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Bella POV


I grabbed Edward's hand and rushed forward, Rosalie and the cats right behind us. I could feel the change through the air, and I was certain there were at least ten cats chasing us. I felt panic, yes, but I knew we were going to escape. We had to. Our lives, no, our freedom, depended on it. And sometimes, freedom was more important than living. Thallium and Orchid had taught me that.

A scream sounded, and I saw Orchid pulling Rosalie to her feet, Onyx snarling at the cat who had tripped the vampire. It was one of the twins, its orange eyes holding extreme malice as it shook its coat of ebony.

Onyx snarled again in warning, backing up behind us as we started running for the second time. I could tell that we weren't going fast enough. The approaching cats were going to catch up.

"Transform!" I shouted. "Transform!"

I could feel the shift in the air, and as I took on my feline shape, I could practically taste it.

Edward stood by my side, and as I faced him nervously, I saw him smile in acceptance. He was accepting me. He was accepting all that I had become.

We ran. We escaped. We left the enemy cats behind.

And I knew I would be happy. I knew everything would be alright.

I had nothing to doubt with both my vampire and cat families by my side.

AN: Okay, there was my try at a happy ending. I'm not sure that it really worked out, but I tried. It was definitely less depressing than most of my morbid endings, so I am quite pleased with it. This story wasn't supposed to be a dark fic, and I couldn't end it in a dark way, so here is my shot at a light ending. Again, thanks. I hope you all enjoyed this story!