Title: Pilots Watching Stars
Booth/Cam friendship, Booth/Brennan implied, post-5x16 The Parts in the Sum of the Whole, 382 words, pg

Disclaimer: This show and these characters do not belong to me.
Author's Notes: A big thank you to my beta, tempertemper77! It's been a while since I've written for this show and she told me all the right things to get me to post this.

Cam knows, somehow. He doesn't question it. She turns up at his door with a bottle of scotch and says nothing, just moves past him to sit on the couch leaving him motionless and still holding open the door.

'Seeley,' is all she says once she's sat down, but it's in that tone that he knows oh so well, the one that motivates him to move one foot and then the other towards whatever she believes in that moment will be his saviour. It's a practiced routine, one borne out of many a late night and the odd shed tear and the safety that only the closest of friendships can bring.

He thuds down beside her but she holds her ground, the now open bottle in her hand barely moving as she keeps it steady. There's a long silence as they both look straight ahead and there's no movement other than his hand reaching for the bottle. He closes his hand around hers on the neck of the bottle, just for a moment, and then loosens his grip as she smoothly removes her hand until he is holding the bottle and bringing it up to his lips to take a long swig.

'Maybe it's my fault,' she murmurs. 'I introduced the two of you.' He'd shout at anyone else not to be so self-involved, that this isn't about them. But he knows that these words coming from Cam have nothing at all do with selfishness; all she is thinking about his him (all she has ever thought about is him) and this is her way of sifting through the memories in her head to figure out how and where it all went wrong.

'No,' he replies, shaking his head. 'Don't ever be sorry for that.'

His sincere words bring a half smile to her face, one that is tinged with a little guilt and the tiniest shred of sadness that she sometimes allows herself (if she'd never introduced them, would she now have what she most wants?). It's gone in an instant, because Cam doesn't wallow and Cam doesn't dream for things that can never be hers. Instead she focuses on what she has got, on what she can be.

She takes a hold of his free hand and doesn't let go.