A/N: Chapter 12... The final chapter...

Month: March
Pairing(s): KakaIru, Minor Others
Chapter Rating: M
Word Count: 7733 words
Themes: AU, Romance, Humor, Coming of Age
Chapter Summary: Everything must come to a close.
Betas: KaomiUchiha + ThunderEmperorRaite
Warning: Ending!
Although people have asked if I was, I am not Kishimoto, so I have no rights to these characters. If I did, Naruto would so be a more of a SasuNaru story then what it is now.

-"Hey, when did you get taller?" Kakashi asked as he stared at the sight of Iruka, placing his shirt on at his place. Since the two got back together, they had been working on 'catching up,' for old time's sake.

"What are you talking about?" Iruka moaned.

"No, really! See?" the senior said as he got up from his bed and walked over. He stood straight, directly in front of the tanned teen and brought his hand up. "Before you were up to here," he explained as he placed his hands by his cheekbones. "Now you're past my eyes."

Iruka first thought the teen as being his usual, dorky self. But after looking back in the mirror, he could see what he meant. For being sixteen, he was considered a little short by most.

"Hmm, you're right," Iruka agreed. "At this rate, I'll probably pass you," he grinned as well.

"Eh? No you won't!"

"Yeah, and it might be best if I pull all my hair back," he offered, putting his hair up in his ponytail as usual, but he even pulled back his bangs as well. "I would look less like a girl this way."

"No, no, no. I refuse to let my Iruka be taller than me or get rid of his bangs," Kakashi whined, pulling the freshman into a warm embrace from behind.

"Since when am I yours?" the brunet asked.

"Since you made it so easy…" he paused as he reached down. "...for me to pick you up!" he finished quickly as he hooked an arm around Iruka's legs and held the teen tight, bridal-style.

"K-Kakashi!" Iruka laughed as the pale teen twirled him around for a minute before throwing him upon his large bed, pouncing on him and quickly catching Iruka's lips with his own.

"See?" the silver haired teen whispered into the brunet's ear. "Easy…" he repeated, locking lips again. They were gentle at first, little pecks here and there along his face, but it wasn't long before it became more heated as mouths opened and tongue locked together. Tan arms wrapped around the senior's neck as emotions intensified.

"Kakashi…" Iruka moaned between kisses, feeling the senior's touch under his shirt. "We're going to be late…" he insisted, trying hard to push him off. All his attempts were useless.

"That's fine…" was the reply. "I don't mind being late if it's because of this." He continued his prowl, moving the younger teen's shirt back up.

"But… But I do!" Iruka shouted, finally finding enough strength to shove the senior off of him and off on the bed. "Seriously, Kakashi. I started to enjoy how my grades were improving while you were gone!" he complained, sitting up and pushing his shirt back down.

"Eh? You can't really mean that!" the senior recovered from the attack, protesting on the ground.

"Before I even met you, I was a straight A student!"

"And now?"

"…I have a B in algebra," he muttered.

"Iruka!" Kakashi whined. "That's nothing to fret about."

"Yeah, it is when you've been a top student all your life!" he argued back.

"…But I've been one and I-"

The last comment wasn't necessary. Iruka proved it by throwing a pillow straight at his head. "And I have one more if you want to continue with that sentence," he menaced, holding another pillow up high.

"I could but then we would be late, see?" Kakashi pointed out, raising his hands in defense as well as grabbing his clock off of the end table by the bed. Iruka peered down and squinted, adjusting his eyes. It took him nearly a minute to figure out the time was 8:13. Seventeen minutes before classes started. And it took them at least thirty-five to get there from Kakashi's place.

The brunet quickly leaped out of bed and rushed putting his things together. Again, he would be late because of Kakashi. Again, he would get a detention for this being his now twelfth tardy this school year. All because he decided to stay overnight at his boyfriend's house and let whatever happened, happen.

Kakashi just sat still on the floor as he continued to watch the younger boy rummage through everything to gather his belongings. He just smiled and watched, refraining from telling Iruka that they still had to make a trip back to the brunet's home to pick up his school bag. At least for now.

"Hey, you ok, Iruka?" Anko asked during lunch one day. "You're coming late nearly every day."

'It's because I'm back with Kakashi who's current sole purpose is to make up for lost time which means practically living at his place and-' the freshman was contemplating on saying. "I've just been a little busy, that's all," he lied.

"Man, the halls are so empty today!" Kotetsu yelled as he entered the class. An embarrassed Izumo followed.

"Would it kill you to be quiet for once?" Anko wondered.

"Actually, yes it would," Kotetsu responded, being a smart ass. Anko just shrugged it off as it being typical Kotetsu. It was a good thing she was starting to get used to his antics, for Iruka's sake, at least. He and his partner continued to take their seats next to their two friends. "But still, this school seems so empty now."

"Why is that?" Iruka asked.

"Because the seniors are practicing for their graduation ceremony," Izumo pointed out. "They're graduating at the end of this month, just like any other senior would."

"Unless their name is Kotetsu," the girl joked under her breath. It didn't help much as the teen glared back at her.

Iruka took a moment to realize everything. Kakashi was going to graduate. He recalled talking it over with Minato last week after class, confirming for him that things were ok again between the two. He remembered how ecstatic his teacher was, glad to know both his essentially foster son and his favorite student were happy again. Minato assured the freshman that he talked it over with Principal Sarutobi and Kakashi was alright now. The senior was able to make up at least some work for his classes and retake tests he missed, but he pulled through. And even though he won't be valedictorian as the blond had hoped, he was still graduating. The man even hoped to hold a party for the senior when he graduated and went off to college. The brunet though had questioned that. Kakashi never really told him where he planned on going to after high school. Even what the senior wanted to do with his life was a mystery to him.

"I think ANBU University was spread around last time I talked to him about it," Minato had told him. "But that was quite some time ago… I don't even remember if he told me he sent his transcripts anywhere…"

From what he could gather, the brunet found out that the college was one of the best in the nation. Probably the best. Located in a secluded region in the mountains past Iwa and Suna, it was like its own city where students were taught by the best teachers and with the best material. It was no wonder that at least 95% of their graduates went on to be important figureheads.

It was then that one single question popped in Iruka's mind: What would happen to the two of them if Kakashi went away for college?

It was a silly thought to have, he had to admit. Just because one party moves away doesn't mean the feeling is not there. Yet, if Minato was right, Kakashi wanted to go to ANBU U, which would be quite a distance between the two. The fastest route one way would take even five hours on the train. Not to mention if he read right, guests were not allowed. It even made Iruka question if Kakashi had time for him if he went. If the senior planned on being this hotshot, he needed to devote his time to school. He would only come back during vacations so that was a plus. Also, it wasn't like they wouldn't be the only couple dealing with long distance. But was it something their fragile relationship could handle?

Iruka tried his best to push the thoughts aside as Minato entered the classroom.

"Oi, Iruka!" Kakashi called out to Iruka in the halls after school that day after classes. Naturally, everyone nearby turned around. It seemed like nearly forever since they'd seen the Kakashi Hatake grace their halls with his presence. But once reality finally hit that he was there for his boyfriend, the star-struck stares turned into glares. Iruka thanked Kami that by now he was used to it.

"What do you want now?" the freshman groaned as he continued to walk by toward the lockers.

Kakashi followed him. "Here!" he said, pulling out a small, think envelope from his back pocket. "For you."

"F-For me?" Iruka took the present. "What's this?" he wondered as he held it up high in the light, hoping to see through the envelope. Inside, he could clearly see two sturdy pieces of paper.

"Two tickets," Kakashi answered, stating the obvious.

"I can see that," the brunet groaned again. "What for?"

"White Day is coming up, right?" the senior pointed out.

"Yeah. So?"

"So I need to pay you back for the chocolate. It's only right."

"Kakashi," Iruka insisted as they finally came to a stop in front of his locker. "I only gave you chocolate. You didn't have to do something like this…"

"But you'll like it! I promise!" Kakashi pressed on as he watched Iruka grab his shoes and put away his slippers. "This weekend, it will be just you and me out in the country, enjoying our time at an onsen."

"A-An onsen?" Iruka stammered as his cheeks reddened.

"Yep! My, isn't Iruka a little taken aback, eh?" he wondered aloud.

"N-No! N-Not at all!" the younger teen tried to brush off but it was nearly impossible. He couldn't tell his boyfriend how he had always wanted to go to one, to experience how warm the water is, how serene the environment is. Just to see and feel how such a relaxing place can exist was a dream come true. But one day, when Iruka researched the prices, his dreams were dashed away. "B-B-But-"

"No buts! I expect for you to pack up and be ready after school on Friday!" Kakashi insisted without hearing the other's side. "I'll come by to get you and then we can take the train together."

"But Kakashi!" he tried to insist. "This is too much!" he persevered, giving the tickets back.

Yet, the silver haired teen refused to even touch them. "Don't talk like a poor person, now."

"I practically am," he whined. True, he did get money from his parents' life insurance but then even that money would eventually run out. "I'm already looking for a third job!"

"Third job… You actually have a job, Iruka?"

"Y-Yeah! Doesn't everyone?"


"Please don't tell me…" the freshman moaned.

"No worries! I've had one… Didn't work out well…" Kakashi explained, his voice trailing out at the end.

Iruka just brushed off the topic of Kakashi, a little rich boy who didn't need a job, and went back to the gift. "…Well, I know for a fact that a stay at a hot spring is expensive so even though I enjoy the gesture and all, I really don't have a budget that makes it possible for me to go," Iruka tried to explain.

"Don't worry. Neither do I."

The brunet blinked his eyes a few times. "…But then how-"

"Minato said to consider it an early graduation gift and/or congratulations for getting back together with you."

"W-W-Wait… Minato-sensei paid for this?" Kakashi nodded. "B-But then I definitely can't-"

"Yes, you can and you are," the senior insisted.

"But I'm not even free this weekend! Like I said, I do have two jobs now. It's a different story when we hang around in the city but I really can't-"

"No worries. We made sure that you'll be free this weekend."


"Friends." The only people that knew about his work scenario were his trio of friends in class. He made a mental note to hurt them the next time he saw them.

He dared to look back at Kakashi, still sporting his face mask and still wearing his eye patch over his left eye. Even though the only facial expression he could see was his right eye, it was enough for him to see the puppy-dog eye look the senior was giving him. A move the pale teen knew too well worked wondered on him. "I… Well… F-Fine, I'll go with yo-"

"Great! I'm telling you this now that you're going to love it!" Kakashi exclaimed, hugging his boyfriend in a tight embrace. Normally, Iruka would protest about something like this, try to pry away, try to ease his way out of the situation. But instead, he just shut his eyes and he returned the embrace, engulfed in Kakashi's cologne. Kami, he missed it. "So remember, this Friday. Be ready," Kakashi repeated, prying himself away. "I have to get going. I'll see you then." He waved goodbye as he headed out.

The brunet was left standing there, star-struck for a minute before coming to his senses. "W-Why did I get myself involved with a guy like this?" Iruka yelled in his head. But he knew exactly why and smiled as he walked to the lockers.

"K-Kakashi…" Iruka whimpered as he slowly crawled from behind the door.

"Come on! Don't be shy!" the senior called out from the water's edge, draped only in a small, white towel around his hips and a simple eye patch on his left eye.

"Easy for you to say…" he moaned. When the two arrived at the onsen, Iruka was struck by the serene landscape. He could see the steam rising from the water behind the establishment against the setting sun. But it was only until he found out that the room that was booked for the two of them was for the two of them. Alone.

He thought he had gotten past the blushing and embarrassment that came with being with Kakashi. But, unfortunately, it was not so. There he was, still standing warily by the door, dressed the same as Kakashi with only a towel wrapped around him.

"I can make it easy for you," Kakashi gestured, slowly walking closer.

"Kakashi… don't…" Iruka warned him.

"If you're not coming out…" he teased, raising his hands, baring his 'claws.'

"Kakashi… I'm warning you…" the tanned teen cautioned, his grip strong on the door. But that didn't stop the senior from coming forward in a dash. "W-W-Wait! K-Kakashi!" he screamed, loud enough to get every guest's attention. But the senior ignored all of it. He scooped him up, bridal-style, and started to carry him back to the pool area. Iruka struggled and thrashed in his grip, anything to get away, but he never learned his lesson on going up against Kakashi. He just closed his eyes as he anticipated the attack.

With ease, he jumped in the water with Iruka still in his midst. Water splashed everywhere but soon settled. "See? Nothing to worry about!" he showed him. Iruka pried one eye open and then the other as he looked around. The water was still now as the vapors rose up. And to be honest, it was nice and hot, just enough to be soothing. "It's just you and me…" he positioned himself behind him, arms wrapped around, reaching down.

"Don't get any ideas," the brunet warned again as he started to get comfortable. That is, until Kakashi's weary hands started to venture.

"But 'Ru-"

"What did I say about nicknames?" he shouted as he shot up and yanked on his boyfriend's wet hair, immediately ceasing his onslaught.

"Ack! Sorry, sorry…" he apologized again and again, wanting nothing more than for Iruka to stop.

"This was a dumb idea!" Iruka announced, ducking down in the water up to his lips. "Geez, it's like ever since we got back together, you did a 180."

"Aww, don't say that now…" Kakashi whined, leaning against Iruka's back, head hooked on the crook of his shoulder. "I just want a night where we can be alone… together," he sighed, not moving, just enjoying the little moment they were having right now. He didn't try again to grab Iruka from behind and try to steal a kiss or anything of that matter. He just wanted to spend a night with Iruka, his savior, and no one else.

The brunet just sighed as he brought his arm up and brushed his hand through his damp hair. "I swear you act more like your dogs than anything else," Iruka kid. It was moments like this that he loved. Where the two of them didn't have to exchange words. Just a simple hug or gesture was more than enough.

"I can see you're still wearing it," the senior pointed out as he got up a little, slightly tugging on a thin chain around the brunet's neck. He turned it around until he was able to hold the tiny dolphin pendant in his hand, the gems sparkling more than usual thanks to the water.

The other smiled in return. "Of course, I haven't taken it off since," Iruka blushed, not able to bear Kakashi seeing him now.

"Neh, don't turn away now," Kakashi insisted, lying his head back down on the younger teen's shoulder. "It's cute when you blush. It was the first reason why I liked you. It's sad you don't do it as often anymore."

Iruka was taken aback a little by the comment. "W-Well, people change."

"But I don't want you to change," he sighed, holding the tanned teen in a tighter embrace. "I don't want things to change. I just want you to be the same Iruka I fell for… I…"

Gently, Iruka spun around, still caught in the senior's hold, and gave him a peck on the cheek. "They don't have to, Kakashi," he said, his voice soothing and warming. It was his arms around Kakashi this time, around his neck. "Don't try to pretend or act like you're alone. You have friends who care about you. You have people who see you more like a son than a student. And you have me for support. You can always come to me because the one thing that will never change is that I'll always be here for you. And besides, you just gotta stop being an ass when something bad happens," he managed without cracking up at the end.

"Now that's just mean, 'Ruka," Kakashi replied with a devilish smirk.

"W-What did I say about nick-" Iruka tried to scold Kakashi but was cut off by his warm, moist lips. He guessed it would be alright to forgive him just this once.

Their lips glided across one another as their tongues slid along the other and teeth clashed. Hands grasped at skin and hair as the kiss became more heated. The water didn't help. It felt more like an aphrodisiac. After they found each other gasping for air after their ravenous kiss, Iruka could feel the heat radiate from his body as he felt Kakashi lick away any water droplets he could find. He started around his neck, licking and lightly nibbling. The brunet had trouble controlling his moans and groans as each touch sent a wave of pleasure. He feared other people staying at the onsen would hear them. The fear of people overhearing their love making session was too much for him.

"Maybe… we should continue this inside?" Kakashi proposed, out of breath, seemingly reading his mind. Iruka's face just seemed to radiate heat without him saying a word. Kakashi couldn't help but smirk, already knowing the answer.

"Ack! K-Kakashi…" Iruka whimpered as he felt the senior's heated hands brush along his skin, still warm from the hot spring. They didn't care if they were soaking the bedding through underneath them or that their complimentary meal was getting cold. "May… Maybe we shou… Ah… Ahh!"

"Just say stop and I will," the pale teen teased, his tongue working its magic while his fingers caressed his stomach.

"S-Sto… Ahh…" He tried his best to protest, he thought of numerous ways to reject him. He could just push him off. Swear at him. Claw at his eyes. Anything. But what came out of his mouth was something entirely different. "D-Don't stop!"

Kakashi was caught off guard. He just smirked as he leaned down and whispered. "What? …You want me to press on?" he asked him, his hot breath brushing against his ear. Iruka was at a loss for words at the moment, too caught up in the heated moment. He simply nodded his head furiously.

Kakashi followed his orders as he went along. Iruka squirmed as he felt a slick tongue back on his neck and work its way down, first catching a small nub. He felt sharp teeth nibble on it, caressing it after as the other one was being played with. It was starting to become unbelievable how Kakashi could make them like this.

"Mmm… Ah… Ka…" Iruka whimpered as he felt his boyfriend venture future down. He could feel his hot breath now on his half erect member and could just image the look on Kakashi's face, knowing he was the one causing it. He gasped loudly as he sensed that same skilled tongue working around it. "P-Please, Kakashi…" he moaned.

"What, Iruka?" he teased him. This seemed to become his favorite part whenever they made love.


"What? You have to tell me what you wa-" He got no words as Iruka grabbed him by his hair and smashed their lips together.

"Kakashi," Iruka simply said. His voice was neither begging nor asking. It was an order, giving permission to do whatever his boyfriend's heart was contented to do.

"As you wish," Kakashi smiled as he kissed him again, this time taking the brunet's member in his hand and starting to pump it. Iruka gasped again under the kisses, squirming from the simple touch, driving him insane. Kakashi had learned he didn't need to use his mouth to please his boyfriend.

"Ka… Kakashi…"

"Iruka, I forgot to bring some. Could you?" he asked, three fingers just barely touching his lips. Iruka followed on, taking each one and worked his tongue around them, sucking and licking them all over, keeping them moist. His gaze never left Kakashi's. Seductive. It pained Kakashi down below how seductive Iruka had become.

Iruka allowed the fingers to roll off his tongue as he felt hands gripping his thighs, inching inward, and the newly wet fingers slowly teasing around his entrance. He twisted and turned, hating how Kakashi always seemed to enjoy teasing Iruka up to his threshold.

"Kakashi, I swear if you don't- Ahhh!" he yelped as he felt the first slick finger slide in him. He could feel every bit of Kakashi crooking his finger, spacing himself out to fit a second one in there. He continued to stretch out his partner, scissoring him, making sure to fully prepare him while looking for that special spot. And that didn't take long. As soon as he hit it, Iruka convulsed and cried, wanting more.

"My, someone is impatient," Kakashi chuckled, leaning up and placing a sweet kiss on the brunet's cheek. Iruka was about to protest until he felt yet another finger dig deep and far. He hated and loved how experienced Kakashi was.

Kakashi licked his own palm, dampening it enough as he then took his own hard member, preparing himself as well, unwilling to wait to hear Iruka scream his name from the rooftops.

"Wait…" Iruka panted, stopping his boyfriend dead in his tracks.


"…Show me," he pleaded, hoisting himself up and hooking his arms around his neck, his lips hovering by his left ear. "Please, show me your eye."

It felt as if the heat rushed out of the room as it went dead silent. The senior froze for a minute, just feeling his eye under the patch burn. "Iruka…" he hesitated, trying to put him back down on the bed.

"…Please?" he pleaded, placing short, sweet kisses on his face, then along his scar and lastly above his eye.

Kakashi hated the desperate Iruka he had created before him. He became someone who he couldn't resist, not when he was practically mewling underneath him, wriggling in desperation to relieve his ecstasy. Hesitant at first, he hooked one finger on the band of the patch and carefully pulled it off his head with his eye still closed.

"Open it," he begged, holding Kakashi's face close to his. Kakashi bit his lip a little and gulped heavily. Slowly, his eye cracked open, revealing the dark crimson eye behind it. Iruka gasped a little. He had only seen the eye a few times before. Most of the time he had hidden it away, not daring to let anyone else see it. "Promise me…" Iruka whispered, lightly kissing the corner of his eye. "…That only I can see this eye."

The pale teen smiled. "I promise…" Gently, their lips locked in a serene kiss as Kakashi took his time entering him.

Iruka gasped at the intrusion. His body still needed time to get used to all of this, but it was getting better. It took less time for him to get used to it and it gave him more time to enjoy it. He urged Kakashi to go more, further in and harder. Faster, too. And Kakashi did as he was told.

He sheathed himself entirely in the other boy and took a few seconds for him to have the pain turn into pleasure as he removed himself partially and rammed in again and again. Kakashi watched carefully as Iruka writhed under him, his eyes tearing with bliss, voice near cracking. He took note of every detail of his lover, making sure to remember this moment for the rest of his life.

"K-Kakashi! I-I…" Iruka whined, locking his legs around his boyfriend's waist, forcing him to go in further, abusing the prostate every time. The thrusts became more erratic as the tanned teen's screams got louder. This ecstasy was driving him mad.

"I love you, Iruka," Kakashi confessed as he continued to pleasure his boyfriend.

"I-I love… Ah!" he tried to say.

"Come on," Kakashi teased, his hand trailing down and finding his boyfriend's forgotten member, pumping it in sync with his thrusts.

"I-I love you, too!" Iruka was at his limit when he screamed. Hot, white liquid shot over his stomach and in Kakashi's hand as his body writhed in pleasure. The sight just drove the pale teen over the edge as well and, with a few more hard, erratic thrusts, he found his release as well, expelling inside his boyfriend.

Both boys panted hard as their high started to come down. After a minute, Kakashi removed himself, causing his boyfriend to whimper a little from the loss. Too tired to go clean up, he rolled on his side, taking Iruka with him, and wrapped his arms lazily around his boyfriend.

"So what do you think of hot springs now?" Kakashi huffed, squeezing Iruka a little bit, kissing his forehead.

"I… like…"


He found the brunet passed out in his arms. He smiled as he figured he should do the same. Grabbing the covers, he pulled it up on top of both of them as he squeezed his boyfriend tighter. It may not be a bad idea to extend their stay if Iruka allowed it.

"Hey! Iruka!" Kurenai shouted out in the halls, running toward the teen with Asuma in tow. Today was a special day for her. And Genma. And Raidou. Later on today would be the graduation ceremony at Konoha High. All of the seniors were around, waiting impatiently for it, eager to say goodbye to the school. They had been practicing for the past week at the gym, being drilled into being perfect students during the ceremony. That meant Asuma couldn't reek of smoke, Kurenai had to go one day without make-up, and Genma had to dumb down his punk looks. Lucky for Raidou, he was already a model student.

For now, they were having their final break before the actual time. Their final moment as students. And they were spending it like it was their first day all over again, running around in the halls, decorating their homerooms, and more.

And although he wasn't a senior, Iruka was there for the ceremony as a guest, invited by a particular silver haired student who was going to be part of the ceremony today.

"Oh, hi Kurenai, Asuma," he greeted them as he waited outside of what would soon be their old classroom, where they held meetings for the Jounin Committee. For once, he was at school and not wearing his uniform. Instead, he was wearing an evergreen silk dress shirt with black dress pants. He was still wearing his necklace under his shirt, mentally holding on to it.

"What brings you around here?" she asked. "I didn't know you were graduating early," she joked. It was obvious he wasn't there to be in the ceremony.

"Ha, ha," the brunet scoffed, smiling. "I was actually invited."

"By Kakashi?" she asked. Iruka sweetly smiled without saying a word. It was obvious what the answer was.

"I swear, how the hell is that guy still able to graduate?" Asuma shrugged.

"I bet it was because of Iruka's hard lesson plans that whipped him into shape!" she proposed.

"Heh, no. Nothing like that," he insisted. "I think he just worked very hard with his teachers to make up for lost time."

"He could have with Jiraiya-sensei. He's a bit of a pushover if you're on his good side," the other boy admitted. That seemed true. Iruka did recall how close the two were months ago, although it was over their love of porn

"Have you seen Genma and Raidou around?" Iruka asked.

"Please don't ask!" Asuma pled.

Kurenai put on a sly grin as he inched toward Iruka and whispered into his ear. "You didn't hear it from me, but those two wanted a lasting memory in one of the janitor's closets downstairs." Iruka wished he hadn't just heard that. He didn't have to know that. "But if you were invited, why are you over here and not waiting at the ceremony with the rest of the audience?"

"Just… I'm wondering what's going to happen to the Jounin Committee?" he pondered, staring back at the room's door.

"That's right," Kurenai joined him. "It was Kakashi who started the group…"

"But it wasn't like he wasn't the boss of the group," Asuma said. "Don't know if you could have really called us a group. Even though we did set up a position for nearly everyone, all we ever did was made up an excuse to have a room to ourselves after school."

"How did you guys manage that?"

"We lied saying we wanted to construct a school council," the male senior confessed.

"…And no one ever figured this out?"

"Oh, they did; almost immediately, in fact," he replied. "But we weren't causing any problems, so we got away with it."


"It helps when your father is the principal, eh?" Kurenai teased her boyfriend.

"Yeah, that- wait, what?" Iruka stuttered.

"Yeah, I thought you knew," she told him. "You know, Sarutobi Asuma, Principal Sarutobi. The fact they look and act alike sometimes…" Now that she had mentioned it, everything started to click in Iruka's head. Asuma wasn't that big of a fan when talks about his father were going around. And now that it was said, the principal did look like Asuma, just much older. And both smelled like they were chain smokers… "My, Kakashi was right about you. You are oblivious at times," she giggled.

"T-That's not funny!" he shouted as even Asuma joined in. But by then, even he couldn't resist a good chuckle. He honestly missed these moments with his older friends. He also hoped this wouldn't be the last time he would have time with them like this again. No. He didn't have to hope. He knew this wouldn't be the end like many friendships after high school. There would always be breaks and phones and other means to keep them all connected.

"Well, we have to get going," Kurenai told him. "The sports teams are going to have a little meet-up before graduation. And you know how Gai can be if someone is late," she mentioned, linking an arm around Asuma's. Her boyfriend just shuttered and cringed as he remembered what had happened last time. Just from reading his face, one knew it was painful.

"Heh, alright. I'll see you at the ceremony," Iruka said with a grin on his face.

"Oh, by the way, I was told to give you this," she said, handing the freshman a small piece of paper folded up. She gave no time for him to respond as to who it was from or why she hadn't given it to him sooner as she quickly hooked her boyfriend and dashed off.

Iruka would have tried to go after her, questioning her about that, but he decided against it. It wasn't that big of a deal. It wasn't something to get angry over. Today was their day so today was excusable. At least for now. He chuckled a little under his breath as he unfolded the piece of paper and read the message inside.

Meet me on the roof.

There was no doubt who the note was from.

"I got your note," the freshman declared as he opened the door to the school roof. There, basking in the sun and leaning on the fence, was his boyfriend in waiting.

"Yo," he replied, greeting the brunet, pushing off the fence. There he was, for once in his cut-clean uniform, in the standard school coat that was usually only worn on special occasions, and all with his mask like always covering his face joined with an eye patch over his damaged eye. And for once, it seemed as if his hair wasn't nearly as wild as it normally was, if only by a little bit. "Glad you could make it in time. Was hoping I didn't have to stand you up."

"That's right, you're graduating in about an hour, right?" Iruka said, his voice just above a whisper, as he walked past him and looked out through the fence.

"Yeah, luckily I was able to make up most of the work I missed these past months," Kakashi said gleefully, looking up at the sky. "Just enough for me to graduate…"

"Heh, Minato told me all about that," he muttered.

"They… want me to make a speech as well," the senior confessed, leaning back on the fence.

"But you're not valedictorian, are you?" his boyfriend questioned.

"No, it was some other kid in another class," he explained. "This… this would be about Obito. They still want to give out his diploma so his mother is going to accept it. But not before I say something about him. They thought it would be best if I said something since he was my best friend."

Iruka looked at his boyfriend with great sympathy in his eyes. He had thought they had gotten past this already. "Please don't tell you still think-"

"Heh, no worries," he assured him. "I've… gotten over most of it." He couldn't lie to him. It was true a part of him still felt guilty over what had happened. Even if everyone around him was telling him it wasn't his fault, he still felt so. Every time he stared into his red eye and saw the scar that nearly cost him his sight, he saw it as a pale cost to his friend's life that was lost that faithful night. But he knew, maybe with time, he would learn to forget it and get on with his life with Iruka. He knew Obito would want that.

"Have… you talked to Rin recently?" he asked. "I haven't seen her around since…" he trailed off.

"Yeah, I have." He explained that he had told her that had happened, constantly apologizing for everything. Rin stopped him time and time again during their conversation, trying to comfort him. But he assured her he didn't need any comfort. He just needed to get it off his chest. He confessed he knew about her feelings for him but turned her down, believing that Obito would have been a better man for her. It was a crushing blow for her, for him to bring up Obtio's name again. It wasn't bad enough she still felt a little guilty for always turning him down. Yet, in the end, all was forgiven and their friendship was able to start anew.

But it pained him the most when he found out Rin was going to be transferring out of Konoha High, deciding not to finish her final year there. "I just need some time to get over this," was her excuse. It wasn't like she was going waste her time elsewhere. She told him that with a recommendation letter from the school nurse, she would be enrolling in a program in a nearby town that offers courses in medicine. "I want to help people," she said. "And what better job is there than a nurse?" And Kakashi accepted it. Both were going to be going their separate ways no matter what. They promised each other not to let the separation break their friendship before they parted ways.

Kakashi paused and continued on his trail of thought from before. "But before you came up here, I've been up here thinking about things, mostly about what to do with myself after today."

"You mean college?" Kakashi nodded. "…Where are you thinking of going anyways?"

"Well, Minato did say he was willing to help pay if I want to go to this one university… Anbee something…" he tried to remember.

"ANBU University," Iruka pointed out. "It's a very prestigious college. Only the best get in." He replayed the information he got on the college in his head. "So you're bound to be accepted if you applied already."

"But you know that it's a few cities over? It takes someone hours to travel there from here, even taking the train," he told the brunet.

Iruka remembered that as well when he did his research. "That's fine."

"Really? Iruka?"

"Well, I would have to get used to it, won't I?" he said, walking over to the silver haired teen. "You'll be off studying far away while I still need to catch up to you... I don't mind turning this into a long distance relationship since I really want us to work-"

"What are you talking about?" Kakashi laughed a little in his throat, putting a hand on his shoulder. "I'm not going anywhere."

"B-But back when you said Minato-sensei-"

"I just said he told me he was willing. Not that I was going. Besides," he paused before taking in a deep breath. "I think I have a set plan now."


"I do. I plan on being a teacher," he smiled behind his mask.

"A-A teacher? Really?" Iruka nearly shouted in shock. Out of all people, out of all the professions in the world, he would never picture Kakashi and teacher in the same category, let alone in a positive light when both were used in a sentence.

"Yeah, it's fine if it makes me closer to my Iruka," he kidded a little.

"K-Kakashi…" the tanned teen moaned. "You shouldn't choose something because you would be closer. I mean, you said you hated kids, right?"

"I don't know…" he drifted off. "Naruto is starting to grow on me…"

"Was this before or after he decided that it was fun to paint all over the walls in his home?"

"Right after."


"Well, although I don't think I could handle kids, maybe I can handle teens. You know, become a high school teacher. I already watch over a bunch of teens anyways," he referenced the Jounin Committee. In the end, it really wasn't a committee to do anything or stood for anything. In the end, it was just an excuse for him and his friends to hang out.

"Heh, that's true. But-"

"What? You don't think I can do it?" he asked his boyfriend.

"Huh? No! No! That's not what I'm getting at! I-"

"You think I can't handle some rowdy preteens…?" he pressed on, turning about, facing him with his hands on his hips.


"…Such as yourself?"

"Kakashi, no." Iruka took a step back as Kakashi took one forward.

"Because I think I can handle you just fine…" he said in a low voice, continually inching toward the younger boy. "All I have to do is exploit… your…"


"Weakness!" he yelled, nearly pouncing on the other while his hands did the work. From his neck to his waist, they wiggled and wormed around the freshman's body.

Iruka reacted by nearly convulsing, his limbs twitching and finding a loss of breath as he couldn't stop laughing. "K-Kakashi! Hahaha! S-Stop! Stop!" he insisted. But his cries were falling on deaf ears as Kakashi pressed on until both were exhausted.

Both found themselves leaning back on the fence, sitting side by side, still trying to catch their breaths.

"Just admit it: You thought I was going to go off to some college and leave you behind," Kakashi said.

A slight blush escaped across the brunet's face. "…Well …It's not like you should put me before your education," he confessed, twirling his fingers.

"I really can't if I wanted to," he confessed. "I have a pack of dogs to take care of! Can't really take them with me."

"Kakashi!" he chastised him with a laugh.

"Especially a little brown pup who whines every time I leave," he pointed out, petting the top of Iruka's head like a dog.

"Kakashi! What about our deal? I said no n-"

"It's not a nickname. I'm just describing you," he said, pointing at him.

"Kakashi…" he sighed. "What am I going to do with you?" he chuckled a little.

"Which reminds me," the senior said, pounding his fist in his palm. "I'll be in college still a while away. So I'll be forced to dorm there for a while but I'll be able to come back home during the weekends. But that's still not good enough for the dogs. They need care 24/7. And I can't let Minato and Kushina take care of them. They're already busy dealing with Naruto."

"So maybe hire someone?" Iruka suggested.

"But they're not good with strangers…" Kakashi explained. "So I was thinking you would be able to take care of them."

"Huh? Me?" the brunet asked, puzzled. "If you haven't noticed, my place is not big enough to house even Bull!" he told him.

"Heh, I know. You're place is small as it is. That's why I'm asking you to move in with me," he suggested.

Iruka was caught off guard for a moment, taking every word into consideration before responding. "…Move in?"

"Yeah, the dogs love you, my place is bigger than yours. It's still not that far from the high school and you can quit at least one of your jobs. I have no problems paying the bills now." He just continued to list every reason imaginable as to why the freshman should just agree to it.

"I-I can't!" he insisted instead. "I mean, I just-" He stuttered over and over, his face red from embarrassment and modesty. There was no way he could think of that would make it right for him to just simply move in.

Kakashi sat up, turned, and made Iruka face him. "But the one thing I want the most," he said, pulling his mask down. "Is to have you there to give me a welcome home kiss home every weekend," he continued, placing a chaste one on a cheek. "And to kiss me goodbye when I leave," he said, kissing the other cheek.

"I'm not some sort of housewife, Kakashi," Iruka pointed out.

"Aw, but Iruka. You cook and clean so well," Kakashi joked.


"So is that a yes?"

"Heh, heh… Yes, Kakashi," he answered with a smile and a kiss, this time on the lips.

They still had a few more minutes left before the ceremony started. Kakashi should have already been there, waiting patiently in his seat like a good student in the sea of other seniors for their graduation to start. But he wasn't there. He was still on the rooftop with Iruka. They weren't hugging or kissing or anything sexual like that. Just relaxing, Iruka sitting back on the fence while Kakashi rested his eyes, his head was on Iruka's lap, staring up and playfully jab the dolphin pendant now hanging freely from the brunet's neck over his shirt. Iruka didn't mind. He was even compelled to pet his boyfriend's head, his fingers running through his hair, messing it up to its original form. He liked it better that way. Even Kakashi did, leaning into every pet and groom. He didn't even realize that his eye patch was removed until it was too late. But he didn't mind. Only the freshman could see behind it.

Iruka would countdown for Kakashi every minute. He would tell him he only had seven minutes left, then six, then five. Kakashi only responded with a grunt or a nod, not bothering to remove himself from the freshman's lap. The brunet warned him that he was going to be late, but the response he got was something along the lines of 'What would the principal do if he was, give him a detention?' Iruka giggled a little.

He sighed as he leaned down and stared down at his boyfriend. The senior looked back up at him as he hooked one finger on his mask, removing it. Their lips locked and sealed their fate with one another.


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