Hey, everyone! This is my story about Robert Ford (portrayed by the gorgeous Casey Affleck) *sigh* in 'The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford'! Enjoy!

Bob's P OV:

"You want to investigate my courage? Do you?! Find out! FIND OUT!"

My raging words echoed in my mind as I recalled the incident that destroyed my career as a theater actor. I had let my temper get the best of me and attacked an audience member who had insulted me during one of my performances.



Those were the damnable words that set my insides aflame with anger and guilt for the deed I had committed all those years ago when I was a naïve man just fresh out of my teens.

I now lay on the bed in my apartment, with the lovely Dorothy Evans asleep against my bare chest. She had given an amazing performance that night at my saloon with her singing and entertaining of the male patrons who lusted and cat-called after her. I then rewarded her by taking her to my apartment for a night of passion, something I had missed in my younger years.

With most of my remaining relatives dead, Dorothy was the only person I felt any affection for.

All my life, I had been treated like an annoying pest, a burden, someone never to be trusted.

All I had desired to be was now what I regretted becoming…

All I wanted was somebody to respect and love me. To treat me like a respectable man instead of an incompetent child…

I felt Dorothy stir against me and mumble some words I could barely understand as I looked down at her.

"You're not a nobody, Bob. I've never met anyone as respectable as you."

A slight smile crept onto my face, causing me to feel as if I hadn't smiled in years. I enfolded my arms around her, and for one instant, a tiny glimmer of hope lit up inside the depths of my dying black heart.