Co-written with livejournal user and dear friend daphnie_1 (an "Amok Time" AU)

Prompt #6: Love- "So dear do I love him that with him all deaths I could endure." ~4000 - 8000 word requirement

"For the love of God, either get your goddamn Vulcan under control or I am going to sedate him!"

Jim grins as he joins the doc at a table in the near-empty mess hall. "Morning to you as well, Bones."

McCoy returns his smile with a scowl. Yeah, someone's cheerful as always. "Don't give me that, kid, and don't think I won't," McCoy tells him, waving the hypospray he's carrying to make his point.

Typical morning on the Enterprise. Gotta love it, and goddamn he does. It's freaking awesome.

He's not going to lie: it's so freaking funny to see McCoy and Spock fight. It's, like, the highlight of his day. "What'd he do?" Jim asks, "Steal your coffee? It'd explain the whole bitchy gig you got going." Jim knows from the academy you don't want to talk to Bones before he's had his coffee. It's not a pretty sight.

McCoy snorts. "Your logical, unemotional first officer just threatened to break my neck. I'm trying not to take it personally but that's pretty tough."

Yeah, okay, he'll admit that's not exactly typical Spock behavior. Which he knows is pretty much understatement of the freaking year, but well, he hadn't really thought much of it till now, because Spock is always weird. Though, if he thinks about it, Spock has been weirder than usual just recently.

"Yeah he's been...weird. What's with that?"

McCoy shrugs. "Fuck if I know. Just get a grip on him before he kills someone, will ya?"

Jim's known him long enough that he can roughly translate that from Bones-speak into Standard as: 'make sure the damn Vulcan is okay.'

He has to knock three times before Spock lets him in. Spock looks...right, okay, Spock looks like freaking hell. He looks like he's barely eaten or slept in a week. Jim hasn't seen him in a few days, he's been holed up in his quarters meditating. But he did not look like death warmed up the last time Jim saw him.

"How may I assist you, Captain?" The words sound normal but the tone does not.

"Okay, Spock, let's hear it," Jim tells him, not even bothering with the small talk. Just how Spock likes it, right? Direct.

Spock stops pacing and turns to look at Jim, his eyes dark. "I… I require shore-leave at the new Vulcan colony."

Jim just blinks. "You've never taken shore-leave. Ever. I've asked you to come with me every… single… time and you said no."

Jim has always hated the fact Spock never seems to leave the ship when they're in dock. He gets that the leisure facilities on some of the planets – or the local culture – might not gell with Spock's idea of a good time – whatever the fuck that is – but there must be something Spock can do to entertain himself dirtside.

Jim doesn't take it personally. Except he kinda does.

Spock tenses further and Jim has to quash the urge to run because for fuck's sake this is Spock.

"I am working under the assumption that I have sufficient shore-leave allowance accumulated?"

Jim nods, "Yeah, Spock, you do. But, hell..." And he shrugs. "Is something up? Because if I'm being honest, you look like hell."

Not to mention you're acting like someone shoved a stick up your ass, but it's probably a good idea not to flag that up.

Spock's still pacing, a quiet, unflustered pattern across the floor that Jim can't quite figure. It somehow reminds him of a lion he saw in a zoo once. What's worrying Jim more than anything, though, is the fact that Spock's hand is freaking shaking. He seriously doesn't like that.

Spock shakes his head. "I am..." A pause, and Jim hates it when he does that because he knows Spock is about to feed him a lie. Well, as close to a lie as Vulcans ever get. "I am perfectly capable of performing my duties, Captain."

Yeah, he may be able to do that but he's not up for much else.

"Yeah, you won't be in a couple of days."

Spock snaps round and there's a split second where Jim thinks Spock is going to take a swing at him. The incident on the bridge is suddenly brought back in vivid Technicolor, and fuck his picture-perfect memory to hell. Jim laughs gently because he knows he can't do anything else and tries not to think about how easy it would be for Spock to crush him.

"You will cease prying into my affairs and answer my request."

Jim shakes his head, "Not until you tell me what the fuck this is about." A quick grin. "And you can consider that an order." He says the last word lightly, like it's a joke, but it's not.

Spock takes three steps before he answers. His voice is almost normal. Pity the pacing screws with any effect of true normality.

"It has to do with biology," Spock tells him.

Well, that's about as helpful as a new recruit during sims training.


"Biology," Spock repeats, like Jim has gone fucking insane.

"Yeah, I heard you Spock. What kind of biology?

"Vulcan biology. "

Jim shakes his head. "Okay, okay stop. We're both going to quit using the word biology now 'cause my head's starting to hurt. You mean, like, sex?"

Spock tilts his head, and Jim suddenly feels a little uncomfortable at having all that intense energy focused on him. Frankly, it's creeping him out a little. "Did you never wonder how Vulcans choose their mates, Captain?"

Yeah, he has wondered. More than he probably should have, but this is so not the time and place to bring that particular piece of information up. Jim shrugs. "I'm figuring it's done pretty logically."

There's a noise that Jim could almost swear was a laugh. "No. No. It is not. We shield it with ritual and customs shrouded in antiquity. You have no conception, no understanding of what that is like. It strips our minds from us. It brings a madness which rips away our veneer of civilization. It is the Pon Farr."

Jim nods. "Uh huh, you're gonna have to break that down for me."

"I must return home and choose a mate or I will die."

Jim, for a second, thinks he's going to burst out laughing because it's all so freaking insane. Spock is going to die 'cause he can't get laid? You've just got to love Vulcan biology. You really, seriously, do. You've also got to love the Vulcans themselves. If anyone can make sex more complicated than it needs to be, it's them.

"So, what's the big deal?"

Spock doesn't answer, and turns away from him for a second. When he does speak his voice is calm, steady. "There is no, as you say, 'big deal.' I will simply return to the new Vulcan colony."

If it's so not a big deal Jim would very much like to know why that sounded like a death sentence. 'Simply return to the Vulcan colony' like it's the easiest thing in the world. It should be. In theory it should be but Jim gets that it's not. What he doesn't get is why.

"Whatever you say, Spock."

Spock goes to New Vulcan on his own. Spock had asked him to come along and Jim had said yes. However, the new head-what's-her-face on Vulcan had told him to fuck off. Well, okay, she hadn't used those exact words, but it's all in the tone.

He maybe shouldn't snapped back 'this isn't even your planet' when she'd asked if their ceremonies were for outworlders now. He definitely shouldn't have done it in Vulcan. Chalk it up to 'Stuff You Learn On The Job 101.' But he'd been – and okay, he'll admit it – worried.

He's never seen a Vulcan flip quite so quickly before--even Spock had taken a fair bit of provocation before he let rip--so it'd actually been kinda cool. So he'd been sent up to the Enterprise quick as you like.

So here he is now. Waiting. And waiting.

And not thinking about the fact that during his super-short vacation to Vulcan: the Colonial Experience he found out his best friend was already married. It's the sort of thing you tend to tell people right? It has a habit of cropping up in conversation. Seriously, how hard is it to say: "Oh, by the way, Kirk? I'm married to a scary-intense Vulcan lady with weird eyebrows."

How can that be too much to ask? How?

"McCoy to the bridge," his friend's voice chimes from the comm.

Jim grins to himself and snaps back, "Jim here. What's up?"

There's a noise that's almost a sigh. "Your first officer is back and crazy as all hell."

So that thing he said about being Captain of the Enterprise and how it was pretty much the most awesome thing ever? Sometimes it's seriously, seriously, not.

"She turned you down, didn't she?" is the first thing he says to Spock when he breaks into his quarters, and he's pretty sure it's only through Spock's sheer strength of will that he isn't getting the crap beat out of him just now.

"She was within her rights to do so," Spock tells him, somewhere in the shadows to his left. Jim doesn't know if he should be glad or not that he can't see Spock's face right now.

Jim nods, 'cause yeah, there's absolutely no doubting Spock's right on that. "Wanna tell me why she changed her mind?"

"I do not."

Jim doesn't know how he got this stupid idea into his head. Yeah, he is a genius but that doesn't mean he's always – you know – smart.

Jim grins. "Well, aren't you lucky I'm here! If what's her face won't put out, I will."

His words are met with total silence, and he's not going to lie, it's kinda eerie. Yeah, this might not exactly have been a good move.

"It's what you need, though, isn't it?" Jim tells him, but he's cut off before he's even finished the sentence.

"No. Not with you. Your blood does not burn."

Jim rolls his eyes dramatically, "Look, Spock, for a genius you're being a fucking idiot about this. It's just sex."

And it is. It's not like he hasn't been here before. Certainly for worse fucking reasons than, oh he doesn't know, saving his best friend's life.


Okay, so, Spock has decided to be a fucking idiot. Nice. You can always count on Spock to make everything more freaking difficult and complicated than it has to be. Jim calls it the 'Spock effect'.

"Look, I know you don't want me in particular but..."

And Spock fucking loses it.

His normally calm and serene first officer lashes out from nowhere, and Jim is pinned to the nearest wall. His heart's freaking racing and, hell, Spock can probably feel it.

He takes a deep breath, doesn't lash out, even though every instinct in him is telling him to fucking run.

"Mister Spock? Either make this worth my while or get the fuck off me."

Spock's eyes narrow and Jim thinks: oh.

Spock lets him go, backs off, a look in his eyes that Jim can't quite place. "I did not..." Spock tells him, his voice normal, "I did not intend to harm you."

That look in Spock's eyes? He's placed it now.

"Why did she turn you down, Spock?"

Spock draws in a breath. "T'pring rejected me on grounds that allowed her immediate dismissal of the bond without challenge. She...she claims that I have been linked with another. She claims that I am 'used' and that she will not have me. It is her right."

Jim blinks. "Does she mean the thing between you and Uhura? She's picked a pretty weird time to get jealous about that."

Considering they haven't been together in nearly six months.

"T'pring was not referring to my relationship with Nyota."

Jim shrugs, "Well, who's she talking about then?"

There's a moment of silence, and yeah, Jim has definitely hit on the million credit question.

"She was referring to you, Captain."

Jim supposes he should be shocked. Spock's probably expecting him to scream 'what?!' at the top of his lungs and start ranting and raving about Vulcans and their secrets, and 'what mambo-jumbo have you done to my head, anyway' and 'gee, I'm just so stunned by this, give me a moment to pull my head together, here' but the truth is, well, this is just too fucking precious.

So for lack of knowing just how to respond to the whole thing, and almost completely involuntarily on his part, he laughs.

"Then what is the fucking problem? Correct me if I'm mistaken, but this kinda works in our favor, yeah? We're bonded. That's great, and hey, it also happens to be hella convenient. Take me to bed already, Spock. Let's go."

It probably counts as irony that Spock is the stunned one, and Jim allows himself a second to enjoy the effect. Because Spock with a befuddled expression on his face? Completely priceless.

"You are not surprised that a bond has formed between us? One strong enough to usurp the bond that was established in childhood between T'Pring and myself?" Spock's eyes narrow. "Why are you not surprised?"

The thing is, Jim's never intended to admit it, never. Not even if someone held a blasted phaser to his head and said 'spill your secrets or die'. But, well, Spock has a laser at his head, in a metaphorical sense, since Pon Farr is pretty much equivalent to a lethal weapon, and he'll die if nothing is done about it, and that's something Jim isn't going to let happen.

It isn't allowed, not on his watch. Spock is Spock. The universe, and Jim, needed him. Crazy, that he'd lose his head over someone who had not only hated him when they first met, but who also desperately tried to repress all of his emotions, but yeah, there it is.

"Because I've loved you for a while now, moron. And because I'm not an idiot. Hello, genius level IQ here, remember? Do you think it's normal that we're always able to find each other, no matter which one of us is captured on some backwater planet, or which one of us is bleeding out somewhere in a ditch because mini dudes with spears and face paints were protecting their planet's dilithium deposits? Or how 'bout the fact that we seem to get each other?"

Ridiculous, really, how they were wasting precious time, but, well, whatever it took.

"Or how 'bout the fact, that when I had your older counterpart in my head on Delta Vega, there was all this excitement, and happiness, and love vibes going on, aimed at me… me?!.... someone you-you hated at the time. Come on, Spock. This is kind of a no brainer, really. The man did try awfully hard to ensure that we ended up on the Enterprise together, manipulating both of us to achieve that end. I figured his Jim must have been pretty damn important to him for him to go to such lengths. I mean, he wasn't even subtle about it. 'I have been and always shall be your friend'…. Give me some credit here."

Jim sees understanding flash across Spock's features and feels his heart leap in response. If they weren't so pressed for time he'd probably cringe over how blatantly he's putting himself out there, but the urgency of their situation doesn't allow for nerves or insecurity or even fear. He'd deal with that crap later, schedule a nervous breakdown complete with a prescription of whiskey with Bones a few days from now, where he could toast off his bachelor years and marvel how he ended up finding a soulmate and getting bonded when there had been a time he'd been convinced there was no one in this galaxy or beyond that would ever be this important to him. Proof, once again, how fate loved to fuck with him.

"If you suspected a bond to have formed between us, why did you never discuss it with me?"

Logical question, that. Gotta hand it to Spock, even at death's door, he doesn't mince words.

"Because I figured you had it all figured out, too, but that you didn't want it. I mean, you stayed with Uhura until six months ago. Plus I know you met your counterpart. I figured you saw how lonely and kind of broken he seemed, because, well, obviously I'm dead where he comes from. True, modern medicine has done wonders for prolonging a human's lifespan, but there is no way I could live that long, not like a Vulcan can. I figured you didn't want to risk turning into him. Becoming isolated like that. He was willing to go by himself to inject red matter into a dying star on the brink of implosion… kinda figured the guy had a death wish and I wondered if you had maybe attributed a part of that to my counterpart leaving him all alone."

Right, so, he'd never actually wanted to voice that out loud either, the implication that he didn't measure up to other-universe Jim, that he wasn't worth it in his own Spock's eyes, as it fell strictly under the category of 'Jim's insecurities he doesn't voice and pretends don't exist'. But a direct question deserved a direct answer. It's not like he'd be able to hide it from Spock if Spock were determined to find out, anyway. Whatever this bond thing was, Jim suspected it came with a Kirk to half-Vulcan dictionary.

"You doubt that your feelings are returned? You doubt that I want you the way my counterpart wanted his Captain? Jim, if I had had any foreknowledge that my feelings for you were reciprocated, I would not have asked you to take me to New Vulcan, I would have taken you forthwith."

So they're both idiots. They hawed and hummed and pretended their feelings didn't exist because neither one of them, really, likes to deal with all this emotional crap nor wanted to rock the boat where their hearts're involved… Not really surprising, either. God, this entire day is turning out to be the day of not surprised. For all that they come from different cultures, they're so similar in so many ways. Figured they'd both be completely messed up in the head, too. Just one more commonality.

Spock's eyes assess him, taking him in, unblinking and unfaltering.

"You understand that we're bonded, but do you fully comprehend what that entails? This is for life, Jim. Our katras will always be connected, even in death. The type of bond that exists between us is too powerful to permit any less. Spontaneous bonds like ours are not common; they mean that our minds are highly compatible."

"Spock, not too long ago I met this Vulcan on an ice planet, who, within seconds of meeting him, looked at me like I had hung the moon and convinced me that he was in my corner and always would be. Fuck yeah, I want that."

It also isn't a surprise that Spock then reaches out and drags him into a kiss.

Jim leans over the sink and splashes his face with cold water, almost, but not quite, ready to go back out to Spock's quarters and let him do what he needed to do to alleviate the Pon Farr.

In retrospect maybe he shouldn't have asked for those extra five minutes before they had sex to prep himself alone in the bathroom… five minutes was just long enough for the reality of the situation to start to sink in.

This whole being nervous before sex thing is new. And the trembling of his limbs and his rapid, shallow breathing are both alarming and jarring as he slips on his Starfleet-issued robe and turns to exit.

He isn't used to being frightened of sex. Sex! God. Sex hasn't scared him since he was fifteen and unbuttoning Suzy Crochett's blouse in the backseat of a hovercraft.

Not that he likes to toot his own horn or anything, but he is Jim Kirk, his reputation at the academy was legendary, although, admittedly, only partially earned. That rumor involving the professor of xenobiology, an andorian and Gary Mitchell? Totally untrue. Still, there was some truth to the nickname of James 'Tomcat' Kirk, even though now, given present circumstances, his reputation is a little embarrassing, especially when Spock could easily find those memories in his mind, through this bond of theirs, if he so desired. Not the best baggage to bring into a marriage, mystical bond, mental compatible partnership, whatever.

Yes, he's had countless partners, fact, but he'd never really been with anyone he was in love with before, let alone bonded to in a very deep and spiritual way. So in this he can cut himself some slack; any nervousness about giving himself over to a Vulcan lover deep in the throes of a biological mating drive can easily be excused.

And anyone who wouldn't excuse him for it (Jim just possibly has one or two past lovers still cherishing a wee bit of a grudge) is a total moron.

In fact, at this particular moment he feels more like a virgin about to give it up on a sacrificial alter… which isn't really a bad analogy, now that he thinks about it. Everything about this whole thing, from dealing with Spock's mood swings, to discovering about Pon Farr, to journeying to New Vulcan and finding out that he and Spock were bonded, so 'hey, let's go through with this whole mate-for-life-thing', had been pretty primal thus far, this was just the climax of it, pun intended.

No situation he'd ever been in could compare to this madness. If Bones only knew of Jim's connection to Spock's Pon Farr, he'd probably be laughing his ass off and making not-so-subtle references to karmic retribution.

Here he was, an admitted control freak, because yeah, he owned that little personality quirk of his, willingly walking into a situation where he'd have almost no control over anything. Spock is twice as strong as he is, and completely high on Vulcan hormones that made him both erratic and dangerous… and also more beautiful than Jim had ever seen him. In any other situation, Jim would have found Spock's state an utter turn-on, though what that says about him he doesn't really want to examine too closely.

The insanity that has always made up Jim's life has outdone itself this time. Really.

Well, Jim thinks as he squares his shoulders, if there's one thing that can be said about him, it's that he does not do things by halves. Spock is his. He's longed for the right to say that for forever. He fucking loves his Vulcan First Officer so much it scares the bejesus out of him. He'd follow Spock into death if he had to, because living life without him? Yeah, he doesn't even want to go there.

He agreed to this whole bonded and marriage business because he likes the man he's become with Spock at his side and he rather likes to think that Spock's become a better man with Jim at his side, too.

They've made each other better. That's that. Now he's going to grin and take Pon Farr like a man.

If he has to give a little control over to Spock in the process, well, there is no one else in this galaxy or beyond he trusts more. Spock would take care of him; he always did.

And if he's trying to force himself to calm his breathing as he walks into the bedroom that houses his horny bondmate, what of it? He's counting on Spock to make him forget how to breathe entirely in less than a minute….

Jim had barely stepped into the room, hadn't even had time for his eyes to adjust to the dim lighting, before he felt hot arms surround him and pick him up off the ground.

Before he could voice the indignant, 'hey, I know you want it, I want it, too, but I do know how to walk, you know, human children generally know how to do that by the age of one' he was thrown on the bed, on his back, bouncing as he watched Spock slide off his robe and let himself fall over Jim on his hands and knees, the look in his eyes feral.

Jim couldn't help it, he laughed, a hearty chuckle that escaped his throat against his will. The whole scenario was like a really good, really dramatic porn holovid, one of those types that actually had somewhat of a plot to it. If Jim were female and had a bodice to rip, he imagined Spock would be ripping it off him now.

With that imagery in his head, and laughter on his lips, his nervousness left him.

So maybe he was in love, and married, and about to bestow upon his husband his conjugal rights as a Vulcan warrior in heat, but he'd be damned if he wouldn't fucking enjoy it, both this and the promise of the great adventures that were sure to follow.

"Alright you big, Vulcan stud, you, show me what you've got," Jim announced playing his part to a 'T' while flashing a wide grin and thrusting his hips up to meet Spock's in a challenge.

The heat of Spock's naked skin seared even through the cloth of the robe, and Spock growled in response, sending a dizzying spike of excitement up through Jim.

If possible his grin grew wider.

"Like that, did you? I've got more where that came from," Jim announced as he wrapped his arms around Spock's shoulders and pulled himself flush against Spock's chest.

This time it Spock didn't growl, but whimpered, and Jim felt his heart clench at the sound.

It dawned on him then that perhaps fearing this encounter at all had really been a fruitless exercise. It wasn't about gaining control or losing it, it was about giving Spock what he needed because, well, Jim wanted to take care of Spock in turn. Wanted to give him, well, the universe, really, but if Jim's body and mind was what his First needed most, well, Spock could have that all he wanted.

If he were being completely honest, Jim had been Spock's for the taking since they first glared each other down over the Kobayashi Maru hearing.

Finding a soulmate was fucking scary, frightening beyond any stretch of sanity, really, but also extremely exhilarating. He'd never felt so alive.

Jim looked up at Spock, took in how his body trembled with lust, how black his eyes looked with his pupils dilated, fathomless and deep, saw how Spock used every last bit of willpower at his disposal to prevent himself from ravaging Jim in that very moment, seemingly waiting for something… and Jim couldn't help it, he felt so full, so excited, the words just bubbled out of him.

"I love you."

Jim had never said those words to anybody. Ever. He'd never found anyone they'd mean anything to, but a sudden light blazed in Spock's eyes, and the immense strain in his features softened, and he whispered reverently, gruffly, "as I love you" and the strength in Spock's arms gave out and he landed smoothly on top of Jim, the mattress creaking beneath their combined weight.

Spock was so hot he burned, it felt like Jim was somehow being surrounded by a sun, and the Vulcan was trembling so violently that it made the bed vibrate. Jim kept his gaze firmly on Spock's face as he reached down between their bodies, his fingers dancing, tickling and searching across searing skin until he found Spock's cock, the weight and feel of it against his palm making his own lust swell like a living thing, strong and thriving, wanting more, wanting it all, wanting to give all. Without prompting from Spock he wrapped his fingers around the stiff organ, and started a steady stroking motion.

Spock's breath hitched and the trembling grew more violent. Jim didn't need preparation; he'd taken care of it before, fearing the worst as far as Spock's mindset went, but hoping for the best. Spock had been hard before Jim's hand found him, since probably before Jim entered the room, if he had to guess -- anticipation was the most potent aphrodisiac there was, ever -- and so he fondled Spock only a minute before spreading his legs wider, nudging Spock up a bit and off his body with his hips to better position them for the pounding they both wanted, and navigated the tip of Spock's cock into position to breach him.

A second passed, but felt more like an eternity, as they held each other's gazes, Jim vaguely feeling Spock lift his arm up and around Jim's shoulder to reach for his face, those strong Vulcan fingers lightly feathering his cheek and up his temple until they landed in their proper position.

"My mind to your mind," Jim recited into the silence, knowing the words and beating his lover to them, and then, in a flash of inspiration, adding his own spin on the ancient chant, "my body to your body."

Spock smiled; something rare, and precious, and something Jim felt almost embarrassingly touched to see, before he whispered back "yes" and then made the final motion to penetrate Jim's body and enter his mind, through their meld, simultaneously.

And while Jim admitted he had more experience with sex than could ever be considered gentlemanly --- the hell if he'd ever experienced anything like this.

Their bond, this force of energy between him and Spock that Jim could scarcely describe with words, sparked to greater life, like a balloon filling with air. There was light and sensation and warmth and need and passion, and Jim was pretty sure that there had to be some kind of powerful charge that danced across their skin, making every touch electric, every push and pull a jolt to his system, but Spock's ecstasy in his mind, tangled up with Jim's passion, combined with the even stronger emotions: the fierce protection and love that Spock felt for him and that he felt for Spock, all of that jumbled up together was almost more than Jim could take, more than his mere body, frail, human and mortal, could handle.

He felt like the feelings of joy and euphoria inside him were expanding and expanding and expanding until lights, really, lights, how absolutely mind boggling was that, danced before his eyes and as Spock tensed tightly above him Jim… came thoroughly undone.

He felt light-headed afterwards, and completely buzzed. The presence of Spock in his mind was even more comforting than the feel and weight of the green-tinted body above his own, breathing laboriously from passionate exertion.

"Spock, if the human half of your DNA causes this Pon Farr thing of yours to happen more often than just every seven years, I really won't mind."

Jim felt, rather than saw, Spock's amusement; their bond pulsated to the rhythm of laughter that the Vulcan could never bring himself to outwardly express.

That he could give Spock that, that he could bring him joy; Jim felt another wave of love wash over him. Such feelings were new, true, but they were also fucking awesome.

"We do not need Pon Farr for it to be like this between us. Once this cycle is over I will be more than happy to prove this to you."

Jim didn't hold his own laughter inside the bond the way Spock did, opting instead to laugh outright, completely delighted and thoroughly smitten.

And if there had ever been any doubts, which there hadn't been really -- well, doubts beyond his own insecurities anyway -- that it was the right choice to give himself to Spock this way, to participate in an event that bound his fate to Spock's for the rest of his life, they were completely obliterated now.

Their partnership would never be dull, Jim knew that with certainty.

He wouldn't have it any other way.

The End!