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Brainy's Confession

Chapter 8

Helga jumped in shock, quickly storing away her locket and bolting around to see a very odd looking Brainy standing behind her. "Brainy! Geez! Don't do that to me! I mean, I know it's your thing and all, but I thought we'd gotten past this!" She placed a hand over her rapidly beating heart, willing it to calm and taking in a deep breath with her eyes toward the sky, unwilling to look at him again just yet... Finally, though, after a few seconds of deep breaths, she managed to will her eyes toward the awkward boy. "S-So..." She began sheepishly, recalling very quickly what exactly it was he'd just caught her in the act of doing.

Brainy wheezed slightly... but other than that, he didn't respond. His eyes were downcast.

"Um..." Helga somehow managed to croak out awkwardly, now busying herself with rubbing her arm up and down with her hand. Her eyes lit up then and she feigned innocence as she grinned. "So, Brainy! I was just looking for you!" She laughed loudly and nervously after her rather loud exclamation, giving him a light and very weak (definitely unusual for her) punch in the shoulder, grinning.

Brainy simply wheezed again in response, his eyes coming up to look at her now. His expression was unreadable... Like it always was.

Helga maintained her grin a few seconds longer... before it finally just dissolved away and she was left standing there with a small half-frown on her face, glancing down and away from him... After a second she finally managed to drag her eyes back to his, for once actually feeling quite small under his searching gray eyes... and finally, she opened her mouth, and spoke, as enthusiastically and friendly as she could manage, "So, like I was saying, I was looking for you... because I wanted to talk to you... about... stuff..." She laughed very nervously then, really dreading this, before managing to continue on, finding it much easier to talk to him whilst many gesticulations and wandering eyes (That of course never met back with his own), "So, funny thing actually, Arnold actually told me he loves me now. I know! A real shocker, isn't it? Well, it just so happens, that I told him I kinda sorta loved him back, and that I'd break up with you so we could start dating each other exclusively! Isn't that funny? You know, I never did tell you about the perfume I planned on naming after us, did I? Yup! ArnoldAndHelga Perfume! It's gonna be great! Heh, heh, heh... And did I ever mention I have a SHRINE to him in my closet? Did I really not ever mention that? Because if I didn't, then, well... Wouldn't that just be hilarious? Since, you know, I DO! Because I'm just THAT freakishly in love with the boy! And that's kinda why I couldn't turn him down for you. It would kill me. Since, you know, this has practically been my DREAM since I was like... WHOO! Who knows anymore, right?" She laughed very loudly and awkwardly then, her gesticulations frozen in mid-air and her eyes finally somehow managing to come back to his...

Brainy just simply wheezed in response to all this, just a bit more loudly than before... and his expression still unreadable... though if Helga didn't know any better, she'd say it almost looked like he was... trying to fight off a smile?

Helga dismissed this thought as complete rubbish, though, since she knew he of course had to be completely heart broken... That thought only managed to set a large grimace on her face, and allow her frozen arms to droop slightly in their previous gesticulations, and of course for the slight nervous grin on her face to completely wince out into a small frown, teeth baring and all.

After several seconds of wheeze-filled silence, Helga finally just dropped her gesticulated-frozen arms completely to her sides, allowed herself to slump over slightly, and let her face drain from any sort of emotions other than sympathy and disappointment. "I'm so sorry it has to end like this, Brainy. I know how much you love me and how heart broken you must be now. But this is just how it has to be. I love Arnold, not you. And Arnold loves me now, so there's nothing keeping me in this relationship anymore. But you know, we can always be friends..." She awkwardly placed a hand on his shoulder then, wincing majorly on the inside over the dreaded 'friend' card.

But of course, the tears she'd expected, the loud wails, the crushing disappointment and broken hearted expressions... were not what happened at all...

No, instead, Brainy just wheezed a few more seconds, before an actual smile came to his face, even almost looking amused. "Uh... Helga...?"

Helga blinked a few times in shock, letting the hand on his shoulder tighten slightly a moment before she released her grip entirely and raised one side of her brow at the curious look on his face. "Um... yeah?"

Brainy wheezed a few more seconds, opening his mouth here and there only to be interrupted by another wheeze. Finally, he'd seemed to have had enough, and he quickly just pulled out his inhaler and took a few quick puffs, before just sticking it back in his pocket and looking at Helga with a small smile. "I love you, Helga. There's never been a question in my mind... but..." His eyes sparkled slightly behind his glasses. "...I'm really happy for you and Arnold. VERY happy. And I'm really glad Arnold finally came out with the fact that he loves you. I mean, it's been, what? Seven years and it took the two of you getting tossed into the sweat-filled jungles of San Lorenzo just to realize it?" Brainy actually ROLLED his eyes. "And then he delays even MORE by pretending he has just NO clue that it's love when it's so obvious it IS. He was SO envious of you when we started dating. I mean, his eyes were practically aflame. Dense little imbecile... I apologize, Helga, but I will simply never understand what it is that you see in him... I mean, he's nice, I suppose, but is he really worth all that trouble, if after seven years he can't even figure out that you're in love with him? ...But I digress. It's your life." He shrugged, grinning at her shocked expression. "This has actually been my plan from the start. Have I ever mentioned I'm also an excellent actor?" He grinned, seeing Helga's jaw actually drop... so cute... "Oh, Helga..." He sighed, shaking his head slightly. "No need for words, my sweet, speechless little love. You're welcome... uh..." He blinked then, his words being cut off by his voice suddenly cracking back into it's usual dull deepness. He just blinked a few more times and then patted her on the shoulder before walking off...

...and leaving Helga a completely jaw-on-the-ground, eyes-popping-out-of-their-sockets, utterly in shock mess standing on the bridge. 'Say huh...?'

She was utterly speechless. She couldn't even begin to THINK about words with all that her brain was currently struggling so hard to process...

Though, apparently, someone else certainly wasn't shocked enough not to say something...

"'My sweet, speechless little love'?"

Helga, for a second time in only the last few minutes, was shocked into jumping around and coming to see yet another person she'd had no idea was behind her for the past who-knew-how-long. "Arnold?"

Indeed, Arnold was standing behind her, a slightly surprised and yet rather irritated look on his face. "He just called you h-his 'sweet, speechless little love'! He-He actually called you 'his'!" The young boy seemed a bit too distracted with his jealousy to completely absorb the fact that Brainy had actually just admitted to having planned on getting himself and Helga together from the start. Indeed, judging by the narrowing of his eyes and twitching of his hands and slight sneer on his lips, Arnold seemed far too irritated by Brainy's closing words that he couldn't even begin to really process the rest of what he'd heard just yet...

Helga, though, finally seeming to come out of her shocked state, blinked several times at his words, barely even processing what he'd said in her surprise, and said the only thing she could think of at this point... "Where in the heck did you come from?"

After Arnold walked out of the park and away from Helga, his hands in his pockets and a half-lidded gaze on his face, he just proceeded to walk down the street in the direction of his home.

Though, after only a few minutes of peaceful walking, not too far from the park still, Arnold heard a phone ring and he turned his head to see the empty phone booth just across the street ringing. He blinked, stopping right in his tracks.

After a few seconds of simply staring at the ringing phone from across the street, his curiosity finally got the better of him and he finally just hurried his way across the street (Of course not before checking to make sure there were no cars coming), and grabbed the phone off the hook. "Hello?"

A deep, slightly raspy voice answered, the static of the old phone booth phone making it a bit difficult to identify who exactly it was. "It's me."

Nearly automatically, after only a few blinks, Arnold's first instinct was to chuckle a silent chuckle to himself and to put a playfully exasperated hand to his temple. "Helga, if this is you playing 'Deep Voice' on me again, I-"

"No, man, it's me, Gerald."

Arnold blinked at this, his smile dropping as well as his hand as he gripped the phone a bit tighter. "Gerald? How do you know I'm here? Where are you?"

He heard a crackled sigh sound from across the line and then the slightly raspy voice spoke again, "Arnold, you're standing right across the street from my house. I can see you through my window."

Arnold blinked at this little piece of information, and he found himself involuntarily glancing across the street to indeed see his best friend's brownstone, and the curtain to his window pulled aside to reveal a half-smiling Gerald with an arm supporting him on the table Arnold knew to be by his window with his other hand holding the phone to his ear. "O-Oh..." Arnold gave a sheepish grin then, waving to Gerald from his position across the street. "Sorry, Gerald... I didn't notice. I've been a little..." The memories of his recent encounter with Helga G. Pataki flashed pleasantly through his mind, and he barely even realized his voice taking on a slightly deeper, more dreamy tone... "...distracted, to say the least..." You could practically see the cartoonish hearts just floating around his head as he slumped against the back of the phone booth a bit in his daydreams.

The sound of someone loudly clearing their throat from across the line broke him of his daze, along with Gerald suddenly asking simply, "Helga?"

A blush suddenly blossomed across his cheeks. "Helga." He confirmed simply as well, glad his friend wasn't pressing him for details just yet... after all, things hadn't even been officially sorted out yet.

"Okay, man. I'd ask for details," Perhaps Arnold had spoken too soon. "but I actually don't really have the time at the moment. My parents forced Timberly on me, and I kinda have to take her to Happy Cheeses in just a minute." As these words were spoken, Arnold was able to make out the sounds of a certain little girl's excited chatter in the background. Gerald's voice sounded a bit tired as he continued, "So I was hoping you could go down to the park and check on that plant I've been experimenting on for our Science projects. I poured a can of yahoo soda on it yesterday, and I needed to go down there today and see how it's doing, but I probably won't be getting back 'til real late. So could you do me a huge favor and just go look at it, and take a few notes about it. You know, all that Sciencey stuff - Growth progress, leaves, any new buds, bla bla bla, yada yada. You're smart about this kind of stuff, Arnold, you know what I mean."

Arnold blinked at this, before a small smile came to his face. He was never too busy to help a friend! "Of course, Gerald. No problem."

"Thanks, man. You're a real pal-OW! OW! Timberly, don't touch my hair! Sorry, man, I've gotta go. Timberly is getting restless." There was a deep sigh on the other end."Bye."

Before Arnold could get another word out, the phone was suddenly disconnected. Arnold blinked, bringing the phone away from his face to stare at a moment or two before he hung it up with a shrug and began off in the direction of the park once again. And then the idea of actually seeing Helga again (If she were still there... though he really hadn't been gone that long, when you got down to it) fluttered into his mind and he found himself breaking off into an eager run.

It didn't take him long to get there again, and once he was, he was elated to see that Helga was indeed still standing over on the bridge, right where he'd left her... but as he got closer, he began to realize, she was not alone... He halted in his tracks as the figure was finally recognized, and bits of their conversation began to drift to his ears... Neither Brainy nor Helga seemed to realize his presence...

"-eyes were practically aflame. Dense little imbecile..." Arnold's ears perked at the insult, not quite knowing who he was speaking of just yet, but the idea that he was speaking of Helga made a fire light in his belly. But nonetheless, he listened, not too keen on the idea of interrupting what was obviously a kind of important conversation between the object of his affections and her b-boyfriend... "I apologize, Helga, but I will simply never understand what it is that you see in him... I mean, he's nice, I suppose, but is he really worth all that trouble, if after seven years he can't even figure out that you're in love with him?" Arnold's heart sank as he realized just who the insult was being directed at... himself. And oh how it hurt that he actually had a... point. "...But I digress. It's your life." He saw through hurt eyes as Brainy shrugged, a smile on his pale face. "This has actually been my plan from the start. Have I ever mentioned I'm also an excellent actor?" Arnold's jaw dropped slightly at this little bit of information, his hurt long forgotten; lost in a sea of shock and realizations that he couldn't even begin to absorb at the moment. Regardless of his shock, though, Brainy continued, clearly still oblivious to his presence. "Oh, Helga..." He saw the boy sigh and smile. "No need for words, my sweet, speechless little love." And thus all shock and hurt and anything else he could have possibly been feeling or thinking was completely erased from his mind, replaced with nothing but twitching and tensing and clenching teeth. The ending of Brainy's speech was lost to him, and all he was aware of was his fists... and how wonderful it would feel to just... throw them at something! Preferably very pale and dorky!

Though his tense stature prevented him from making any move or sound before Brainy walked off, Arnold finally managed to at least say something after a few seconds... pretty much the only thing running through his mind at the moment. "'My sweet, speechless little love'?" These words were said very incredulously, and with no slight amount of irritation in his voice and eyes.

His words apparently shocked Helga out of whatever state of previous shock she was in, because she jumped around to him, a completely new set of shock now flashing across her face. "Arnold?"

Being far too lost in the current waves of irritation and jealousy and horror currently running through him, Arnold simply elaborated on his previous words, "He just called you h-his 'sweet, speechless little love'! He-He actually called you 'his'!" Arnold felt his eye twitch a bit and his teeth grinding against each other slightly.

Helga just blinked at him several times and said the only thing she could think to say at the moment, "Where in the heck did you come from?"

Arnold answered her absent-mindedly, barely even glancing at her, "Oh, I just came down here to check on Gerald's plant." His eyes narrowed a little then. "And to hear Brainy call you his love..." His pursed lips shook a bit. "As if he's the only one who's ever loved you. I-I mean, just because I took as long as I did to realize it doesn't mean he has anymore of a right to you than me. I have feelings too. I-I mean, I-I know I don't really d-deserve you, but darn it, you picked me. Only me. A-And he knew it, I'm sure, but that didn't stop him from calling you his love. Oh no." He rolled his eyes, his eyes narrowed quite a bit, and still not quite looking at Helga, he was so lost in his rant. "I-I mean, I know he's loved you just as long as you've loved me, b-but so? That doesn't mean you're meant for each other or-or anything. I mean, just 'cause you have all this stuff in common and he's all talented and smart and good with words, and I'm, well... not, d-doesn't mean we're not just as compatible. Right? I-I mean we have lots in common! We both l-like poetry, and like scary movies, and-and have blonde hair... and both our mom's have blue eyes! That's something! A-And also, I mean... we both like yahoo soda! And going to the arcade, and baseball, and football, and stuff... I-I mean, so what if he can write poetry and I can't? I-I could if I wanted to. It's just a bunch of pretty words on a p-page, right? Who says I couldn't do that? I-I-I mean, maybe not as adeptly as him, but I-"

"Arnold," Helga interrupted him, finally having come out of her state of shock completely now and seriously trying not to giggle at how cute and jealous he was acting with his little rant and twitching.

"HUH?" Arnold was just so lost in his rant that hearing Helga suddenly interrupt him like that, with that sweet little voice with lovely laughter underlying it as she spoke his name (Did he mention he had a new appreciation for his name now? And after only having heard her say it like that once?), completely shocked him and broke him of his rant and this little high-pitched exclamation couldn't help but burst from his mouth, with just a tint of fear to it... fear that she'd change her mind about him... 'Stupid, stupid, stupid. You basically just listed off all the reasons why Brainy is better than you!' He groaned mentally, while on the outside he just stood there with that slight surprise and fear in his eyes.

Helga didn't seem to notice the slight fear growing in his light green eyes, though, and so at his exclamation she simply burst into giggles. She couldn't help it. Nearly everything Arnold ever did just made her want to giggle so badly... no matter how feminine an action it was... Her love for him and his cuteness couldn't help but win out against her need to maintain an image now that Arnold knew all about her love for him. "Oh, Arnold..." She ended with a sigh and smile. "You have no reason to be jealous of Brainy. I love you, and that's what counts isn't it?" She smiled a little brighter, the fact that she was now a free girl just starting to hit her as she approached Arnold and stood directly in front of him now, her arms crossed over her chest and that smile still on her face.

Though Arnold's fear was a bit deeper than that. It couldn't just be waved off that quickly, because... Well, this had been going on for weeks, and they really had gotten along very well... Brainy holding her hand and kissing her cheek and Helga just smiling and going along with it. Ever since day one of this whole fiasco, Arnold's jealousy at all the time they'd spent together had grown stronger and stronger, and after only a few days, his jealousy had started to manifest into an entirely new feeling to him... fear. He knew he'd been dragging his feet a little about this whole 'feelings' thing, but, really... He couldn't help it! She was the most complicated person he'd ever met, so it made sense that any feelings anyone might feel for her would be pretty complicated too. Ever since San Lorenzo, he'd been feeling completely tangled and frazzled and utterly confused. He'd told himself it was probably just the heat at the time, in the jungle, and that once they got home things would make more sense... but they hadn't. Things had still been complicated and confusing and he'd still felt trapped in some weird... thing... At the time he couldn't even begin to describe what it was, but after a few weeks of feeling like this, he'd finally allowed himself to admit that he'd come to have some kind of messed up crush on Helga G. Pataki... Some weird feelings had managed to creep their way into his little heart during their stay in San Lorenzo. And though he couldn't quite figure what they were, he knew they were there. It was then he'd started gazing at her from across the lunch room and doodling little hearts in his notebook and dreaming about her at night... but he was just too terrified to make a move. After all, what was he supposed to say? "Hey, Helga, I have feelings for you! Are they love, you ask? I have no idea! So... wanna date me?" Yeah, right... He wasn't that type of guy. He'd just wanted to sort them out before he did anything... He didn't just want to blindly act upon something he didn't even understand. What would be the point in that? Trying to blindly romance a girl who actually loved him with feelings he wasn't even sure what were, just so he could get the last kiss? That would have just been selfish, and completely unfair to Helga, he'd thought. No, it just wasn't right.

But whilst he dilly-dallied and these strange feelings swirled around in his head, Brainy had come out of nowhere and publicly embarrassed Helga by announcing his love in front of... everyone. Himself included. And despite still being unsure of his intentions towards the golden haired girl, he could recall how his heart had stopped... his hands had instantly become slippery with sweat and had completely failed out on him... his teeth had clenched and his eyes had widened... and then she'd fainted, and he'd caught her and just stared at Brainy with questioning eyes... How could he have popped up with something so completely out of left-field THEN? When he'd still been trying to figure out how he felt...

At first, Arnold hadn't believed they'd last too long. After all, how long could it take for Helga to get bored of someone as plain and quiet as Brainy?

But then he'd seen how Brainy looked at her, how Helga actually seemed to enjoy talking to him, how Brainy liked to slip his hand into hers and hug her... How they'd actually found a lot in common with each other. And Arnold had felt all his hopes that they'd crash and burn die. And that was when this... fear had started edging it's way into his heart to go along with all the other confusing feelings.

And now that he'd come to accept his feelings and, in effect, accept this fear, Arnold couldn't help but feel pretty... hurt.

Brainy and Helga had so much in common and Brainy had loved her far longer than Arnold, and... That was his fear. That Helga would start to see things like that too and stop... loving him...

Arnold's lips trembled slightly, his eyes still wide with this growing fear just completely flooding his brain... Finally, he responded to her question, quietly... "I-I... I don't... think so..."

Helga's smile actually disappeared at this completely unexpected answer, before it reappeared (Though not as strong as before) and she giggled, taking another step towards him. "Very funny, Arnold. Of course it's what counts! I don't love Brainy. I mean, I enjoy talking to him and he's a nice guy that I have a lot in common with, but he's just not-"

"Helga, that's exactly my point!" Arnold suddenly burst, his voice sounding so very fearful and hurt and confused and even a little... sad. "You and Brainy have SO much more in common than you do with me. You both write poetry, you're both insanely intelligent, you both love reading and art and you're both really creative, and you both get along so well. What do I have, really? I mean, we've never really gotten along and I can't write poetry like him and I'm smart I guess but not intelligent and I... I haven't loved you for as long as him, and maybe even not as much... You deserve SO much better than me, Helga. And Brainy seems to just have it all! Why in the world would you give someone like that up for someone like me? When you have someone else who loves you that you have so much more in common with?" He knew he was probably putting ideas into her head, but he couldn't help it. He just... didn't understand, and he... loved her too much to allow her to just let an opportunity like this pass her by... and for him.

Helga, though, was utterly speechless after his little speech for quite a few seconds... her face blank... before she stated simply, "I know."

Arnold blinked at this strange answer, seeming to not really answer either of his questions... before it hit him that she was talking about his speech as a whole, and he felt his heart freeze up. "Huh?" Did she... Was she... 'Ohhhh...'

Helga stated it again, "I know." With this out there now, she pushed some hair up that had managed to droop down into his face slightly during his distressed little speech. She spoke once more then after finishing this small task, something strange in her eyes as she spoke, "I know that I have so much more in common with Brainy. We like the same books and we both write poetry and we can both get pretty passionate sometimes about things and we're both apparently pretty darn good actors..." Arnold's heart wept as she said this, though on the outside he simply stared away. "...but I don't care." Arnold's eyes widened at this and shot back over to Helga, seeing her just smiling at him a little tenderly now. "Brainy is not the one that I love. And just because you have a lot of stuff in common with someone doesn't mean you automatically have feelings for them. I tried having feelings for him, I did, and I felt a little weird around him, but now, looking back on it, I just felt awkward because he had feelings for me that I didn't return. You know, it was like kissing your friend's cheek and holding your friend's hand and being intimately hugged by your friend..." An actual shudder passed through her, and it caused Arnold's eyes to widen even more. "I like Brainy, I won't deny that. But it just wasn't in a romantic way... at all. I mean, I like talking to him every once in a while and discussing poetry and all that, but I never felt the sparks I do when I'm talking to you... I didn't feel the butterflies swarming around in my stomach like I do when I'm near you... I didn't ever think about how nice it would be to kiss him or how much I'd just love to get a hug from him or how much I'd just love to... weave my fingers through his beautiful flaxen hair..." As she said these words she, in her slight daze now, ran her fingers through Arnold's indeed quite flaxen colored hair (A very different color from Brainy's EXTREMELY pale blonde hair... nearly platinum, actually...), causing him to tremble slightly from such an unexpected and (Surprisingly) warming feeling. Helga seemed to shake herself of her daze pretty quickly, though, as she shyly brought her hand away and continued on, "I just... didn't feel anything other than friendship, really, Arnold... I mean, you had a lot in common with Lila and you liked her, but she didn't just automatically like you because you two amazingly both liked to read books." She rolled her eyes, her mouth smiling ever so slightly. "Chemistry is a little more... complex than just that, Arnold. I mean, I love you for a lot of reasons, and most of the things I love about you are traits that I sure as heck don't own... and that's part of what makes it so attractive. That it's different. I mean, you're kind and trustworthy and helpful, and I'm, well..." She snorted a little. "Not." She rolled her eyes to herself. "But those are some of the key reasons I love you. Our differences are what make us click so well. Kinda like... yin and yang. Am I piercing through any of that old denseness you're still so stubbornly clinging to, Football Head?"

Arnold just blinked, still a bit dazed from suddenly having her hand run through his hair like that, though he did manage to reply (Thank goodness), "Y-Yeah, actually... I've never really thought about it like that before..." His dazed eyes suddenly turned pensive as they shifted down slightly and his brow creased a bit in deep thought. "But it... actually does make sense. I-I just always thought that liking someone was all based around what kind of stuff you had in common, but now that you mention it... I guess we do have a lot of differences between us... B-But, that didn't stop me from falling for you. Actually, all it really did I think was make me fall for you, now that I think about it." Despite the thoughtfulness in his gaze and tone, a bit of a blush pricked at his cheeks at admitting yet again out loud that he had, in fact, fallen for her... hard.

Helga beamed, happy she'd gotten across to him. "Exactly. And it's not like we don't have ANYTHING in common. We both like horror movies and taking walks and reading poetry and just reading in general. You know, we've got some common ground to walk on." She clasped her hands behind her back, smiling a half-smile.

An actual smile actually came to Arnold's face at this, the thoughtfulness of his eyes fading away into love. "Yeah..."

Helga just stared back at him for a while, her own smiling eyes starting to fade away into daydreams the longer she stared at him. "Yeah... And hey!" Her eyes lit up again. "Brainy really doesn't have any intention at courting me after all. I don't know how long you were standing there behind me, but Brainy actually told me that this entire 'giving him a chance' thing has actually been a scheme of his from the start. So all this time all he's been trying to do is get your motor burning a little." She nudged him with her elbow teasingly, grinning.

Arnold's eyes also lit up at this little reminder, and he took a small 'innocent' step towards her in his excitement. "Yeah, I actually did hear that. But I got kinda distracted with that... other thing he said... My love." He managed a smile at the possessive and how very nice it felt to get a bit of a one up on Brainy, despite his now severe blushing problem...

Just as predicted, it caused Helga to go wide-eyed for a few seconds, before she broke down and just blushed and giggled. After only a few seconds, though, Helga simply grinned into his blushing face as she said quite suggestively, her eyes half-lidded, "Yeah, and now I'm single again... officially..." She stepped a teensy bit closer to him.

Arnold, despite his blushing, couldn't help his eyes going half-lidded also, and feeling his feet almost involuntarily drift a bit closer to her too. "Really...? What an interesting bit of information that is..."

Helga giggled at his flirting, as she stepped just a little closer to him, her eyes going even more half-lidded (If that was even possible without her having to just downright shut her eyes all together). "Yeah, it is... So... Wha'cha gonna do about it, My love?" She couldn't help popping the 'V' there a bit off of her bottom lip with her teeth, just to see his reaction to such obvious flirting on her own part... and smirking quite a bit...

Arnold only chuckled, though, his half-lidded eyes turning a bit loving at the affectionate name being returned. "Well..." He said just a tad coyly, clasping his hands behind himself as he continued to gaze at her. "I guess the first thing I'd like to do is ask you if you'd be interested in..." His eyes traveled away a bit for a second or two, before traveling back to her warm blue eyes, his voice so very low now as he dragged out the last of his little query, "...you know... having the label of 'single' being erased so soon...? I mean, if you were interested, that is..."

Helga just gazed back into his green eyes, feeling the heat of his breath pricking at her face, tempting her further and further as she leaned in... "Oh, yes, I think you could say that... Very interested, indeed..." She held back a delighted giggle at what was currently happening.

Arnold's charming grin only grew as he also leaned in, his breath becoming just a bit labored at how close he was to her lips. "Well then... I guess that takes care of that then... girlfriend..."

'OHHHH!' Helga just simply couldn't take it anymore, especially not after hearing him call her that, and she just grabbed him by his collar (A quite handy invention, indeed, now that she had the chance to fully appreciate it's value) and pulled him the last few inches in to connect his lips with her own, and to completely, hungrily press hers passionately into his own.

Arnold responded immediately (For once, though he supposed he really had already been anticipating it and was about a hair away from just pulling her in himself), pressing his lips into hers and his arms immediately attaching themselves around her waist and closing his already-half-closed eyes as their lips moved as one... passionately and lovingly and tenderly...

There were a few seconds of peaceful, passionate silence as the two of them continued getting lost in each other...


The sound of a little girl's giggles sounded after the completely flabbergasted shout, both of which completely broke through whatever spell that had been set over them and caused Helga to immediately push away from Arnold and snap her eyes open to see Gerald standing not too far away with a finger raised and a kind of disgusted look on his face, along with a giggling Timberly by his side. "Man, Timberly just said she wanted to come down to the park to play a little before we go to Happy Cheeses, and I come down here to try and tell you that you don't have to do me that favor after all, and during my peaceful (or somewhat peaceful considering Timberly is here) little stroll, I, with absolutely NO warning, get my eyes assaulted by the two of you going at it on the bridge." He palmed his face. "Man, I'm torn between being happy you two finally got together or just vomiting right here and now." He let his hands drop now and he stuck his tongue out with a grimace.

Arnold and Helga both said nothing to this, both their faces bright red and their eyes still quite wide in shock and embarrassment at being caught like that... especially Arnold's...

Finally, though, after a few more face palms and Timberly's insane giggles and laughter at their blushes, Gerald just let out a sigh and put a hand to Timberly's back, beginning to lead her away. "Come on, Tim. Let's leave the crazy people to have their fun."

Timberly pouted at that, looking over her shoulder at the two still tomato-faced blondes. "Awwwww, Gerald, do we have to?"

"Yes, Timberly, I'll just check on my plant on the way back home, now come on. I'll buy you some extra game tokens when we get to Happy Cheeses." Came the voice of the exasperated but trying to be patient older brother.

"Oooooh! More tokens? Yay!"

And so the two walked farther and farther away, soon disappearing completely out of eye-sight.

...Even after a full thirty seconds of just standing there, utterly alone again, the two of them just couldn't find it in themselves to say anything...

Finally, though, the bold boy next to Helga turned his head very slightly towards her in a small, embarrassed, blushing glance. "Um... Shall we... never speak of this again?"

"Yes." Was Helga's immediate, not-looking-at-him-at-all answer.

Arnold let out a sigh, willing his blush away now that the peak of his embarrassment had thankfully passed. "Good. Now let's go back to my place, huh? We can have pizza and maybe make things between us even more..." He gulped at what he was about to say, but went through with it despite himself since his heart was still pounding from their last kiss... "official..."

Helga actually perked up at the idea, and she turned to him with a slight, casual smile. "Sounds like a plan, Football Head. I love pizza."

Arnold smiled back, doing his best to ignore his seemingly never ending blush, and already beginning off the bridge and off in the direction of his house, Helga right by his side. "Y-Yeah, me too."

Helga smirked. "Awesome. More common ground already."

The two kids just walked out of the park then, off into the direction of the boarding house, happily together finally after so many complications to something that was actually... very simple when you got down to it.

And while the two of them had no idea what was ahead of them for the future, they at least knew that for this current moment in time... everything was perfect.

And that was all that mattered for now. Thinking on it any further would just... complicate things.

And really? Who wanted that?

A/N: And then Brainy met Astrid and they had an epic freakin' make out session whilst Arnold and Helga did the same. And they all lived happily ever after! YAAAAAAAY! XD

Lol, seriously, though, I could NOT resist having Gerald interrupt their kiss! In the version of TJM in this fic, Arnold fell for Helga but he didn't confess, so that means Gerald never interrupted their epic kiss at the end of the movie... :O Now, I couldn't have that, now could I? XD Gerald HAD to interrupt! It was inevitable, and you all know it! XD XD XD

And seriously, don't worry about Brainy. He completely understands everything and he's not heartbroken, really. He knew this was going to happen from the start, this was his PLAN! So he's just happy the two dense little idiots finally got their butts in gear. XD XD XD And don't worry, like I said, in my universe, Brainy meets Astrid after he hits about twelve and falls hopelessly in love with her, and vice-versa... XD So basically, Brainy moves on, so no worries. :3

Lol, well, that's the ending and-O_O O_O O_O Holy... freaking... vampire... crap...


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