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"Oh my god! He left! He really left!" I heard a voice sob and smiled sadly.

"How could he do this? I mean… aren´t they meant to be together? Like… soulmates or something? And what is going to happen to them? Will they meet again? Will they have their happily ever after? They SO deserve it!" The rambling voice was so cute that I couldn´t help the giggle that escaped me and turned around.

"Aunt Bella! This is so unfair!" called Emily, her eyes glassy and her cheeks wet.

"What is unfair, Sweetie?" asked Jasper entered the kitchen.

"He left her, Dad! He really left her! I mean… such a great love and then that!" she called exaggerated and threw herself into her father´s arms. Jasper held her tight and shot me a look. I shrugged and smiled apologetically.

"You read Bella´s book, I assume?" he asked after Emily had calmed down. She sobbed silently and nodded.

"Yeah, I found it in Mum´s bookshelf and couldn´t stop reading. It´s SO good." She looked with misty eyes at me and I smiled.

"Like all her other books." Said Em now from the door and my head snapped to him.

"Is there a sequel? Oh please!" called Emily now hopeful and began to jump up and down. She was so much like her mother.

"No, there isn´t." I answered and her face fell.

"But how can you do this? I mean… it´s such a great story, but with such a sad ending." She sighed.

"There are rarely happy endings in true life, Emily. Sad, but true." She nodded.

"But you and Mum got yours, right?" she said and looked up at her father.

"Yes, we did, Sweetie." He answered with a true smile. His face lit up when he spotted his wife next to Em.

"But… I also want a happy end for the couple in the book. They love each other and they deserve happiness." Complained Emily mad.

For her 14 years, she was really stubborn.

"That´s what I said when I read the book for the first time, but Mum refuses to write a sequel." My 13 year old daughter Nessie agreed with her best friend and trotted over to where I sat on the couch.

"Oh please, aunt Bella. PLEASE!" begged Emily now with puppy eyes. So much like her mother.

"There won´t be a sequel, girls. But I can tell you something nobody knows about the couple in the book." I said with a smile and winked at all my friends.

"Really? What?" squeaked the girls excitedly and sat down beside me. Their eyes were shining, their expressions hopeful.

"There were real-life-rolemodels for the characters." I started.

"Really? Who?" blurted Nessie out.

"Well…." I began, but Rose cut me off.

"All of us." The girls looked with wide eyes at her.

"Oh no! Not that story again." Groaned Alex and Sam (Rose and Em´s twins) as they noticed what we were talking about and fled from the room.

I burst into laughter, while Rose rolled her eyes.

"Your sons." She snapped at her husband who pulled her into his side.

"Definitely." He agreed happily.

"So? Who is who?" asked Nessie impatiently.

"Can´t you guess?" asked Jasper not with a mysterious smile.

The girls thought for a moment, before Emily gasped.

"The main character is… you, aunt Bella?" Nessie´s eyes widened.

"Yes, it´s me… partly. But she is stronger than I was at this time." I admitted and sighed sadly.

"Not true." Complained Alice with a true smile.

The other´s agreed to her.

"But who is the guy? Do you know him? And why was he so mean? What happened? Did you really see him never again?" the questions from the girls made my head spin.

"Hold on, girls. Give Bella time to answer one question at a time, okay?" scolded Rose softly. The girls nodded fast and looked curiously at me.

"Yes, I know him. He was so mean because he didn´t know better at that time, but he changed and saw his faults." They nodded.

"Did he really leave you for good? Where did he go?" Nessie looked with her big brown eyes at me and I smiled.

"He went to Africa to help people in need." They both gasped.

"Really? Wow, so you really didn´t see him again." Emily sighed sad and looked at the book in her hands.

"But… if you loved him more than your life. How did you end up with Dad?" asked Nessie now with mixed feelings. A carefree laugh from the door made all of us jump.

"It sounds like you are disappointed that your Mum ended up with me." He said amused, his eyes twinkling.

"Never, Dad. But…" she bit her lip and looked helpless at me.

"Let me tell you what really happened." I offered fast and the girls nodded enthusiastically.

"Like I said, he left for Africa and it was hell. I missed him so much and just wanted him back home safe and sound. But we also used the time and talked a lot via internet and letters." I began.

"Can we read them?" asked Emily excited.

"No, you can´t. They are personal." Said Alice and looked sternly at her daughter, who looked guilty back.

"What happened then?" asked Nessie curiously.

"He stayed for a few months and eventually came back." I answered with a shrug.

"So he came back? What then? Tell us aunt Bella!" cried Emily and everybody chuckled.

"We began to get to know each other better, because before we really didn´t know each other." I looked apologizing at my husband, but he just shrugged and then flashed me his crooked grin that still made my knees weak.

"Mum! Stop ogling Dad and tell us!" called Nessie. Em burst into laughter and I blushed deeply.

"Can´t you imagine?" asked Jasper now smiling.

The girls looked confused at him for a moment, before their eyes widened.

"You… you mean…?" stuttered Emily. Nessie just stared open mouthed at me.

"It´s uncle Edward, girls! That´s SO obvious!" called Sam from the other room, his voice flat and bored.

"Oh my god! That is soooo romantic!" squeaked the girls. I smiled widely and looked at my beloved husband. Edward, who was now standing behind me, put his hands onto my shoulders and smiled back.

"It is, isn´t it?" he replied and bent down to kiss the top of my hair.

"But… if you got your happily ever after… then why didn´t you write a sequel?" asked Nessie now confused.

"Because it´s OUR happily ever after. And the world doesn´t need to know it." I answered with a soft smile. The girls thought for a moment about that and eventually nodded.

"So… you are all the other characters?" asked Emily now suspiciously.

"Are we?" asked Em with raised eyebrows.

"What? No… not at all. There are tons of big bulky men, blond goddesses, calm soldiers and little fairies with spiky black hair out there." I answered innocently.

There was a stunned silence before all of us burst into laughter.

"Wow, I´m happy you made it." Whispered Nessie into my ear and cuddled into me.

"Why that?" I asked and kissed the crown of her bronze hair.

"Because she wouldn´t have such a goodlooking father, if not." Answered Edward cockily and took a seat next to our daughter.

I just raised an eyebrow at him.

"Oh… there are plenty fish in the sea." His cocky grin faltered and I giggled.

"I also want to experience a lovestory like yours." Sighed Nessie. Emily nodded.

"You will one day, but hopefully not with all the drama." Rose sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Don´t act like that. I know how you love a good amount of drama." Jasper grinned lazily at his sister, who shot daggers at him with her eyes.

"Come on, Rosie. You know he´s right." Chided Em now and pulled her into his arms.

"True, but they could have made it so much easier and earlier, if Eddie here would have pulled his head out of his…"

"ROSE!" called Alice and me in unison. She bit her tongue and smiled sweetly at us.

"Sorry, but it´s true, isn´t it, Eddie?" she batted her eyelashes at my husband, who frowned.

"It is, but that´s in the past. All that matters is here and now." He leaned over and kissed me sweetly on the lips.

"Get a room." Mumbled the twins when they trotted back in which earned them a hit in the back of their heads from their mother.

They apologized fast and took a seat on one of the couches.

I looked around the room, at my best friends and their children and couldn´t help but to feel thankful.

We had managed to stick together all those years. We helped each other in hard times, we shared the good times and we were happy. As they held my gaze, I knew they felt the same.

"One big happy family." Sighed Emily dreamingly. Nessie, who was still cuddled into me nodded, also the boys agreed.

Edward leaned over to me.

"You know that I love you, always have and always will." He whispered into my ear, which caused me to shudder. I looked at him and got lost in his beautiful green pools. Yes, we have had a rough start, but we managed to overcome our issues and were stronger than before now. If I learned one thing from all the drama we had to endure, it was that love could overcome everything. And that knowledge gave me the certainty that nothing would ever come between this wonderful man and me. We have had so many happy years together now and there many more to come.

"I love you." I whispered back and leaned against his shoulder.

Thank you again! I love you ALL!