loved romantic novels, long discussions with my Dad about everything and classical music. I loved to watch people instead of interacting with them and I loved food… at least back then. Yes, I used to be the fat girl and Edward didn´t let pass by a chance to remind me of it. At first I was hurt by his behavior, but eventually I couldn´t care anymore and shot back. The look on his face, when I shot back for the first time was priceless and I had already hoped he would leave it, right? Right? WRONG!

He bullied me with new found passion.

Well, I could live with that. At least he talked to me for SOME reason…

"BELLA!" called Alice and snapped her fingers in front of me.

"Huh?" I asked and looked confused at her.

"Where did you just go?" she asked a littlebit concerned.

"Nowhere, Alice. Okay… I´m up. Give me 20 and I´ll be ready to leave.

I knew she didn´t believe me, but didn´t push further. That I loved about her. She knew when to let me be.

"Okay… I´ll make us breakfast. We´ll need a lot of energy today." She sang and bounced out of the room.