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Jacob's Pov

I walked down the beach, kicking stones aside. Occasionally the waves would come and cover my toes. The water was cold but I didn't move out of its way. It was during this peaceful moment that a howl ripped through the air. I started running toward the forest. As soon as I got far enough away from civilization I phased. I was soon greeted by the other wolves.

Hey, Jake said Seth enthusiastically.

Took you long enough Leah said unhappily.

Leah Sam warned before speaking to the rest of us. Time to sort out patrols. Embry and Jacob will be on the first patrol and when they're done Seth and I will take over.

Everyone who was on patrol duty headed out, while the others started off back to La push and eventually phased. Embry and I split up to cover more and to go faster. I walked one way and Embry went the other. I could see the forest around him through his eyes but I focused on the scenery near me. The trees towered above me, they canopy covered the full moon. Small streams of moonlight forced themselves between the leaves.

I started trotting just to get this dang patrol over with. Sam had us working overtime because of this stupid bloodsucker. I want to protect Bella, but how the heck am I going to do that if I collapse from exhaustion! Now I started running, sniffing the air while doing so. If the red haired leach was here I didn't want to miss her.

The vegetation started to thin out and I slowed down as I caught an odd scent. It was like nothing I had ever smelled before. I was so busy trying to figure out what the scent was I almost didn't see them. The flash of orange was what caught my eye. Was the orange mixed in with the green before? I turned my head to look and stared on in surprise. Walking not fifty feet away from me was the largest cat I had ever seen. It had tortoiseshell fur (Black, brown, and orange in this case.) and was bigger than any tiger I had ever seen or could possibly imagine. Two more cats followed. The black cat was a bit larger and the orange tabby was considerably smaller.

I gasped in shock and the tortoiseshell looked at me. Her violet eyes stared at me, looking me over. She sniffed the air slightly and tilted her head to the side. The black cat saw the direction she was staring and followed her gaze. When he saw me he bared his teeth and hissed. The cat with the violet eyes quickly quieted him with a glance. The black cat's amber eyes just stared at me. I knew he was ready just in case I decided to attack. The orange tabby looked at me quickly with mint green eyes and then turned away, sniffing the air.

The tortoiseshell lifted her head into the air, revealing another orange patch of fur under her chin, and sniffed the air again. She stared at me curiously as she caught my scent. She started walking away in the other direction and suddenly took off faster than I'd seen any vampire or werewolf ever move. The other two followed quickly after her.

I started running towards Sam's. Embry would have to take over the patrol. This was much more important. He could hear my panic and he could see what I had seen in the forest. I told him to stay and picked up the speed. We don't know what the creatures out there were, and we don't know if they're dangerous. I just hoped that Sam would know what to do.

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