"Mike? Michael Westen?"

My eyes widened at the sound of the voice calling my name and I kept my gaze fixed on the sandwich I'd ordered. Fi glanced around for the source of the voice, her eyebrows rising when she found it.

"Who is she?"

I covered my eyes with a hand, voice low and pleading. "Fi, don't- don't get her to come over here, please."

Fi didn't have to do anything, however, because the woman was already on her way over. She stopped at our table, one hand on her hip, beaming at me. I met her eyes with a grimace.

"I didn't know you were back in Miami!" she exclaimed before pulling up an extra chair and sitting down.

"Yeah," I said simply in reply, feeling every muscle in my body going tense as I turned my attention intently back to my sandwich. Fi's eyes were wide as saucers as they flicked back and forth between me and the woman.

"Why don't you introduce us, Michael?" she asked, a familiar hard edge to her tone. I winced, glancing back up.

"Ah... Fi, this is Hannah," I said cautiously, indicating. "Hannah, Fi."

Hannah stuck a hand out to Fi, continuing to beam. "So good to meet you. Are you Mike's wife?"

I almost chocked on the bite of sandwich I'd just taken. Fi smiled slightly at my reaction for a second before replying.

"Not yet."

I glared. She never missed an opportunity, did she?

"How do you know Michael?" Fi asked and I recognized her tone of fake politeness. Hannah didn't notice, however, and answered Fi with gusto. I continued to shove more of the sandwich into my mouth, wishing I could disappear into thin air.

"Oh, Mike and I went to high school together," Hannah said casually. Goodness, her voice still sounded annoyingly high and immature like it had back then. I doubted if she had matured at all in the past few decades.

Fi actually looked intrigued by this. "Oh? Were you two...?" Fi let the question dangled and suddenly I wished my mouth wasn't full of sandwich.

Hannah laughed nasally. "Oh, not technically. We went on a few dates once and I was head over heels in love with him for years but I really only think he went on those dates with me to get in my pants."

Oh hell. Oh damn, oh every other swear word in every language ever created. What Hannah said was true, in a way, I guess... Okay, it was completely true, but really? Had she honestly just said that out loud, with me sitting right there, to Fiona?

Fiona looked like Christmas had come early. She grinned at me for two split seconds before turning back to Hannah.

"And did he ever get in your pants?"

I closed my eyes, sinking as deep into the chair as I could, and tried to block out the conversation. I would never be able to live this down.

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