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Month: April
Pairing(s): KakaIru, Minor Others
Chapter Rating: PG
Word Count: 7006 words
Themes: AU, Romance, Humor, Coming of Age
Chapter Summary: The one time Iruka is late maybe the one time he regrets... or not.
Betas: Kaomi-Uchiha + ThunderEmperorRaite
Warning: OC involvement!
Although people have asked if I was, I am not Kishimoto, so I have no rights to these characters. If I did, Naruto would so be a more of a SasuNaru story then what it is now.

--- The sun shined in through the delicate shades and rested upon a young boy in his bed, no older then the age of fifteen. He twisted away from the sun, rubbing his dreary eyes. He took one glace at his little dolphin alarm clock ticking away and let out a blood-chilling scream.

He immediately jumped out of bed, removing the covers and ran to the bathroom.

I can't believe it! It's already 8:15! Why didn't my alarm go off?! I can't be late, I can't be, not on the first day!

Quickly, he grabbed a toothbrush and shoved it in his mouth while trying to fix his long, chestnut hair up in a ponytail. After a few minutes of freshening up, he quickly ran back to his room and rummaged through his closet to find his school uniform. First socks, then the black pants. He couldn't resist not looking back at the clock while fitting his shirt on.

Shit! Shit! I'm going to be late! Screw breakfast!

The young boy swiftly threw his bag over his shoulder and reached for his ocean blue bike behind the front door.

The city of Konoha was bustling that morning. Merchants started to open their shops. People were already being stuffed into the subways and many others chose other ways of transportation to get around the city. Today was going to be more crowed than usual. Today was the first day of school for many new and returning students.

"Ok. It's 8:23. I should be able to make it now," the boy said, looking at his watch as he sped down the street to his new school.

Nothing can stop me now.

Suddenly, practically as if on cue, did another tall, slender boy came from around the corner right into the boy's bike path. There was no time for a warning. No time to react.

The boy on the bike flew off and hit the ground hard while the other fell back, able to brace the impact of the pavement with his arms.

"Sorry! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" the young boy said as he tried to recover. He took another gander at his watch, now sporting a new crack in it. At least it still worked.

8:27?! Shit!

He hastily shoved his books back into his bag and took a quick glance back at his bike. To say that it was broken was an understatement. The front wheel was bent in, the chain seemed to have been ripped off, and handle bars were bending in different angles, and the seat had cracked off. To be honest, it was an old bike. It already had rusted on some parts. But there was something else to the bike that made the boy hold back his tears. He had no choice at this point. He grabbed what he could salvage from the wreck and ran to the school, forgetting all about the other victim of the accident. The other boy recovered quickly, still a little hazy from the hit and run. As he stooped down to pick up the little orange book he was reading before he was hit, he noticed something else in the corner of his eye.

"Umino Iruka, eh?" the boy read off from the school ID found in the other's wallet. He let out a slight chuckle.

Iruka didn't even bother to lock up his bike as anyone would be a fool to steal it the way it was now. He finally arrived. Outside along the brick fence around the school read in bold writing 'Konoha Gakuen.' It was one of five of the most prestigious high schools in the country. Iruka knew he could easily pass the entrance exam to enter the nearest one of the five. He had been cramming for the entrance exam since he was five. That was after he learned his parents had attended the same high school and it was where the two first met. He wanted to keep a legacy by continuing to go to the same high school. Iruka removed his shoes and slipped right into the school's mandatory slippers.

"1-B… 1-B…" Iruka said to himself trying to find his homeroom class. He placed one hand on the handle, took a deep breath, and let out a sigh before opening the door.

The classroom was still filled with students all over the desks and reminiscing with each other.

Good, the sensei is late too. Then no one will notice that I'm late!

A scream suddenly roared over the crowd.

"Hey! Iruka! You're late!" Iruka laughed it off. It was typical behavior for Kotetsu to do something like that. Iruka sauntered off in the direction of the voice in the back corner of the room. Iruka laughed again when he noticed that Kotetsu was with his best friend Izumo. It seemed nothing would separate the two, not even high school.

"Hey, why so late Iruka? I thought you were the one to be on top of things," Kotetsu pointed out.

"Stop teasing him. This should be a great moment! We're in the same homeroom again!" Iruka had always seemed to be in the same homeroom class with the two since they started elementary school. The trio didn't hit it off right away, what with Kotetsu pulling many pranks on Iruka. But after it seemed that Iruka had a few tricks up his sleeve to prank Kotetsu back did they start to become the best of friends. Iruka sat down in front of Izumo, right next to the window and set his books off to the side.

"Do you guys know where our sensei is?" Iruka turned around and asked.

"How the hell should I know?" Kotetsu scoffed. Izumo and Iruka both glared at him.

"From what I heard, he is this young guy," Izumo whispered to Iruka. "Supposedly he is some sort of young prodigy and former student here. He just started a family a few years ago as well. Heard his son is a handful so I wouldn't be surprised if his son is holding him up."

Suddenly the door was open in one swift push, clashing against the wall and surprising the other students. Izumo was right. The tan man seemed to be so young. He could not be much older than thirty. His blond hair was a big mess, seemed as if the man hadn't bothered to fix it after rolling out of bed. He covered his mouth, trying to suppress a giant yawn as he swayed over to the desk at the front of the room. He placed his bag down and immediately turned around and grabbed a piece of chalk. He slowly began to write on the board, each stroke slower than the one before. The man swayed back and forth before his head went crashing right into the board, causing an uproar of laughter from the students. This is our new sensei? Iruka thought to himself as he just as guiltily suppressed a slight giggle. The man quickly recovered and shook his head a few times.

"Well that seemed to have woken me up a bit," he said to himself and continued to finish what he had started. He placed the chalk down and faced the rest of the class. "Ohayou gozaimasu. My name is Namikaze Minato and I will be your homeroom sensei for the school year. You may call me Minato-sensei. Namikaze-sensei makes me sound old." It was only when he fully presented himself did everyone get a good look at him. He was much more than just a young blond. He was a hot, young blond. Perfect with a pair of light blue eyes. The girls shrilled and sighed at their sensei's appearance only to moan at the sight of a lone gold ring on his left ring finger. Married.

"Ok, let's start with roll call," Minato stated as he grabbed a piece of paper from his bag. He went down the list.

"Hagane Kotetsu." Kotetsu responded. He continued on.

"Kamizuki Izumo" Izumo responded as well

"Mitarashi Anko." A punkish girl with spiky purple hair tied back raised her hand and grinned. The trio of boys in the corner quivered in fear at the mention of that name. She's in here too?! They seemed to think in sync. Anko was with them in elementary school. If there was anyone worse than Kotetsu, it was her. Not necessarily were her pranks better then Kotetsu's but it was how she would handle them that would scare people. Kotetsu still shook in remembrance of the one time she posed as a boy for the day and was able to take picture of the boys that day in the locker room. Luckily for Iruka, he was home sick that day.

Minato continued along naming off more students.

"Umino Iruka." Iruka raised his hand in response. It seemed the name was overheard since suddenly the classroom door was opened.

"Sorry to interrupt the class, sensei. Did you just say 'Umino Iruka?'" Everyone's attention was drawn to him and immediately the girls were in silent awe. Some of the boys were too. Iruka was as well but not for the same reasons.

It was the same guy he ran into this morning! There was no doubt about it. He had the same height, same complexion, the same wild silver hair, the same facemask. Except now he was in a school uniform, the same as the one Iruka was wearing. He goes to this school too?!

"Kakashi! What brings you here today?" Minato asked. The girls swooned at the mention of his name.

"I was walking by, trying to decide if I wanted to attend class or not, when I heard that name. Is he here?" Kakashi asked. The girls immediately froze and became mute. Iruka was taken aback and started to shake. What does he need me for?

"Here he is!" Kotetsu yelled, lifting Iruka's arm straight into the air.

"Kotetsu! Stop!" Iruka snapped back. By the time he turned back to face the front of the class, Kakashi was immediately standing right next to him. Eh?! So fast!

"Here. I believed this is yours," Kakashi said in a sultry voice, presenting Iruka with his missing wallet. Iruka gave Kakashi quite a puzzled look. "You dropped it when you ran into me and left me to die on the sidewalk," Kakashi said, smiling behind his mask. On instinct, Iruka blushed and wearily grabbed his wallet back from the boy.

"Thank you," he whispered. Kakashi just smiled more. Iruka suddenly gasped at the sudden feeling of many glares eyeing him, feeling the killing instinct behind them.

"Well now that that is settled, I think it's time for you to go back to class, Kakashi," Minato pointed out.

"But like I said, I was just walking by trying to-"

"Now Kakashi before I get an earful from Rin-chan," Minato interrupted. Kakashi sighed and gave in. He turned away and went toward the door. He paused briefly at the entryway and turned back towards Iruka.

"Hope to see you around… Iruka-kun," Kakashi teased. With that, the boy turned around and closed the door behind him before a word was said. Iruka was left gawking at the door, his facial scar highlighted by his beet red cheeks. The glares focused on him just grew immensely.

"Hey Iruka-kun!" Kotetsu teased at Iruka during lunch.

"Kotetsu! Knock it off!" Iruka chided.

"Remember last time you got Iruka mad, Kotetsu?" Izumo pointed out, munching on piece of sushi. "You practically lived in the bathroom for a whole week."

"Like I should have known that Iruka spiked my sukiyaki with laxatives."

"I can do it again if you want…" Iruka glowered at Kotetsu and the boy's lunch. Kotetsu froze immediately, his food only an inch away from his open mouth. Sweat started to drip down his forehead after remembering the nights hugging the toilet seat.

"Suddenly, I lost my appetite," Kotetsu sighed as he pushed his lunch away. Iruka continued to look at Kotetsu with that same fierce look. Kotetsu noticed and continued to shiver in fear. Suddenly, Iruka's scowl became a burst of laughter that just seemed contagious as Izumo started to laugh as well. Kotetsu just groaned.

"Then let me go get you something from the vending machines," Iruka offered. Kotetsu immediately took up on the nice gesture.

"But who would have known our own Iruka knew of the Hatake Kakashi," Izumo mused as Iruka was getting up. Iruka froze. This was the exact conversation he was trying to find an excuse to avoid. Iruka's ploy to get lunch seemed obvious to Izumo.

"Hatake Kakashi?" Iruka questioned. "Don't tell me you guys are hung up on him too. It's not like there's something special about him."

"He is only the hottest senior in the whole school district!" Anko abruptly interrupted. The trio jumped out of their seats in shock.

"Anko! Don't do that!" Kotetsu shouted.

"Aww, but why not? Why can't I? Don't you love me Kotetsu?" Anko purred in Kotetsu's ear.

"No one likes you here Anko!" Izumo shouted back, defending his friend.

"But then how is Iruka supposed to know about Hatake-senpai?" Anko asked.

"Who said I wanted to know him? I don't!" Iruka protested.

"Well said, Iruka! The more you don't know him, the less fans there are to try and kill you!" Anko laughed. Iruka felt a chill run down his spine as he was reminded of the constant glares he got from his fellow classmates ever since Kakashi made his presence known. "Hatake-senpai is such a catch…" Anko lovingly sighed. Iruka continued to groan. He was not in the mood to hear all this from Anko.

When everyone's attention was drawn to Anko, Iruka used it to his advantage and slipped away to the hallway. He continued down the school hallway passing by some of the other classrooms. He passed by one other freshman class, one with some familiar faces. He took a quick peek from behind the door.

In the corner with mounds of tissue on his desk was Gekko Hayate. Everyone knew he was a sick kid and was surprised he could at least function like a normal person. Over her shoulder providing him with pills and support was Uzuki Yuugao. It was obvious to everyone that Yuugao liked Hayate. She would not deny it though if the subject came to light. Seemed as though Hayate was the only one unable to see the obvious situation. But Iruka's main point of focus was toward someone else in another corner trying to make a hit on an unsuspecting student: Touji Mizuki. Iruka knew the boy well. They had attended the same classes together many times. At one time, they were even best friends. But something changed in Mizuki one day. The sweet, fun loving Mizuki he once knew turned cold and hateful. Iruka shook his head to block out the painful memories. He never wanted to be reminded of them again. Iruka could not believe though that Mizuki had gotten accepted at Konoha. At least they weren't in the same homeroom. At least it seemed like Mizuki was busy with another person to be with. It was a girl with dark eyes and long violet hair. Iruka thought back and could only remember her slightly from junior high.

Iruka walked along, trying to avoid any unnecessary noise that would get Mizuki's attention. Kami forbid he knew that the both of them were attending the same school. Iruka stepped out into the bright noon sky and went over to check one of the vending machines. But he was not prepared to see him again so soon. Standing right in front of one of the machines, waiting for his tea to fully dispense was the same boy that had made Iruka's first day of school a mess. Hatake Kakashi.

Iruka quickly turned around, hopeful that the boy did not see him. It didn't work.

"Oi Iruka-kun!" Kakashi called out to the younger boy. Iruka immediately turned beet red.

"Don't scream things out like that!" Iruka turned and screamed at Kakashi.

"At least I got your attention," Kakashi pointed out. Iruka grunted and decided it was best to pay back Kotetsu another day.

"Hey now. Why are you leaving already? Didn't you need to get something from the machines?" Kakashi asked, once again right beside Iruka in a flash. Iruka jumped. How does he do that?

"It's okay. I don't need anything," Iruka brushing it off.

"Nonsense!" Kakashi declared, pushing Iruka back toward the machines. Iruka struggled but it seemed that Kakashi's strength was much greater than he had let on. Iruka eventually gave up and allowed himself to be shoved toward the vending machines. I don't care what the hell Kotetsu wanted. He's eating whatever I'm getting him! Iruka mumbled to himself as he picked out some flavored bread.

"Thank you, Hatake-senpai. Goodbye," Iruka trailed off, avoiding direct eye contact with the other boy.

"Senpai? What's with the formalities, Iruka-kun?" Kakashi pestered.

"What's with you and calling me Iruka-kun?!" Iruka retorted. "Ever since you came into my class and called me that, everyone's been on my back about it!"

"You should ignore them then."

"I can't!"

"You should." Kakashi told him. Iruka just growled deep in his throat at the boy, not understanding the situation he had put Iruka in. Yet, in the end, Iruka gave up. There was no way talking with this guy. Iruka sighed and continued to walk past, heading away from the silver haired boy and toward class. But he could not shake off the feeling he was being followed.

"Now why are you following me around like some sort of lap dog?!" Iruka snapped at the boy he knew was behind him.

"Can't risk you dropping your wallet again," Kakashi responded facing away from Iruka. Just ignore him. Might as well take his advice and use it against him. Iruka continued to walk back to class, aware that the older boy was walking in sync with him only a few steps away. Iruka opened the door to his homeroom and before a word could be said, he shut the door behind him locking Kakashi out. Iruka continued to storm back to his friends, still talking about how great Kakashi was.

"Here!" Iruka exclaimed, throwing down the flavored bread on Kotetsu's desk.

"But I asked for-" Kotetsu started.

"I don't care! You'll eat what I got you!" Iruka screamed. He stormed over to his desk and slumped down in his chair and buried his head in his arms, refusing to look up. His friends made note to not bother him for the rest of the day.

The rest of the school day went as smoothly as possible. There were some snickers and jerks when Iruka's name was called. But the room immediately went mute when Iruka would give out one of his menacing glares. When the last bell rang, Iruka quickly packed up his things and headed out the door, ignoring even a simple goodbye gesture. Iruka locked up his slippers and donned on his sneakers and headed out to his piece of shit of a bike. Yet there was a problem.

You've got to be kidding me…

Where Iruka last left his bike stood no bike.

Probably stolen for parts or something. Iruka moaned. Could this day get any worse? On cue, a raindrop fell on top of Iruka's head and soon a downpour started. Iruka stood still, gritting his teeth. He didn't have time to check today's forecast. He had no idea it was going to rain. So he had no idea to pack an umbrella. I didn't mean literally! Iruka cursed to himself.

"Need some help?" a voice called out from behind. Another chill ran down Iruka's spine, locking him in place, preventing him from turning around. His eyes went wide and felt his throat close up. "Now, now, don't be like that Iruka."


"Nah, that's ok," Iruka said wearily.

"Come on, Iruka. It's been, what, four years since we saw each other? We need some time to catch up!" Mizuki purred, placing his arm around Iruka. In his mind, Iruka was screaming. But all he could do was stand still, continuing to not look back at Mizuki. "At least look at me Iruka," Mizuki teased, caressing Iruka's cheek with his fingers. But the young boy stood firm and silent.

"Listen, Mizuki. I need to get-"

"I said look at me!" Mizuki roared as he forcefully grabbed Iruka's face and forced him for them to look face to face, a mere few inches separating them. "There, now isn't that better?" Mizuki cooed. Iruka just looked at him with eyes wide and filled with fear. "Still sporting that scar I see," Mizuki stated, brushing his thumb along the scar on Iruka's face that crossed his nose, connecting one cheek to the other. "Too bad. It ruins that perfect, cute, little face of yours."

"I think it fits his perfect, cute, little face perfectly," another voice interjected. Mizuki turned around, but Iruka barely glanced away.


"Oi, why do you care, Hatake?" Mizuki scoffed.

"First off, it's Hatake-senpai to you. And two, because I am holding his umbrella," Kakashi said, holding up a pine green umbrella. Mizuki sneered and removed his grip on Iruka. Finally was the young boy able to breathe again.

"Maybe we'll see each other around, Iruka!" Mizuki smiled back, acting as if nothing had happened. Iruka just continued to stare, still edgy over the confrontation. Kakashi noticed.

"I think it's time we go. Where's your bike?" Kakashi asked, holding the umbrella hovering it over both of them. There was a brief pause before Iruka responded.

"It was stolen…" he whispered.

"Really now… that's a shame. Sorry to hear that." Iruka stood back a little in shock. What? No smart ass remark? No jokes? "I think it's time we got going before it starts to rain even harder." Iruka paused a little, considering the gesture. Eventually, he nodded.

The two walked away from the school, both walking side by side with the umbrella in between them. Neither said a word or bothered to take a look at the other. They eventually made it to Iruka's house. Luckily, it was only a few blocks away. And Kakashi was right. The rain had started to come down harder. Iruka took a hold of his bag and rummaged for his keys. Unseen by him, Kakashi grinned while looking at the little, lone dolphin keychain hanging from his keys. The tanned boy went ahead and unlocked the door.

"Arigatou… Kakashi," Iruka faintly whispered, turning away from Kakashi to hide his most recent blush.

"Do you at least have an umbrella Iruka?" Kakashi asked. Iruka immediately tensed up and scowled. "No, no! Don't take it like that!" Kakashi pacificed after seeing Iruka's reaction. "Just heard it's gonna be raining for a few days. Here." Iruka turned around to see that the scarecrow was offering up his own umbrella.

"I couldn't…" Iruka said trying to politely decline.

"Why? Do you already have an umbrella?" Iruka really didn't, his last one had been ruined the last time there was a big storm. Iruka tried to lie, saying that he did. Yet, he always had a problem telling a lie. He had a telltale habit of rubbing his scar whenever he fibbed. If Kakashi was as smart as people made him out to be, he would be able to pick up on it easily. "Then take it."

"What about you?"

"I'll be fine. I don't live that far away from here either, just a few more blocks up." Iruka slowly took the umbrella from Kakashi and both nodded in agreement. Kakashi turned around and started to walk back to his place, leaving Iruka stunned at his doorway. Kakashi was immediately drenched in the rainfall. His hair hung off his head and his shirt seemed to stick to his body. The drops seemed to glisten off his skin. Yet, even with a mask on, anyone could tell he was still smiling. Iruka stood back and started to notice now why people said that Kakashi was one of the hottest student at Konoha. A sudden blush crawled along Iruka's cheeks.

"Also!" Kakashi yelled back. "That thing I told you about ignoring people? When something like that happens again, just scream or kick or punch, ok?" Iruka nodded, his blush deepening. "See you tomorrow, Iruka-kun," Kakashi purred as he turned away for good. Iruka pouted a little at the name, but only a little. Iruka instead turned his pout into a soft smile and sighed. He stepped inside and closed the door behind him.

Hatake Kakashi… Maybe I was wrong about him, he thought to himself, hugging the damp umbrella close. Maybe he really isn't that big of a smart ass after all. Iruka took off his shoes and walked in a daze into his bedroom, not caring that we was leaving little puddles behind. He cared even less when he fell on his bed, soaking the sheets. But he just lied there, hugging the umbrella closer to himself. Mmm… Smells a little like pine. Iruka was lost in thought after that. Who exactly was Kakashi? That day, he met two sides to the mysterious student. There was the side that would annoy Iruka so much. Making stupid, childish comments, seemingly playing childish mind games, anything that would set the brunet off. Even going as far as to call him Iruka-kun. Iruka scowled at the sudden memory of it. But then there was the other side of Kakashi that he had just witnessed. As if he was there to look out for the young boy, Kakashi had driven off Mizuki. Then even walked him home and gave Iruka his own umbrella. Iruka rolled onto his back and started at the ceiling. He repeated the senior's name in his head over and over again until he fell asleep.

Kakashi was right. Not only were the next few days full of dread, but the next couple weeks were, too. That meant that Iruka would use Kakashi's umbrella frequently. He tried to spot out the senior between classes, to at least offer the umbrella back. But Kakashi was nowhere to be found.

"Aww, what's wrong? Missing your boyfriend, Iruka-kun?" Anko teased, giggling during lunch in the classroom one day. Iruka immediately tensed up.

"First off, it's Iruka! Not Iruka-kun! Iruka! Got it? And second, Kakashi is not my boyfriend!" Iruka yelled at Anko, still annoyed people were calling him that.

"Who said it was Kakashi?" Anko teased. The brunet immediately felt his cheeks heat up. But that did not stop the young boy from scowling at the violet-haired girl. Anko practically acted as if she didn't see the scowl and continued to laugh.

"Hey, stop teasing him Anko," Izumo interjected. "If I'm not mistaken, Kotetsu was just looking for you out in the hallway."

"Really?" At that moment, Anko pranced out of the class closing the door behind her, only to be followed with a blood chilling scream from Kotetsu.

"You know, that was a very evil thing for you to do," Iruka told Izumo.

"Had to get her off of you somehow. Plus, Kotetsu is a big boy. He can take care of himself," Izumo chuckled. Iruka joined in.

Iruka spent the majority of his lunch glaring out the window, barely touching his food. Anko was right. At least about the part about his mind still being on Kakashi. He began to wonder if Kakashi really did go to the school and if he was just in disguise to get to Iruka. Yet, Minato knew him. Minato-sensei! Maybe he knows where Kakashi is!

Iruka packed his lunch away in his bag and rose from his seat.

"Where are you going?" Izumo questioned, chewing on a piece of takoyaki.

"I need to talk with Minato-sensei. I have a question about our homework," Iruka said, unconsciously rubbing his scar. Luckily, Izumo wasn't too keen on recognizing signs. Iruka ran out the door and into the hallway. He spotted Anko and Kotetsu together, or more like Anko constricting herself around Kotetsu while the boy struggled to breathe. Iruka chuckled softly and ran off to the teacher's lounge without getting spotted by the two. If he remembered correctly, it was somewhere upstairs near the senior classes. Iruka ran past by the other classrooms quietly and started to trail up the stairs at the end of the hall. It was there he came face to face with another pair of high school students.

One was distinctively tall and wearing a bandana around his head, only leaving his light brown bangs to fall from the sides. In his mouth was a long senbon that he would constantly twirl around and around. His uniform was in disarray. He wore a tight denim jacket with many patches stitched and pinned everywhere. Chains dangled out of his pockets and wrapped around his thighs to his back. Even his jeans were tattered from every corner. The other was slightly taller, donning spiky brown hair. He seemed to be the opposite of the other, clean uniform, pressed and cut. He didn't carry any accessories or wore extra clothing like the other, but like Iruka, he had scarring along his face as well. Iruka ran past the two, only for them to turn around towards Iruka.

"Hey, wait a minute!" the one with the bandana beckoned to Iruka. Iruka turned his attention back at the two boys. "You. Your… Umoko Ruga, right?" he asked, shifting the senbon from the left side to the right side of his mouth. Iruka stared at the two, completely confused. The other smacked his partner in the back of the head.

"I swear Genma, your memory gets worse with every passing day," he scolded. Genma just laughed it off. He turned his attention back to Iruka. "Sorry, it's Umino Iruka, right?" Iruka nodded, still confused as to how in the world did the two know his name, or at least one.

"Great!" Genma grinned from side to side. Iruka took a step back. "We've been assigned to kidnap you!" Iruka took another step back as Genma chuckled.

"Kidnap me?!" He exclaimed. Iruka instantly tensed up, his heart starting to pound harder and harder. On instinct, Iruka ran up the stairs away from the boys.

"Hey, get back here!" Iruka heard Genma exclaim, noting that they were running after him. Iruka ignored him as he tried to envision his goal to the teacher's lounge. At least with Minato-sensei, he would be safe. It was a goal that would soon fail. Iruka was running down the hall and was only a mere few feet away when out of nowhere, another boy popped out nearby and yanked Iruka into a dark classroom. Iruka tried to scream but felt a cold palm cover his mouth.

"Mef me ko!" Iruka muffled through the hand, struggling to get free. He got no response. Iruka began to panic. He started to shake while tears welled up in his eyes. He tried opening his mouth to take a catch at biting his attacker but to no avail. Suddenly, he was blinded by the empty room's sudden luminosity. The boy taking hold of Iruka let go, allowing Iruka to stand back a bit and get a good look at his assailant. He too seemed like a bit of a punk like Genma. He wore a short, black coat over his uniform, with orange trimmings. He had short, spiky, black hair to match. But what singled him out from the others was the big set of orange goggles donned over his dark eyes. He grabbed the goggles, set them on his forehead, took a good look back at Iruka and laughed.

"Sorry about that. Seemed like you were gonna slip through Genma's and Raidou's fingers!" He managed out from the laughter. He then extended a hand out, exposing a bracelet with a single charm of a red and white fan dangling from it. "Name's Uchiha Obito, Iruka!" Both stood frozen, Iruka in shock and Obito waiting for a handshake.

"How do you guys know my name?!" Iruka shouted as he tried to turn and run out of the classroom, only to be confronted again by Genma and Raidou. Iruka started to shake again, knowing that he was now surrounded with no way out. The trio just laughed.

"Because I told them who you are," a familiar voice called out from the back of the classroom. Please, no. Iruka immediately turned and noticed the memorable, silver haired boy leaning back upon a desk at the other end of the room. "You're very distinctive with that scar across your face there, Iruka-kun," Kakashi purred.

"I thought I told you to stop calling me that!" Iruka shouted as he stormed over to Kakashi. "What the hell is going on?!" Kakashi just laughed as well.

"I had my henchmen bring you up here, or more like chase you up here now," he said glaring back at Genma and Raidou, pouting at the mention of henchmen. The pout easily subsided and the other two boys sighed. Genma chuckled softly rubbing his hand behind his head while Raidou just pointed back at Genma, refusing to take the blame for it this time. Genma took notice of Raidou's action.

"Why the hell are you pointing at me for?!" He exclaimed.

"It was your fault. You scared him off. We were supposed to escort him back here, not kidnap him." Raidou made clear.

"Escort. Kidnap. Same shit," Genma complained.

"Not when one looks as menacing as you Genma," Raidou noted. The two started to bicker back and forth.

"Well, I'm here now. What do you want? Your umbrella back?" Iruka demanded out of Kakashi, ignoring the commotion.

"No, no, no. I got another one," he said showing off another brand new umbrella, leaving Iruka in shock. "Instead, I have a proposition for you." Kakashi stood up this time and walked towards his friends. Surprisingly, Genma and Raidou stopped arguing when Kakashi walked by. "You see, here at Konoha, there is a thing called the Jounin Committee. Basically, it's a student body committee for the seniors," Kakashi explained.

"So what does this have to do with me?" Iruka asked, pointing to himself. "I'm only a freshman."

"No worries. We have freshmen and juniors in the mix here as well. Although officially it's a committee for seniors, it just means that seniors can only hold offices. You see, Obito here is vice-president. Genma and Raidou are in charge of recruitment." Kakashi pointed out.


"Yes, you see, we are in desperate need of someone to fill in for another. You see, the Jounin Committee can be summed up as just one big party club, just one big hang out that hold lavish festivals when the time rolls around. But to do financially well at these par- I mean, festivals, we need to advertise about them to get people to come and pay for entrance. And that is where you come in little, my little Iruka-kun." Kakashi explained.

"Ok, first off, I said stop calling me that!" Iruka snapped, resulting in laughter from the four seniors. "And second, if I understand, you want me to help you guys sell tickets or something for your events?"

"Yep! That's right!" Obito smiled. "There is one coming up in July before summer vacation starts!" There was an omniscient silence in the room.

"Why me?" Iruka suddenly said.

"Two reasons. One, you owe me for making me go out and buy a new umbrella and two, you would look so adorable in this yukata!" Kakashi said while Gemna and Raidou showed off to Iruka a light blue yukata. It seemed to be made of an expensive material and was covered in beautiful spirals and swirls. It was a very beautiful yukata. The only catch was easily visible: It was a girl's yukata. Iruka stood back and blushed hard.

"I am not wearing a girl's yukata! Someone will see me in it! There is no way I'm parading around for you guys all dressed up as girl just to promote some stupid festival or something!" Iruka screamed.

"Oh come on! It will be fun!" Obito said, trying to convince the freshman. Iruka made a dash for the door.

"But wait, Iruka-kun!" Kakashi called.

"Called me Iruka-kun one more time and I swear I will personally kill you!" Iruka screamed at the top of his lungs, tears visibly forming in his eyes. He left the room in the huff and slammed the door behind him. Great, now I'm late for class, Iruka thought to himself as he glanced at his watch. I wish he never called me that! Iruka thought as he wiped away the tears. I don't wanna be reminded of it! He ran down the hall and started down the stairs only to be stopped by a familiar voice.

"Iruka! Stop!" Kakashi called out to Iruka from the top of the staircase. Iruka glanced back to take a look at the pitiful senior only to take up the senior's advice and ignore him by continuing back down the stairs. Immediately, without warning, the silver haired boy leaped down from the second floor and landed right on the stairs, directly in front of Iruka. Startled, Iruka stepped back only to be caught between the wall and Kakashi. "Now, let me explain."

"How did you- How- Nevermind! Now let me go!" Iruka tried to maneuver his way around the senior, but Kakashi would not allow it. He took Iruka's wrists and pinned them back against the wall, next the brunet's head. Iruka had no choice but to stare back at the scarecrow, knowing he was blushing fiercely and his heart was racing for other reasons.

"Listen, I can help you if you help us. Don't think I noticed something between you and that Mizuki kid that day now." At the mention of Mizuki's name, Iruka's eyes went wide and his mouth went dry. Kakashi felt the sudden twitches in the freshman's wrists. "You don't have to tell me what past you two have with each other, but it pains me to see you afraid like this." His voice was low now, almost soothing.

"Why do you care?!" Iruka shouted back.

"Because I do." Iruka stood back at the comment, somehow feeling guilty over shouting back. "Now, I know a friend who can apply some make-up on you. She can hide your scar and everything. No one will recognize it's you. Hell, if you want, we can get you a wig to wear. In return, I'll show you how I did that and much more if you want so you don't have to be afraid anymore."

Iruka stood back for a minute. This was the same Kakashi that presented himself the day the two walked home together. The same caring, sincere senior Iruka recognized. The same who seemed to radiant a faint scent of vanilla. It wasn't the one that totally embarrassed him in his homeroom class or the one that would follow him wherever he went. It was the Kakashi that Iruka liked. The senior released the brunet's wrists, sending them limp to the young boy's sides.

"I'm not gonna force you to do this. It's up to you if you want to or not. Take your time. I can wait for a response. See you later, Iruka." Kakashi turned around and started to head back up the stairs, leaving Iruka stunned and still blushing. Iruka pondered for a bit. Is he serious? Can I even- But then I would- If- Then- Thoughts swarmed through the dolphin's head at a hundred miles per hours before he called out to Kakashi before losing sight of the senior.

"Wait!" Kakashi froze mid-step, only turning his head slightly back at Iruka. "Do you promise to train me? If I do this for you, do you promise?" Kakashi laughed a little.

"You have my word, Iruka." His voice seemed to calm down Iruka's nerves. Iruka looked away and shut his eyes tight, blushing harder than ever before. His heart pounded so hard he could barely make out what Kakashi said to him.

"…Then it's a deal. I'll do it," Iruka said, hesitating only a moment. He turned his head back and opened his eyes, only to be met face to face back with Kakashi's own face only a mere inches away. Kakashi stepped back and offered his hand. Iruka sighed and extended his arm as well.

"Deal." Kakashi said as he reached for Iruka's hand. Right before their hands met, Iruka pulled away, leaving Kakashi stunned.

"You can't call me Iruka-kun as well." Iruka added in to the contract. Kakashi just sighed into a laugh.

"If it pains you so much, I promise I won't." With that, the two shook it.

This is gonna be one hell of a school year.

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