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Bananas – ES21

It wasn't intended. He wasn't even that fond of the fruit, truth be told. But when his best friend offered him the treat, eyes sparkling and his grin as wide as his face, he didn't really have much of a choice.

And thus, the cosmos have conspired just so that Kobayakawa Sena was eating a banana.

And no one was happier than Raimon Tarou.

Appointed Best Friend for the secret Running Back, he had spent most of his time around Sena.

Speaking to Sena, hanging out with Sena... thinking about Sena...

And bananas.

Gosh, did he love bananas... Being a monkey had nothing do to with that one. It was a divine fruit, after all...

A divine fruit which was now pushed ever so gently past those delicate lips, that soft tongue sliding over it almost experimentally, trying to decide whether or not he liked the taste...

Gulping lightly as his cheeks heated up, Monta could only bite his lower lips, trying to suppress the curious urge to find out how that mouth tasted while tinged with the flavor of his favorite fruit with thoughts of Mamori.

The act was also seen rather approvingly by the teen's appointed Greatest Rival.

A one track minded jock, Shin Seijuuru could only stare as though transfixed at Eyeshield 21's choice of a snack.

His eyes sliding up and down the fruit's length, he had to awe at the radiant yellow color, indicating the banana's quality and nutritious value. Yes, he reckoned as the skin was peeled and that small mouth opened to accept the thick flesh of the fruit; he could accept the other eating that.

Also receiving a nod from him was how little the other bit off every time. Small bites... another centimeter... and another... big bites were... unhealthy, after all. This, however, allowed him to take his time to chew longly... to appreciate the taste as he rolled it in his mouth... occasionally darting his tongue out to lick his lips, making the White Knight lick his own...

And then swallow... ever so hungrily.

Yes, Shin reckoned as he gulped, denying the sudden tightness of his pants.

Bananas were a healthy treat indeed.

And only Hiruma Youichi watched with disapproval.

Why, you may ask, seeing how well other people reacted?

The answer is rather simple, truth be told, and was made clear to whomever was present as the Quarterback and apparent demon reached to grab the slim wrist that held the banana, bringing it away from the other's mouth.

He ignored the small protest voiced by his teammate and instead continued to lean forward, taking more of the banana in his mouth while sending harsh glares at both his own team's Receiver and the enemy team's Linebacker.

And of course he took his time to appreciate the harsh blush that rose to his little Light-speed runner's cheeks as he finished the banana, turning instead to lick and bite his fingers clean.

Even though it was clear the banana was -not- what he had hoped to wrap his lips around, he still couldn't approve of Sena eating alone.

And as Hiruma let go of him, Sena had to sigh rather miserably.

Now he'd have to put up with Hiruma's bite mark on his fingers, and he was running out of explanations to his parents.

It didn't help that he was sent off with quite the disturbing look sent his way by Shin...

Nor did it help much to have Monta avoid his gaze, constantly talk about his older sister figure, and above all else - freak out whenever he mentioned bananas.

No, he reckoned, finally reaching his house and all but collapsing.

Sena really didn't like bananas.