Hey! This is an idea my little brother and I had; we noticed that Yachiru never once draws her sword. We were thinking it'd be cool if she was even more bad-ass than he is, thus this scene. There is no real story line, just a fight. If you want me to incorporate this into a story then comment and tell me, if you think it sucks, comment and tell me!

I sat there in a silence. Ken-chan was on the ground, blood seeping out of him and onto the dark floor. The life force that was normally blaring was slowly dimming. I looked down at him from my perch.

"Looks like He wasn't as tough as I thought," A filtered voice sneered. I glanced at the arrancar, I could feel how strong it was, but ken-chan was stronger. He had to be. I smiled and looked at my taicho as the enemy closed in, waiting for him to pounce on the creature as soon as it was close enough. Closer. Closer. I could hear its ragged breath as it was directly above him. My smile faltered, he wasn't going to get up was he.

"I guess I'll finally have to use this" I chirped as I jumped down onto the battle ground drawing my sword. The monster smiled and looked up, then started coughing as she let her reatsu hammer him.

"Wha- What the hell?!?" He gasped I smiled as he took in my sword. The handle was white but wrapped in the pink sash Ken-chan had given her so long ago. The guard a simple pink circle, my favorite part though was the blade, a short sword that was glowing with a pink reatsu.

"Surprised?" I giggled; this was going to be fun

"How…are… you...doing…" He gasped for breath sweating trying to grasp the concept that I was just too strong for him, the only reason he was even able to beat Ken- chan had been that Ken-chan had been arrogant and allowed him to take some open shots that greatly hurt him. They were going to have to talk about that later. He had to stop doing that.

"Well, let's get this started shall we!" I smiled at him and lunged forward. I swirled my blade and slashed into his gut. The responding gasp was satisfying. I spun on my toes, smiled at him and flew back, I'm going to play with this one a bit.

"Come on!! You're being boring, take your stance!!!" His attempt at standing was pathetic, he stood there holding his sword looking like he was about to pee himself. A look of determination was starting to form on his face. He was going down with a fight, FUN!!!

"You think I'm going to let a pipsqueak like you beat me?" He sneered, trying to make me angry

"Well, I don't know if you're going to let me, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to whatever your decision is!"

"What the hell does that mean!?"

"It's my little way of saying," I smiled and did something I haven't done in hundreds of years, I glared, "It's my way of saying that I'm going to kick your ass!"

"You little shit! You're not even close to my level!" He screamed, pissing me off, bad idea

I smiled and lunged again, going in for an obvious kill he blocked it with effort, if it was so hard for him to block this, he was defiantly dead. I pulled back, and he smiled like he thought he might actually have a chance, fool. I jumped at him, pouncing on his head, before he could do anything about it though, I plunged my sword into the base of his skull, and the blade went clean through, slicing open his jugular. I smiled as his blood dripped down the front of his shirt, "You are not even close to my level, and never will be!" I giggled at him then I pulled out the sword, the light casting beautiful shadows on the gore that coated I marveled at its beauty for a second before I went over to help Ken-chan.

So there you go! If you see any errors in the spelling and grammar please tell me. This is a one shot for now but if you tell me you want more, I'll gladly oblige! If you don't think I should ever write a story again because I'm polluting the Internet, tell me!!!! I can take criticism, that's how we improve!!! Have a good weekend everybody!!!!