"Leah! Come on! You're going to be late, and Jake will accuse me of kidnapping you!" I yelled from downstairs of my house. Well, Charlies house. Paul moved us here, a few months ago, when I broke down at the Realtor office just as I was about to sign on the dotted line putting it up for sale. I just couldn't do it. It was just too hard letting it go like that. To let him go. Leah had stayed the night. Jake ended up buying Paul's old house and all the guys were over there getting ready for the big day.

I looked to Emily, Kim and Rebecca helplessly. We had twenty minutes before we were supposed too meet at the beach for the wedding ceremony and she hadn't said a word in the past hour. "Should I go up there?" Kim and Rebecca's eyes got big, but Emily chewed her lip, bouncing little Samuel Jr. on her knee.

"I don't know! She had a fit last night about being too fat to fit in her dress," Emily warned. "Maybe it is just a 8th month pity party."

"Yeah but she isn't supposed to be getting stressed at all right now," I sighed, making up my mind to go upstairs, stopping at my old bedroom door and knocking lightly. "Leah... Are you alright?" I pressed my ear to the door, wishing I had puppy powers of my own so that I could hear what was going on in there. I heard a small noise and took it as an okay to come in. I opened the door, quickly looking around. Leah stood in front of the full length mirror taking in her appearance. She was beautiful. Even with the twins pushing on her tiny frame to what seemed to be impossible limits, she still radiated classic elegance. We had gone shopping together, taking a full three weeks for her to pick out the best dress. I could confidently say that I could recite the dress as if I were reading the details straight out of a magazine. The dress was a pale pink color, beautifully complementing her tanned skin. The back was an open back with a jeweled appliqué at the empire waist, cascading handmade silk flowers down the back, modified chapel train.

"I am a cow!" she said, turning to face me in a perfect very bridal model pose. "Jake is going to marry a cow."

"You are not a cow!" I exclaimed, not in the least bit harsh as I watched her smiling at me. She might be large right now, but she was more then ready to marry Jake to care if she was carrying twins or even triplets if that had been the case. I walked over to her side, taking her arm and helping her towards the door. "You are, however, going to up have a very annoyed furry fiance if you don't hurry up and get to the alter at the moment." I called Kim and Rebecca to come help get Leah down the stairs and then pulled out my phone to text Paul.

*We are on the way now - Bella* I only made it half way down the stairs before my phone buzzed in my hand, almost making me trip over the yards of taffeta that Leah insisted I wear. Right, like me, heels and yards of fabric are ever a good idea.

*what the fuck happened? Forget what day it was? - Paul* God he was lucky that I loved him.

*Shut up and worry about the groom, alright? We are on our way now- Bella* I thought about calling and personally bitching him out, but Emily called in from the front door that Leah was in the car and ready to go. Besides, yelling at him always turned into sex and going to a wolf wedding feeling all hot and bothered just wasn't going to work.

I climbed into the limo last, getting a smile from Leah that only I really understood. She fought me tooth and nail over getting a limo. She said it was unnecessary, but I told her it will be a great way to make an entrance, seeing how it's on the beach and everything is so open. I got her on board when I said we could have the guys greet the limo and so that as the bridesmaids and myself,maid of honor, exited the car, the guys could escort us straight up the isle. It would look awesome and I knew that her smile was her way of telling me that she had a agreed.

We made it to the beach, the limo parking perfectly so that when the back door opened, it opened to the white cloth put down as the isle to the alter. White lillys lined the isle, white chairs for the guests and Gazebo draped with a mix of silk and fresh flowers the boys had made themselves. All of the bridesmaids, including myself were in pale pink and as for bridesmaid outfits go, they were actually not so hideous. I was glad that Leah didn't go with the traditional make-the-bridesmaids-look-gross- so- I-look-better thing.

The driver came around and opened the door, Kim left first with Jared who stood waiting for her, taking her hand and slowly walking down the isle. Emily got out next, greeted by Sam who had a smile that seemed to reach ear to ear, no doubt thinking of there own marriage only a few months ago. It seemed like everyone was getting married these days. I looked down at the silver band on my own finger and smiled. No, it hadn't happened yet and it wouldn't for awhile yet, but knowing it was a part of our future was just enough to put me over the moon. It was my turn, I smiled widely at Paul, who was waiting for me by the door. He looked amazing in the black tux he had purchased just for the wedding. I told him he could rent one, but he insisted on buying, saying that he looked hot in a tux and would want to use it to get me going sometime. He was right. I held his offered arm and we slowly walked down the isle together to the spot in which Jake stood, whom I honestly believed that if he smiled any bigger his jaw would fall off.

The traditional Wedding March started and we all watched as Leah exited the car, hearing gasps of ooos and ahhws and soft sniffles. I just smiled, she really was beautiful, even as she stood stretched to the max, 8 months pregnant with twins.


The wedding went off without any problems, which was nice because I really didn't want to watch Leah give birth to the twins.. Just not the vagina I would want to see. I know I am an asshole, but seriously, Leah is like a pack brother... and that would just be awkward.

We made it to the reception, which we just held Billy's house since there wasn't a whole lot of people at the wedding and we only had Sue and Bella,the Rez's best cooks, make the food for the celebration. I looked around spotting my Bella rubbing on Leah's extended belly with a smile, talking happily about names. I cocked my head in thought trying to imagine Bella with a bloated pregnant belly and smiled. She would still look amazingly beautiful.

Things with Bella worked out for the best when we moved to her fathers house. I really didn't want to leave the reservation, but I knew that there wasn't any real threat from the vampires anymore and I was confident that the guys could handle any random nomads passing through. Besides the fact that Seth and Edward had been like little girly BFF's since the accident, texting and emailing each other all the time, keeping us in constant contact with at least one Cullen to know if they were going to be in the area.

Bella had even eventually forgave Edward for his part of what went on, understanding that it was unintentional, a little bit creepy, but still unintentional. It was not quite as powerful as the imprint, but still the same principle. Emmett had taken off that night and never came back. I heard from Edward that he was now a nomad, checking in every now and again.

I smiled as I heard Bella joking with Jake about something that happened in their childhood when I saw Leah heading towards the house. I decided that I needed another beer and followed, catching up just in time to catch her as she collapsed. I dropped my empty bottle, catching her in my arms just before she was about to hit the ground. Her head lulled back onto my shoulder, her eyes were closed and her breath was shallow.

"JAKE! BELLA!" I screamed, praying that they were close. I could hear their feet pounding against the ground as they rushed to my side, my words came out jumbled and strung together. I stopped and took a quick breath starting over again. "She just dropped, I don't know what happened!"

Jake scooped her up, running to the rabbit making Bella scream out. "Don't take that piece of shit! Take my truck!" She was already heading for the monster I had parked here yesterday. I out ran her, taking the keys from her hand as I ran by. I knew she would be annoyed at me but would understand. I jumped into the cab, reaching over and opening the passenger side door for Jake to climb in. Bella jumped in back, opening the divider window so she could hear us.

I started the truck and peeled out as we left the small dirt driveway, yelling for Bella to call ahead to the hospital so that they knew we were on the way and would be ready.


I watched helplessly from the bed of the truck through the little window. She still hadn't woke up, and Jake was cooing and talking to her, trying to get her to respond to him. I had called the hospital on the way and as we pulled up to the emergency area there were four nurses and two doctors waiting for us, helping Jake take her from the truck. As he got the point across that he was going to carry her in, I jumped from the bed of the truck, following behind him as he carried his new bride to where the doctors were instructing him. We came to a stop in a small room and Jake finally set her down, sliding her on to the waiting gurney. He stood frozen for a second and looked back at me with a panicked expression. I was somewhat confused, looking for what he was seeing and found it on his hand. Blood. He must have not smelled it in his panic for Leah's well being.

I was suddenly flanked by two large nurses that I seriously considered sending Paul to deal with, but obeyed as they shooed me from the room, leaving Jake at Leah's side. Thank fucking God, because I really don't think that fight would have ended well for anyone and Jake would never forgive himself if he phased so close to Leah and the babies.

A little dejected, I walked out to the waiting area to find Paul waiting for me with open arms. I went to him, burying my face into his chest. "There was blood," I mumbled against him.

I could feel the movement of his head and the tremble of his voice as it rumbled into my ear. "I know I smelled it, but I didnt want to say anything to him with the chance of him phasing in the truck." I understood that. Paul's temper had gotten much better since we moved off the reservation and we began working other options and oulets for anger. The goal was to stop phasing completely, he said because someday he wanted kids and would feel better if he could be confident he didnt stand the chance of hurting them as a reaction to every little upset. I felt his head move and he looked down at me, kissing my head. "Everything is going to be fine."

I looked up at him and searched his face. "Do you really think so?"

He nodded, looking at me and smiling. He was lying, but I loved him for it. He knew I knew better, but I think if we both tried to believe it, it had to better than looking at the worst and might even prove us wrong.

Everyone from the reception had come to the hospital, all waiting for any kind of news. It took six hours and three more nurses to go to that room where they took Leah and kept Jake, but Jake finally came out, tears streaming down his face and his whole body shaking. My heart sank and my teeth clenched against the impending bad news. I tried to stand, but ended up falling back into my seat again, Paul holding me close to him while we both looked at Jake, waiting for him to speak.

He smiled, but the tears flowed harder and he dropped to his knees in front of me resting his head in my lap, sobbing against me. I didn't know if they were tear of relief or sorrow, so I stroked his hair, crying along with him. He kept repeating something into my lap, over and over but I couldn't make out what he was saying. I looked at Paul, but he shrugged and we had to sit and wait patiently for Jake to calm down. Finally he sat up, resting his elbows on my knees, rubbing his red eyes and looking up, taking a long, deep, shaky breath.

"They said it was Placenta Accreta. She fainted from the blood loss," he took another shaky breath and looked up at me. "She woke up and was okay when she went into Labor. We had two girls, but she wasn't able to deliver the afterbirth." The tears started falling down his face again and he began sobbing loudly. "By the time they tried to do an emergency C-section she had already lost too much blood." He shook his head as if he denied it then it would go away. It would take it back.

"Oh my god Jake!" I pulled him into my arms, hearing Sue and Seth sobbing, holding on to each other. As we all mourned the loss of our friend, Sister, and daughter, two nurses came out of the double doors, each pushing a small cart out to the waiting room. Jake jumped up out of my arms almost running to the two small carts looking into each of them with loving gazes. I saw the resolve the second it happened. Whatever silent promise he had made to his daughters that day, I witnessed the exact second it happened. I slowly stood and walked over to Jake, touching his shoulder gently and peered into the incubators seeing identical brown eyes and tan skin looking back at me.

"This is Leah, and this is Marie," he said proudly, and he looked up and around the room and back at the tiny figures. "My daughters."


I winced hearing Bella holler from upstairs. "GIRLS! GET UP HERE AND MAKE YOUR BEDS, PLEASE!"

They looked at each other and then looked at me. I knew that if they ignored their Auntie then I would be the one catching the back lash. "Go on," I said, nodding towards the stairs. They both whined identical little whines and put the XBox controllers down, heading up the stairs. I smiled to myself, thinking of the evil things I could do to the girls characters while they were away from their controllers when I heard my wife again.

"Paul! Go get Charlie, and Renee from Jake please!" she shouted her orders and I rolled my eyes.

"Damn woman! You are awfully demanding today!" I shouted, setting my controller down and headed out back to find where Jake and the others had gone to. It had been five years since we had lost Leah. The girls had a room at our house for when Jake was away for shows. He ended up going back to school and earning a large and small engine mechanics license. He now worked as a concept car builder for not only Honda, but Mitsubishi as well. Bella was really proud of him. We ended up building on to the house just so that the girls were able to have a room here.

I spotted Jake talking to Seth, a brown-haired sleeping two year old in each arm. I had to smile. When the girls turned three, Bella got really sick for almost a week straight. Finally, after losing a lot of weight in which she couldn't afford to lose in the first place, we went to the doctor only to find out that apparently twins were not only on Billy's side of the family, but on Charlie's side as well. I about died with fear. With everything that happened to Leah and it coincidentally being twins as well, every little sneeze, wince or groan had me up and running to her side. So much so that she actually forced me to stay with Jake for three days so that she could breath. Our girls Charlie and Renee were born exactly two years ago today, turning our lives upside down. Jake still lived in my old house on the rez and remained the pack leader. I had not phased since the day that I found out Bella was pregnant.

The rez boys came over all the time, which was something that I didn't expect with us no longer living on the Rez, but apparently every single one of them turned into a big pussy instead of big bad strong wolves when you put a baby girl in their arms. I quietly walked over and took Charlie first and then Renee, carefully carrying them upstairs to their bedroom, yet another addition to the house. Bella finally had a good use for all the money that Chief Swan and her mother had left her.

When i got them laid down with a minimal amount of fussing, I went searching for my wife finding her sitting in a pile of boxes that were marked Baby stuff and I smiled. "Feeling nostalgic?"

She looked up at me and nodded looking around at the piles of stuff. "I guess I got caught up in all of it," she said, quickly wiping tears away and standing up.

"Babe, they are turning two, not twenty," I said laughing, kissing her cheek lightly. She leaned back at glared at me.

"Might as well be twenty!" She pouted, laying her head on my chest. I head Jake come in the house yelling at Leah and Marie to stop fighting, waking Charlie and Renee up who started screaming right as the Rez boys showed up at the house with Billy and sue.

Bella seemed to read my thoughts and started to laugh. I smiled and kissed her softy. "Can you believe where are life has taken us right now?" I said shaking my head. "Our girls are turning two!"

Bella suddenly blushed and cleared her throat making me narrow my eyes instantly, knowing she was about to say something she didn't want to. "Well actually I was going to ask you something actually..."

I growled lightly, holding her chin so she was looking in my eyes. "Out with it woman!"

She smiled sweetly and searched my eyes. "Wanna do it again?"

I choked a little, quickly recovering and let a slow smile spread across my face. "Is that a choice or is it that you are ready to do it again?"

She smiled, pulling me to meet her lips, kissing me with the passion that is equal to even our first kiss. "Are you ready?"

I heard something break, followed by Jake swearing at Seth who was laughing along with the girls. Sue was in Charlie and Renees room, entertaining them while Billy and the boys talked about the latest football game. I looked into Bella's eyes and smiled widely. "I couldn't possibly be anymore ready than I am at this moment."

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