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Warning: This is another story based off of The Sacred Cards series, which is mainly a Serenity/OC. If you like stories where Serenity hooks up with Seto Kaiba, Tristan, or someone else, then don't read.

Serenity was feeling a little giddy at the moment because today she was getting the almost the entire day with her boyfriend, Will. Ever since they met during Battle City, when he was dueling to help her older brother regain his mind and body from Marik's control, while he was still angry at the world, she felt something wake up within her heart. She didn't act on it right away since Joey got knocked out by Marik during his duel on the blimp.

During that time when one of the Neo Ghouls came after her, when Will came to her rescue, she couldn't help but feel a princess being saved by her knight in shining armor. When he came back from sealing Reshef the Dark Being back into its tablet, she felt like her heart was going to explode out of her chest if she didn't say anything within that moment, so she took him aside to confess her love to him, and to her joy, he returned them.

Right now she was brushing her hair when she heard her mom call out "Serenity, your boyfriend is here to pick you up." When she heard that, she quickly did a touch up job on her face before grabbing her purse and heading out the door. When she reached the end of the hall, she saw her mom talking to Will, who is wearing a red muscle shirt, along with his duel disk, with light jeans, which carried a deck box on his belt and a pair of white tennis shoes. She barely got a "Hello Will" out of her mouth due to the fact that since he left his cap at home, with his light brown hair shining in the sun, he was making her mind go haywire.

Will looked towards the hall to see his girlfriend wearing a white sundress, decorated with daisies allover that reached low enough to cover her knees, with a pair of shoes to match. She had her hair hanging loose behind her back, with a pair of bangs over her eyes, with just a very slight hint of makeup on her face. Will give her a big smile while saying, "My, my, my, if you're dressing to gets somebody's attention, then it's workings considering you definitely got mine."

Serenity felt her cheeks start to heat up a little bit, "Do you think I look okay?" She asked, while looking towards his eyes.

Will just give a small chuckle before answer "Are you kidding, okay wouldn't even come close to the way you look." He started answering before looking her straight in the eye, "You look so beautiful beyond ways that words alone can't describe you."

Serenity lowered her head to hide the blush that was starting to cover her face. Mrs. Wheeler was looking at her daughter and couldn't help but smile at this. This boy was treating her only daughter with such honesty and respect, that she could see why Serenity was starting to feel more confident with herself. "So where will you be taking my daughter on your date, Will?" She asked.

"Oh go grab some lunch somewhere, and grab some dinner with our friends later on in the day, as for the rest, we'll just wing it." Will answered, before looking at his date, "Shall we be going, milady?" He asked, before stepping aside, bowing down in a gentlemanly way.

Serenity looked up and couldn't resist the smile appearing on her face. She walked up to Will until she was just a couple of steps away from him. She grabbed her skirt and decided to play along, "Yes we shall, milord." She answered while bowing down with her legs.

Will looked up with a smile before standing up straight and offering her one of his arms, which she gladly took into her hands. When they started walking away, "Don't worry about Joey spying on us, since he'll be having his hands full with Mai." He said.

Serenity giggled at this, since out of all the people to keep her brother busy, Mai was more then up to the challenge. She quickly turned back and waved at her mother, "Good bye, Mom." She yelled out while Will gave her a quick goodbye as well.

"Goodbye you two, and have fun." She yelled back, before closing the door.

Here is my latest story. Hope you don't mind the way I have it started. Those wondering why I would pair Serenity with the character from the game, will I wasn't cruel enough to hook him up with Vivian Wong, plus it gives me an excuse to have a little fun with Joey, with him being her brother and his fiend, plus give Tristan and Duke a hard time as well due to their little crush on Serenity. Read and Review.