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The Start Of It All


"Hullo." I responded as I eyed the boy with distrust. My mother had made it clear not to speak with strangers. And this boy over here, well he qualified as a stranger. I put my hands behind my back, entwining my fingers as I my eyes ran over the boy. His face was dirty. Like he played with dirt before wiping his face with his hands.

"My name is Peter." He suddenly spoke up and he gave me a cautious smile.

"Allie." I said and I looked behind him seeing the gate ajar. "You are supposed to close the gate." I informed him and he looked behind him. It's what my mother had taught me. Keep the gate closed, it was supposed to provide me safety. However, if Peter was able to come in so could someone else. So there goes that theory.

Peter shrugged. And I sighed putting my small hands on my hips. For a six year old I was quite dominant mind you. "Well, could you please close the gate now?" I asked and he shrugged again. Peter was looking at me with a mischievous spark in his eyes. The blue attracting my attention. I frowned and then turned to the gate and closed it myself. If he wasn't going to do it then I assume it was up to me to do it.

"Are you always this bossy?" Peter questioned and I turned to him. Feeling quite puzzled by his question, if not offended.

"Well, I'm not bossy at all." I exclaimed and crossed my arms before glaring at him. Hoping that would chase him away. I wasn't really liking this boy now.

"Well you do look bossy." He pointed out and I frowned.

"How can anyone look bossy?" I questioned indignantly. "And I'm not bossy." I added.

"Well you sure act like you are." Peter nagged and I felt this urge to hit him. Inflict pain so he would stop talking. "You're not a grown up, you know."

"I'm almost seven." I informed, feeling proud about my age. I truly was almost seven years old and Peter didn't even look six, let alone seven.

"Well." Peter cried out. "I'm already seven. It was birthday a month ago." I gasped disappointedly. It wasn't what I had expected from this dirty boy. His clothes were filthy and I wondered if his mother would be mad. I assumed she would, for my mother would never allow me back in the house if I looked like I had been rolling in the mud.

"I'm going home." I announced and with that I hoped I would never see this Peter boy again.

Truth be told, I did see him afterwards. Quite a lot actually. For he actually was my new neighbour. See, his parents had moved to Finchley with him, his younger sister, by one year though, Susan. And their younger brother Edmund, who was only two. Mr and Mrs. Pevensie were nice people, especially Mr. Pevensie who liked it when I pulled Peter's leg. Same goes for my parents. My father was quite fond of Peter and always 'missed' to see him pull the mickey out of me, hence he never was punished.

At first I didn't like him. Because even at the tender age of seven he had the ability to behave superior. He thought, because he was a boy, that he was much stronger and smarter than girls. I, of course, didn't agree and told him off many times. That escalated to a fight and I often ignored him when he had managed to anger me. But then he'd push away his pride for a few seconds and apologize to me. I was a sucker when it came to apologies. Knowing that when someone apologizes they actually agree to being wrong and I loved being right. Most of the time I was though, even at the young age of six.

Slowly, Peter and I developed a friendship. A friendship that held may arguments but also a friendship that was stronger than most. For I did trusted him with a lot. His sister, Susan, soon became a close friend as well and I found myself standing side by side with her against Peter. Oh he did hate that. When Peter and I were eight years old Mrs. Pevensie gave birth to another child. A girl this time and they named her Lucy. Lucy, was my permanent china doll and I often played with her, forcing Peter to play with her as well. Slowly he became to love her as his sister and he would tell me off when I wasn't 'gentle' enough with her.

We had a great childhood. Both our families were close friends and Peter and I were adjoined at the hip, as our parents said. And we were truly happy.

But when I turned sixteen and the war was going on things changed. My father was recruited and he left along with Mr. Pevensie. One year passed and the bombings started. They shook our houses, destroyed the city and fear became a big part of our lives. I started to realize that nothing was permanent and I pulled away from everyone. My own way of dealing with the war. It was a comfort I hadn't chased Peter away. I had expected him to tell me to grow up but he actually let me be a girl this time and I found myself holding his hand more than what was usual.

I was a physical person. If I was angry I'd hit that person (this got me into a lot of trouble at school). When I was sad and I was crying I needed an embrace. If I was scared and wanted to hide away I needed someone else to stand in front of me. That was how things went with me. And I had no problem with that. But at sixteen, being a young woman, things like this weren't seen normal anymore and I had no other choice but to control myself more and keep my emotions in check. And now at seventeen it was more than required.

"Allie." My name was being called and I jumped to my feet running down the stairs quickly. I skipped the last few steps and came to a stop. I saw my mother give me a reprimanding look that I ignored.

"The Pevensies will be here in an hour." I nodded, feeling excited that I would see Peter again, for he and I didn't spend that much time together anymore. He went to an all boys school and I to an all girls school. "I want you to go and change, somehow you've managed to ruin your dress before dinner." I glanced at the stains on my blue dress and smiled. Did I say I was horribly clumsy when it came to eating?

"Yes mum." I told her and she gave me a tentative smile before putting her hand on my cheek.

"Wear the white dress with the black ribbon." She told me and winked. I looked at her, taken back by the meaning of that wink. "I am sure you will look lovely in that dress." And I smiled.

"I think I will do that." I then saw that she was wearing her coat. "Where are you going?" I asked her.

"To get some groceries Nellie needs." I nodded at the name of our housekeeper. My mother wasn't old, but she had poor health so my father had enlisted the help of Nellie Farr who helped my mother with the house duties. That included cooking.

An hour later the doorbell rang and I quickly ran downstairs again, this time skipping even more steps and quickly opened the door before my mother got the chance to do so. I ignored her exasperated cry and threw open the front door. Mrs. Pevensie came bustling inside and gave me a peck on both cheeks, before taking my arms in her hands. Her dark hair was pulled in a neat bun and I could see Susan and Lucy behind her grin at me wickedly.

"My God Allie." Helen Pevensie exclaimed. "My, have you grown, hasn't she Lola?" She continued addressing my mother. "I barely recognized the girl. Or should I say woman?" She gave me a wink, one that looked awfully lot like my mother's and somehow I felt like something was going on that I wasn't aware of.

"Susan." I exclaimed once Mrs. Pevensie had let me go and I embraced the dark haired girl quickly. "I haven't seen you in ages." I joked and she gave me a grin, knowing I saw her a week ago when school had ended. I gave Lucy the same hello when suddenly my eyes were caught on the boy behind Lucy.

The thirteen year old Edmund wore a grimace on his face and sneered at his mother when she tried to convince him to take off his coat. Behind him Peter snapped at him and before I knew it both Peter and Edmund were vocally tearing each other's limbs out. Gone was the boy that I was friends with, in front of me stood a young man and I was slightly thrown off by the realization. Did this mean that things were going change? Was I going to see him in a different light now? I swallowed thickly.

"Pete." I squeaked out and I felt embarrassment wash over me and I knew that my cheeks were glowing. He turned his blue eyes on me and suddenly I felt very self conscious. His eyes were roaming and I tried to flatten my dress when I realized his eyes were stuck on my face.

"Peter, aren't you going to say hello?" Lucy teased and she gave her older brother a slight nudge. I could see the slight colour on his cheeks as he coughed and took a step forwards.

Now I knew for sure, things had changed between the two of us. Things never were awkward between the two of us but now I couldn't help but fight the urge to hide. Unfortunately my human shield was the reason for the uncomfortable feeling and I opened my mouth but nothing came out. So I settled for staring back at him. Maybe if I showed some cheek things would go back to the way they were before. Although I doubted that when I heard Lucy's giggle. I turned to the younger girl, who was almost the splitting image of Peter, and gave her a shocked look.

"Lucy." Susan cried out but I could see the amusement on her face and I quickly turned to my mother.

"How long till dinner?" I almost shouted and for the first time my mother didn't reprimand me on the fact that I was practically screaming.

"Only an hour or so." My mother said. "Why don't you and the other's go into the garden. The weather is quite nice today." I nodded quickly and grasped Susan's hand and pulled her into the foyer that lead to the garden.

"Not a word." I warned the girl as she tried to hide her laughter. The others were following us and I heard the cheerful chatter of Lucy who was babbling away to Peter and Edmund.

"That was awkward." I confessed to Susan when I had lured her away from the others and we were sitting at the shore of the small pond that lay in our garden. The sun was setting but the temperature was still pleasant and I looked at the blue eyed girl in front of me.

"Why? Because of Peter?" Susan asked and I shrugged, not knowing the answer if I was honest.

"Maybe it is because I haven't seen in quite a long time." I told Susan. At school I only saw him briefly and that was only during our breaks.

"Or maybe it is because you're feelings are changing towards Peter." She said slyly and I frowned shaking my head. "Oh come on Allie. You are seventeen. You can't tell me you haven't thought of that before?" My eyes widened and I quickly shook my head again. Long locks of dark brown hair whipping in my face. I quickly tucked some strands behind my ear.

"Peter is my friend." I emphasized. "And that's it."

"Whatever you say." Susan sang and I knew that she wasn't convinced.

"Honestly Su!" I exclaimed and I cupped some water in my hand flicking it in her face. "You truly are horrible."

"It was the truth." She exclaimed and I flicked some water in her face again and she shrieked, drawing attention of the others as they came and Susan quickly got on her feet.

"What are you doing?" Edmund asked, sounding bored.

"I am throwing water." I clarified and I cupped more water in my hands and threw it at Edmund. It wasn't much but still he gasped and suddenly his face changed from neutral to angry.

"What was that for?" He said angrily and I looked at taken back.

"It was just a joke Ed. It didn't even hit you properly." I responded looking at him peculiarly. This really wasn't the sweet boy I knew.

"Don't you know Ed?" Peter started, interrupting before Edmund could reply. "Girls can't aim." I gasped.

"That's not true." Lucy cried out. "You're just saying that."

"Trust me Lu." Peter gave his sister a playful nudge. "It's true. Ask Allie. She knows all about it." My mouth fell open and before I knew it I had cupped more water and I threw it Peter's direction and before we knew it there was a small water fight.

Thank God, we were bad at it and no one truly got wet or else both our mother's would've had our head.

Dinner was slightly less awkward now both Peter and I were on speaking terms again. But the conversation flowed badly and we only asked each other the general questions one asked during dinner. Like, could you pass the salt please. To say that strengthened our friendship would be ludicrous. But I couldn't help but notice that I caught myself looking at him more than once. And I couldn't figure out why. It surely wasn't because he looked funny. Quite the contrary. Peter has always been a handsome boy. But somehow I couldn't help but see that today he looked even more handsome.

Once dinner was over and we were sitting in the living room I sat down next to Peter on the small couch and everyone steered clear from us.

"Is it me? Or are they up to something?" Peter suddenly asked and I looked around. Both Lucy and Susan were sitting with our mothers, talking, well mostly gossiping, as they sent us glances. Edmund had isolated himself and was sitting in the corner, scowling.

"No, it's definitely not you." I responded before I turned to look at him again. "So tell me, what have you been doing? I haven't seen you in a while."

Peter shrugged. "Nothing much, school, as usual." I nodded. "And you?"

"Oh you know." I tried casually. "The usual, school." Peter gave me a small grin and something tugged inside of me. I shifted uncomfortably. What was that?

"Are you still taking care of Mr. Campbell's dog?" Peter asked and I nodded.

"Yup. I still take him out for a walk every day. Although I do have a feeling Mr. Campbell is all better now." I said and both of us nodded. Why oh why did this feel so awkward?

"Say Peter." I exclaimed. "Is there something wrong?" I demanded when suddenly Peter looked at me surprised.

"No." He scratched the back of his head. "Why do you ask?" I shrugged.

"Oh, no reason." I retorted. "I just thought..." I trailed off. Suddenly Mrs. Pevensie looked at us.

"Peter, why don't you and Allie go for a walk. It's quite a lovely night." Peter looked surprised but turned to me anyways.

"Do you want to go?" He asked.

"Sure." I responded. "Why not?" And he got up holding out his hand for me to take. This was going to be the first physical touch we were going to have tonight and I longed for that, like I said before. I was quite a physical person. I took his hand and he pulled me to a standing position when suddenly Lucy exclaimed.

"I want to go too!" She stood up.

"Lucy." Susan exclaimed. "I'm sure they wouldn't want you to go with them."

"Oh." Lucy looked crestfallen and I quickly interceded.

"No that's alright. I'd love it if Lu went with us. Right?" I looked at Peter who nodded. I had caught him red handed staring at me and I blushed and for some reason couldn't stop smiling.

"Lucy why don't you stay here?" My mother said giving her a small wink as she tapped the big brown book on her lap. "I have some lovely pictures from when they were younger. I'm sure you'd love to see them." I paled. Oh God, she was going to get the baby pictures.

"No!" I shrieked, scaring Lucy as she jumped up startled.

"Allie!" My mother exclaimed. "What on earth w-" I cut her off.

"They don't need to see that." I spat and I quickly snagged the book and ran out the room. Peter followed me. I was standing near the front door, holding the book in one hand and trying to get my coat on with the other.

"Let me help." He said and I gave him a grateful smile.

"Thanks, that'd be nice." Peter helped me in my coat as I heard the protests of the other room and both of us quickly snuck out the house.

It was indeed a lovely night and as Peter walked with me I couldn't help but smile. Despite the awkwardness earlier I felt completely at ease now and both of us were content walking in silence when suddenly we passed by an empty park. I quickly grasped Peter's hand –the other was still holding the book, mind you. I pulled him into the park and he closed the gate behind. A habit I taught him. I eyed the swings with a cheerful grin and I looked at Peter playfully.

"What are you waiting for? Come on!" I urged him and I took off quickly snagging one of the swings. I threw the book next to me on the damp grass and pushed off from the ground, moving the swing forward and backwards. Peter was still standing on the place I had left with a strange look on his face. "Come on." I called out again and he started to move slowly towards me. Another tug inside.

It wasn't necessarily painful, God no! It just wasn't all that pleasant, but the effects afterwards were perfectly agreeable. I never was quite good with boys. Peter didn't count because he liked me just because I liked him. And because we knew each other for quite a long time. Therefore it was slightly mandatory to like him. But besides Peter I wasn't quite known to hang out with boys. I, either ignored a few or stayed clear from others. So basically, I knew nothing of the opposite gender. My friends at school always talked about how some boys were so handsome. I didn't always see it.

Yes I wouldn't deny when someone wasn't handsome, but it just didn't spark or ignite any kind of feeling the other girls talked about and sometimes I wondered whether something was wrong with me. You see, things were easy when I was with Peter. He neither cared nor asked about these sorts of things but ever since the awkwardness I couldn't help but wonder what it meant for our friendship. For he did mean a lot to me. Even if he wasn't aware of that.

"You haven't changed a bit." Peter suddenly commented and I pushed my heels into the ground, pulling myself to a stop.


"You haven't changed." Peter repeated. "It's like nothing can shake you, can it?" And suddenly I realized what he was talking about. I shrugged.

"Maybe." I responded and the tip of my feet ran a circle in the grass. "But it doesn't mean I'm not aware of it." Peter took another step closer and I could smell the spicy musk that clung to his skin.

"I'm not saying it's a bad thing Allie." Peter defended and I looked at him. There wasn't much light but in the light of the few lamp post, his sharp features stood out.

"I know." I said and I pushed my heels against the ground again. Swinging again.

"Allie." The way he said my name felt different than usual. It was like he was actually saying my name.

"Push me." I demanded and I looked at Peter giving him a playful smile. "Come on, push me." And Peter moved behind me putting his hand on the edges of the wooden plank I was sitting on and pulling it backwards before giving me a small push. This went on for a while before his hands touched the small of my back and instead of touching the swing he was touching me and the spot burned through my clothes were his skin touched me.

"Come on Pete. Higher! I thought you told me boys were stronger. Show me your strength. Come on! " I taunted.

"I'm pushing, I'm pushing. Gosh, you're still bossy." I fought the urge to stick out my tongue and ignored his words. Silence engulfed us again.

"Has your dad sent any letters?" Peter suddenly asked. The mood had lightened when I had asked him to push me but now it fell again and I was aware of the painful subject I desperately tried to avoid.

"Not since last week." I told him. "Yours?"

"Just today." Peter said and I nodded.

"He's alright, isn't he?" I asked hoping everything was alright.

"Well enough." Peter responded and I detected something in his voice that made me wonder what went on in his head. It was like he was hiding something.

I stopped the swing again and got up before sitting properly, now I was facing him again. I pulled him closer by his sleeve. He stumbled slightly before steadying himself by putting his hands on my shoulders. They burned. My shoulders I mean. My hand was still holding his sleeve and something told me not to let go yet and I followed that instinct.

"Spill Pevensie." I said, my voice hoarse with the multiple emotions that ran through me. I was like this bundle of versatility when it came to emotions. I've never felt so many of those in one night.

"What?" He asked, looking surprised.

"You're hiding something."I informed him. "Now tell me, what are you hiding?"Peter shrugged and suddenly looked younger his seventeen years of walking this earth.

"It's nothing." He said finally.

"That's rubbish." I exclaimed. "You either tell me or I'm going to pull it out of you. Whatever you prefer!" I told him with a small smile and he responded with a lopsided grin.

"I want to fight." He told me and I froze. The war played a big part in all our lives but I never realized how big of a part. Nor did I ever realize that some were closer to it than others. Physically I mean and now Peter is telling me he wants to be recruited? To fight?

"No!" I said hoarsely. My throat thick with the tears that were going to spill if he continued. "You're too young."

Peter sighed and lowered his eyes. "I'm seventeen." He told me. "Do you know there are three boys in my class who have been recruited?" I swallowed away the emotions as they appeared as tears in my eyes.

"I don't care." I said. The tears were now apparent in my voice. "You're too young." I repeated my words again, wondering if he truly heard them.

"You think I can't fight? Is that it?" I pressed my lips together and tried to blink away the tears before I shook my head.

"That's not it." I brought out. "Do you have any idea what it would do to your mother?" To me? "This is not a choice you can make on your own."

"That is why I'm telling you, Allie." Peter said crossly. "I thought you'd understand?"

"Understand why you want to throw away your life? I'm sorry, but I don't!" I spat my temper showing.

"Allie, don't you see it? I am capable of going to war! I can do this!" Peter insisted and I heard that he was getting upset himself. But I couldn't see why he was so persistent about this. He was so young.

"You will die!" I cried out. "People die in a war. And you will die if you go." I was starting to cry now. Hot tears spilled over and Peter's eyes softened immediately. His calloused thumbs wiped away the wetness.

"I won't." Peter said softly, as if he was feeling his defeat.

"You will." I took a shaky breath. "They always die." Peter gave me a peculiar look and I took his hand in mine. His had outgrown mine now. "It hasn't been a week since my dad's last letter." I told him.

"I don't understand." Peter responded confused.

"Mum said there was a letter last week but she didn't let me read it. She always let me read his other letters." Peter frowned thoughtfully.

"That doesn't necessarily mean there wasn't a letter Allie. Maybe it was private." Peter pointed out but I was shaking my head.

"I know there was no letter. Mum usually is happy when he writes." I said and my voice cracked. "But last week there were only tears. And I think that it means he's dead." I felt Peter freeze. And another set of tears washed all over me.

"If he's dead there would've been a letter." Peter said softly. "So he's not dead. Don't think that." I shrugged.

"I can't help it. I have this terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach and I'm scared. So scared." I confessed and Peter moved closer to me. I leant against his chest.

"Don't be scared. I'm here." I felt his hand on the side of my face, caressing my cheeks.

"I thought you were going to war?" I said and I looked at him, a watery smile on my face now. He rolled his eyes.

"They'll have to wait then." He responded, a joking edge to it.

I shrugged and laid my head on his chest again. This did feel quite nice, strange perhaps, unfamiliar but surely not something I wouldn't want to do again. I pulled away again and I felt slightly embarrassed when I realized I had cried in front of Peter. I turned to Peter when suddenly I saw him tilt his head in my way. Curiosity took over and I moved closer to him. His lips were hovering above mine when suddenly they pressed gently against mine. Warm lips were caressing mine and as inexperienced as I was I didn't know what to do. His hands moved to my face and I grabbed his shoulders as he parted his lips with a wet plopping kind of noise before they moved against mine again. I pressed myself closer to him and tried to mimic his movements when suddenly I felt his tongue probe my lip. I automatically opened my mouth and when his tongue started to caress mine something in the pit of my stomach tightened. A small noise escaped my mouth and to my utter horror I realized it was me. Peter, however, pulled me closer to him and I felt relief wash over me. Knowing he didn't care.

Suddenly the severity of the situation came over me and I pulled away eyeing Peter with wide eyes. I raised my hands to my lips touching it gently. I looked at Peter again and saw that he too was surprised. Both of us were breathing heavily.

"What was that for?" I whispered. Peter's eyes flashed with something I couldn't decipher.

"I don't know."

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