Author's apology: Painfully short chapters because I had meant for this to be a oneshot but as a oneshort, it was too long. So I ended up breaking it up at the time skips in the original thing.

Warnings: Shoujo?!Izaya and I-don't-get-you/WTF!Shizuo.

I don't own the original and neither would I want to own it because this just proves how hard writing Shizuo is. Ryohgo Narita is too good.


Get Close


He leaned up and forced his way to his lips.

The moon could not compare to the city lights.

Green blinked to yellow.

He pushed forward and urged him on; the other returned the gesture without a care for any sort of comfort. They parted their lips against the other and their shadows were consumed by the dark.

Yellow became red.

Izaya's eyes were half-lidded in mock enjoyment; he let out a low moan from deep within the throat and bit on the tongue that tasted like Shizu-chan and equally like himself. There was something wrong in the set up, something terribly off with the way they were so close.

They pulled away and broke apart.

It wasn't supposed to be like this.

"It isn't like you to be so nervous… Izaya."

Shizuo's voice wafted down, like the nicotine smoke that he would always come with. Amusement was in the air and it felt like their entire situation was flipped around, because Shizuo did not tease and not even Izaya should be able to change that.

"What are you talking about, Shizu-chan?" He countered with a soft purr to his undignified banter but at Shizuo's stare, he redirected his gaze and they rested on his own two hands. Orihara Izaya drew in a sharp breath.

His fingers clutched at Shizuo's arms and his knuckles were bone white.

He dropped his grasp like he was burnt and broke away from the forceful embrace that he had initiated.

Because Orihara Izaya did not cling like a virgin schoolgirl and Shizuo should not be able to change that. Ever. Out of years of reflex, he backed up with a defensive smirk. Flashing out the silver of his blade, he was slashing at the air to bring a distance between them.

His pride seemed to crumble as a chuckle bubbled up to the surface. The laughter was spilling over his lips in flavours of Shizu-chan and himself. Izaya was becoming undone and the controlled became the uncontrollable. Nothing mattered at this moment anymore because if he didn't pull back, he would soon be suffocating himself with everything Heiwajima Shizuo.

The realization alone was enough to make him sick.

Things changed but this wasn't it. This couldn't be.

"One kiss is barely enough to get me weak in the knees!" He knew it was more for himself than the man that stood before him. But he was smirking nonetheless and his defence was built up high again, "but do visit me in Shinjuku sometimes."

And then Izaya took off with a wink at Shizuo and red became green.

The cars passed them by.


Incoming message!


Sender: Mairu

Topic: We saw it all!!

Message: Don't run with your tail between your legs like a scared little puppy, nii-san.

XXX Kuro

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