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A citizen of Anchorhead wonders why they always end up with the unwanted people.

Sometimes I wonder about the people that live in the better parts of the galaxy.

I used to lie awake at night and dream that I lived on a planet that was in the Republic.

Other times I wonder why the rich feel a need to send their damaged children here.

A few years ago some rich family in the Republic sent their demented son here.

He was okay, as long as he was taking his meds. There used to be a well used path by his house, we stopped using it when we discovered that eighty percent of the time when he was outside he was naked.

He died a few years back when he wandered out during a sandstorm.

For a long time we hoped that we would never be graced by another nut from the Inner Realm.

Unfortunately the Fates were not in the mood to spare us from another nut.

His name is Ben Kenobi.

He has been heard on several occasions speaking to thin air and, apparently, getting an answer. He lives out by the Dune Sea. And when he's in town he watches the HoloNet, if there is a report about the deaths of more Jedi he just shakes his head sadly and mutters fools. He reacted badly when Lord Vader appeared the first time on the 'Net and he shivers whenever they play a clip of him speaking.

The only thing that redeems Kenobi is that he doesn't bother us.

I do wonder why his parents sent him here, he seems to be mostly here.

The demented man is based on man that lives not too far where I live. And he did used to either sit in a chair on his front 'lawn' naked or he'd bathe on the 'roof'. The main road used to pass right in front of his house so you can imagine how shocking it must have been. The road was moved after flood waters severely damaged the bridge beside his house, part of the reason might have been because of his strange habits.

His parents sent him to live here over twenty-five years. And yes they are rich.