Five kino files Eli erased that no one knew about

Title: Five kino files Eli erased that no one knew about

Author: Shenandoah Risu
: SGU, Five Things
Rating: PG
Status: Complete
Season/ Spoilers: Season One, up to "Life"
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Disclaimer: I don't own SGU. I wouldn't know what to do with it. Now, Young... Young I'd know what to do with... ;-)

# 3467439598276: Eli's first attempt at joining Chloe at Yoga.

He'd snuck a kino into the room, of course. What's not to love? A peach like Chloe twisting her body into a pretzel and looking mighty fine doing it would surely be one of his favorite files. But apparently the kino moved and instead it showed just him wobbling unsteadily and generally looking about as flexible as a pizza box. Chloe's gently encouraging voice in the background didn't help. He felt even his ears turn red as he watched it.


# 5628939109847: Franklin eating the first sprout that grew in the hydroponics lab.

He'd sure complained bitterly about it, any chance he got, and they had all been sick and tired of Franklin's tirades about the crappy food and what might possibly be wrong with the equipment and the seeds in the lab. Eli had tried to help out by setting up a kino near the growth beds to catch that elusive first sliver of green. He'd planned on surprising Franklin with a time-lapse version of the event later on. But then Franklin discovered the sprout, carefully looked around and surreptitiously pulled it out of the growth medium and stuck it in his mouth. And then, a short while later he was comatose from his stint in the interface chair and now that they had lots of plants in the lab this little act of rebellion seemed too petty to keep.


# 1983643759403: Lt James taking a shower.

After Colonel Young caught him and Riley spying on Vanessa James in her quarters the two young men had hatched a plan to hide a kino in the shower. Eli whooped loudly when he saw he'd actually caught her pulling her shirt off in preparation for a shower. But then she took a careful look around, mindful of the last time he'd tried that and she'd covered up the kino with her shirt. And then she went into the shower stall and finished undressing there. Then the steam fogged up the kino lens, and that was that. Oh well.


# 7698456738678: Col. Young holding his wedding band and crying.

Eli had no idea how the kino had caught that one. He certainly hadn't placed it in the colonel's quarters, but maybe somebody else had? It didn't show much – just Young sitting on his bed, holding up something that glinted in the faint light, and then very clearly being reflected in a falling tear. Eli felt awful after witnessing this very private moment of pain, and try as he might, he found it impossible to forget it. He wished his mind had an eraser.


# 9862357950976: Sgt. Spencer stealing water.

Okay, he didn't like Spencer either – nobody really did. But there was something vaguely obscene about watching a now dead guy do something really really stupid, like sneaking into the water compartment with a large black container, filling it with water and then taking a large swig. That alone was bad enough. But the footage also showed Spencer setting the container back down and sitting on top of it, his face buried in his hands, muttering something inaudible. Then he got up, poured a little of the water onto his hands and traced the word "coffin" on the compartment floor. He stood for a while, watching it dry, and then he checked the hallway and took off with his loot. It was more disturbing than any horror movie Eli had ever watched. And he had watched quite a few.