Brainy's Confession

Chapter 1

A ten year old Brainy stared at Helga in adoration from his seat in the cafeteria, as he often did. She stood from her seat, her tray of food in hand to discard in the trash cans across the cafeteria. He watched in awe as her whimsical, golden pigtails bounced up and down as she walked. The way her pink dress swished back and forth with each movement of her long, pale legs. Her blue eyes and dark, black monobrow attentive to the task at hand. He also noticed a certain other blonde just getting his lunch, seemingly noticing all this too. His green eyes were half-lidded, and his tray of food still in his hands as he watched her with a secret smile.

Brainy knew that he had been giving her those looks since their adventure in San Lorenzo. He knew that he longed for her also. But he also knew that he'd been keeping his love for the girl a secret too... but that was one thing they wouldn't have in common for long.

He saw that Helga was now in the center of the cafeteria, walking back towards her table, and that was when he made his move.

He stood from his seat, and walked towards her. She noticed him, and stopped, giving him a questioning look. Brainy smiled at her with half-lidded eyes, and took her hand gently in his. He got down on one knee, and watched as Arnold seemed to come out of his love-crazed stupor. He looked confused now, and a bit angry... this only made Brainy smirk, but seeing Helga's questioning blue gaze converted his smirk back to a loving smile.

Her eyes were wide, and slightly annoyed. He withdrew his inhaler from the back pocket of his pants, and took a long drag, before placing it back in his pocket. He placed his hand over his heart, and gave her a longing, love-sick look.

Helga raised one side of her unibrow at his behavior, but made no move to take her hand back from his gentle hold. "Brainy, what are you doing?"

The room had gone silent the moment Brainy had gotten down on one knee, and were all watching with curious and attentive looks.

Arnold was as still as a statue, clutching his tray of food for dear life. He looked a little flustered, and this only made Brainy's smile widen.

Brainy cast his dull gray eyes back up to Helga's stunning blue, and took a deep breath. "Helga..."

She blinked a couple times at him. "What?" She asked in slight annoyance and frustration.

Brainy saw the attention they were getting, Arnold's unusually hard hold on his tray, Helga's annoyed blue look, and finally let out his secret. "I... love you." He choked out, just loud enough for her to hear.

She stiffened, and her jaw dropped. "W-What?" She stuttered out, not sure if she heard him right.

He realized how quiet he'd said it, and cursed himself mentally. He took another deep breath, and in a loud enough voice for everyone to hear, repeated himself. "I love you."


Arnold's vice grip on his tray had instantly become as loose as jelly once what Brainy had said reached his ears, and his tray had crashed into the floor.

A moment passed, and soon everyone began laughing. A cruel, torturous laugh that caused Helga to look around her in horror and alarm. Her look was frantic, and horrified, before her eyes suddenly rolled up into the back of her head, and she began falling back.

Arnold quickly went forward and caught her in his arms, falling to his knees as he did so. He stared down at her soft, unconscious face, and a soft look came to his eyes. He stared at her for a moment more, before looking up at Brainy then with questioning, desperate eyes.

Brainy stood then, and stared down at them. He smirked, completely ignoring the laughter coming from all around him.

This was only the beginning.

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