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Chapter One:

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Harry pulled his hoodie tighter around himself and ducked his head against the freezing wind and quickened his pace, trying to get across campus to his condo before the rain actually started coming down. He shifted his bag on his shoulder and made sure the road was clear before jogging across and heading down the street. He could now see his condo, and exhaled with relief, he relaxed and reached down to pull his keys from his pocket.

"Excuse me?" The voice was sweet, with an accent Harry was pretty sure was American - Southern American at that.

Harry looked up and smiled at the woman standing in front of him. "Yes?" He asked. She was average height with short curly red hair, very pale skin and innocent looking pale blue eyes, dull in comparison to Harry's stunning emerald eyes. She was wearing a black stylish trench coat, and Harry could see the top of her light purple dress along with the bottom hem of it under her coat. She was clutching a small purse and wearing expensive looking heels.

"I was wondering if I could use your phone." She said charmingly. "My car broke down, and no one else is coming to the door."

Harry looked around, and sure enough noticed a car at the end of the road with it's hazard lights on. "Sure." Harry said right as lighting flashed across the sky and rain began pouring down on them.

"Oh great." The woman said. Harry smiled at her.

"Why don't you wait inside with me." Harry offered unlocking the door and let the woman inside.

"Thank you kindly." She said.

"I'm Harry by the way." Harry said closing the door and and tossing his keys on coffee table and setting his bag on the couch. Harry turned his back on the woman while he pulled off his hoodie.

"You can just call me sire."

Harry's brow furrowed and he turned around, just in time to have the woman come after him, knocking him back on the couch with inhuman speed and had his head tilted to the right. "What the hell are you doing?!" Harry cried and the woman just chuckled and bit down on Harry's neck. Harry screamed in pain as he felt what seemed like two hypodermic needles break his skin. Harry started to feel light headed and he whimpered in pain and his eyes rolled back in to his head.

When Harry woke up, it was pitch black. Harry shifted, and whatever was around him shifted too, and Harry realized that it was dirt. Harry started to panic started digging, and made his way up. Harry gasped when he broke the surface. Harry clawed at the ground and pulled himself out of the hole and laid out on the ground. He shivered but it wasn't because he was cold, he rolled onto his back and inhaled deeply, but for some reason the air didn't feel right in his lungs.

He gasped as his last memory came to the front of his mind like a video playing in fast forward. The woman with the broken down car, Harry letting her into his house, then her attacking him.

The vampires had been out of the coffin for a few years now, Harry had only met one once, nearly a year and a half ago while working late at the cafe on campus.

"Fuck." Harry said doubling over and putting his head in his hands, his knees coming up towards his chest. "I'm dead." He whispered.

It was probably the strangest thing Harry's ever done in a long time - sneaking back into his own apartment, so that the police who were parked out front didn't notice him. Apparently someone heard him screaming the night the vampire attacked him and called police. All the police found was some blood, though normally it wouldn't be much for concern, but someone seeing a woman dragging Harry's limp body out to a car was.

Harry didn't really feel like answering any questions, or having to come out as a vampire to his friends, family and the rest of the world, decided to avoid the situation at all cost and remained 'dead' to the rest of the world. Thus, Harry sneaking into his own apartment in order to get some of his things before leaving.

Harry was having trouble getting used to the fact that he could jump up to the second story window of his bedroom like he was just jumping onto a curb, but he put that behind him, he didn't have time to waste. He wanted to get out of town before dawn.

Harry slithered into the open window and looked around his room. He noticed that a picture of him and his friends was missing off his desk, and some of his things had been shuffled through and placed back haphazardly. Harry rolled his eyes and grabbed two duffle bags and a suitcase from his closet and began packing them with clothes and other necessities. It only took five minutes with his new vampiric speed. Harry packed up his laptop last and dug around in his desk drawer for the few hundred dollars he kept between the pages of a C.S. Lewis book for emergencies and took it.

Harry jumped back out the window with his three bags and took off without anyone knowing he'd been there. Harry stopped at an A.T.M and emptied out his bank accounts. Harry snapped his card in half and tossed it in a near by trash can before heading towards the subway. Harry bought a ticket to just get him out of the city and to a hotel that catered to vampires. He rented a room under a fake name and collapsed onto a bed, glad the shades were already pulled.

Harry woke with a start, and looked around, before falling back on the bed and ran his fingers through his hair. He sat up and looked around his room before making his way into the bathroom and washed up, knowing he still smelled like dirt. Harry washed quickly but thoroughly then dressed just as quickly. Loose fitted light wash jeans, a dark green t-shirt and a pair of black Converse. He didn't bother to style his hair, just brushed through it quickly and headed downstairs. He was hungry - which was disconcerting on it's own. He's never fed before, wasn't sure he could stomach the idea of feeding off a living human. Harry scrunched his nose as he stepped into the elevator, there was another option - TrueBlood, synthetic blood. TrueBlood was first made for medical use by the Japanese, but vampires saw the possibilities and then they came out of the coffin.

Harry froze when the elevator opened to the lobby - there were a lot of people, humans and vampires. Harry swallowed nervously and stepped out of the elevator, and moved towards the bar with his head down.

"Lemme guess, you're new."

Harry looked up at the bartender. The dark skinned man chuckled.

"I can read you like a picture book." He said smirking, and his fangs slid down from his upper jaw. "Where's your maker? She let you run off on your own?" His coarse black hair was twisted into dreadlocks that went down past the middle of his back and were very well kept. His eyes were a stunning mix of blue and muddy green. He was tall most likely over six feet, dwarfing Harry's respectable 5'10".

"I don't know." Harry said and the other vampire raised an eyebrow. "I woke up alone, and I ran."

The older vampire sighed and turned around long enough to grab a bottle of O-positive TrueBlood and set it in front of Harry. "So, your maker dumped you in the ground and ran?" He said folding his arms on the counter and leaned forward and looked Harry over as the new born sat down.

"She sounded American uh... Southern." Harry said lifting his blood red bottle and sniffed it. He gagged and leaned away as the older vampire chuckled.

"Just drink it." He said. "My name's Elijah, who are you?"

"Harry." The newborn scrunched his nose, put the bottle to his lips, tilted his head back and drank. Despite the rather strange taste, and the really thick texture, Harry sighed with relief when he felt his hunger lessen.

"Well Harry I think I can help you." Elijah said. "If your maker is a Southern Bell, you should speak to Eric."

"Eric?" Harry asked.

"He's a sheriff in Louisiana. He's also over a thousand years old and knows just about every vampire in America." Elijah said. "He might be able to help with your missing maker."

Harry smiled. "Thank you."

Elijah leaned closer to Harry and smiled. "I think I can see what your maker saw in you." Elijah said. "You're really cute. If I would've seen you on the street I would've gladly bitten you."

Harry's eyes went wide and he turned away had his blood been pumping he would've blushed. "How much for the drink?" He asked sliding off his chair.

"Its on me sweetie." Elijah said. "I'll give Eric a call, tell him you're coming. He doesn't like surprises all that much."

"Good to know." Harry said. "And thanks." He said.

"Bye." Elijah said with a smirk.

End of Chapter One

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