I have to leave for work in an hour. But I just remembered it's Oishi's birthday!

It's funny. Just the other day I swore this would never go online, because I personally don't like it. But I wanted to have something for his birthday...This was written in 2006.

Obviously, I don't own anything.

"I know what's been bugging you." Eiji declared, hands on his hips.

Oishi looked up at his doubles partner, as he shut the door to the club house before practice one day towards the beginning of their second year in junior high. "You do?"

"Yup!" The energetic thirteen year old answered, grabbing Oishi by the hand, pulling him past a pair of first years that were arguing about something. "You adore me, Oishi, nya!"

Oishi immediately turned a bright shade of red and began to stutter out a few incoherent phrases.

Once they were out of ear shot from everyone else, Eiji stopped. He grinned a large toothy grin at the boy next to him. "Don't be embarrassed Oishi, I adore you too!"

"Y-You do?" Oishi flushed even darker red, all his attempts at trying to deny the situation had stopped.

Eiji nodded. "Yeah." He grinned again, sticking his hands behind his head. "Man, this is embarrassing. But you weren't going to do anything about it…"

"It?" Oishi asked weakly.

"It. Us."

"Us?" Oishi asked. "I…How did you know?"

"I used this." The red head pointed at his head. "We were acting about the same. Avoiding similar things about one another, trying to avoid all accidental contact…things like that. And I like to think I know my partner."

Oishi blinked. "Oh. Okay."

"You can stop looking so shocked." Eiji said, crossing his arms over his chest. But then he smiled. "So what do you say, want to get dinner?"

"Dinner?" Oishi asked, genuinely surprised.

"Yeah! Dinner date. For your birthday."

"I….Sure." Oishi replied, smiling weakly. This was all really sudden for him. But then again, this was Eiji.

"Yes!" Eiji cried, leaning forward and kissing Oishi on the cheek. "I'll see you on the court! Happy birthday!"

Oishi watched him run off towards the courts yelling "Fujiko, I got a yes!" and shook his head. So Eiji had known? Had be been that obvious? Oh well. He decided that it didn't really matter, and he would indeed go out to dinner with Eiji that night. Because after all, who knows? Maybe they would end up being perfect for each other on and off the courts.