Last drabble! ..Ten days until Oishi's birthday, again, everyone! I for one cannot believe it's been an entire year. I'm starting to feel old.

April 20: Marui Bunta

Akaya dropped the bag of gum balls on the counter behind him.

"I want to put these on top, instead of those sprinkles.. Is the cake done cooling yet? " He asked Niou, who was sitting at the table, looking at the different types of cake decorations they had all managed to find.

"Almost." The trickster replied, picking up a bottle of blue sprinkles.

"Well, we're screwed then." Kirihara replied, pointing at the window.

Niou was out of his chair in the blink of an eye, looking out the window. He cursed when he saw Marui making his way up the front path. "He's early!"

Kirihara nodded. "We don't have enough time to frost the-"

"Obviously." Niou interrupted, rolling his eyes.

When the doorbell rang neither of them moved. Finally after what seemed like an entire minute, Akaya slid quietly out of the room. He returned only a moment later, Marui behind him.

"Hey guys- OH wow, that's a lot of gumballs! Are these for me?" He asked the other two, moving over towards the counter and clutching the bag tightly.

Akaya opened his mouth, but Niou kicked him. "Yup."