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Get Close


They had always been physical.

But never this way.

Now it was a fine balance between violent fistfights and rough misinterpretations for what could be affection.

Or not.

His head smacked against a brick wall.

It was raining again in Ikebukuro. He had his hood pulled up and the line of fur was dampened. He had a hand buried at a throat and his dress shirt was soaking right through. The sky seemed to be crying for the two souls with hate confused for love and love fucked up into hate. The human emotions ran wild and their hearts went like thump, thump— pain.

It spread along every nerve and he had to blink hard to rid the black stars that sparked at his vision like fireworks that were exploding too close to the ear. There were hard bricks by his head and Izaya looked up in a pained daze. He could only see locks of bleach blonde through his faint barrier of fur.

"Why are you in Ikebukuro again, scum?"

The rain did nothing to soothe the harsh verbal abuse but Izaya took it all in with a blossoming smirk because only physical ones could mar him and scars were only skin deep. Shizuo's violence was just for him and there was something special to that.

"I needed to see someone."

Or maybe he was just a masochist who still hadn't revealed himself to the limelight that the sadistic side of him permanently dwelled in.

"You came all the way from Shinjuku for them?"

"Of course." He replied as a matter of fact with a shrug to his shoulders. His back was pressed against a wall; the set up was all too familiar and he was so accustomed to it that he knew the feeling to heart. He looked up and took in the blame in the other's eyes. "You are hurting me, Shizu-chan."

The hood fell back and their lips met briefly just as silver flashed.

Nothing ever changed.

Because one was Ikebukuro's strongest and the other was one that could compare.


Incoming message!


Sender: Unknown

Topic: Ikebukuro's Strongest & Shinjuku's Info. Broker

Message: You would not believe what I saw.

Show photo?


XXX Kuro

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