Author's Note: This website doesn't have a filksong category, so consider this a bad poem rather than a mediocre filksong. However, if you feel like humming, it goes to the tune of "Kerowyn's Ride," by Mercedes Lackey and Leslie Fish. Originally published as filler in one of Neon RainBow Press' many M7 fanzines -- I honestly don't remember if it was Let's Ride or The Bad Element. I do not for a second flatter myself that I am Irving Berlin, Stephen Sondheim, or even Julia Ecklar. (And if you've ever heard me sing, then you know I'm not Julia Ecklar.)

Larabee, Larabee

Lyrics by Susan M. M.

To the tune of "Kerowyn's Ride" by M. Lackey and L. Fish

Larabee, Larabee, where are you going?

Dressed all in black, your gun at your side?

Hair gold as corn, but eyes cold as emeralds,

Tell me, Chris Larabee, where do you ride?


Larabee, Larabee, why Arizona?

Till now you had the whole west as your home.

Why have you settled here in Four Corners?

Why does the gunslinger no longer roam?


"Six strangers, six brothers, give me new purpose,

Resurrecting a soul that was dead.

I fight for justice instead of for gold

Protecting Four Corners," Larabee said.