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Haruka POV~

Behind slender wire frames I sit puzzled by my glossy magazine. It's not because I can't read. Far from it in fact. I find that what I'm reading shouldn't be there. It's not a bad thing. Yet I'm not altogether sure I like where the current rumor mill is headed. First people speak of me as a man. Then they claim I'm romantically involved with my cousin. The power of human stupidity never ceases to astound me. When they found out that I would not confirm or deny their claims overtly they had turned it into a race to see who would catch my true gender first. I am indeed female. Truth be told no matter how fast I run I'd never be able to escape them finding out. I never really state my gender one way or the other. If you guess right good for you. If you guess wrong you'd never know because I won't correct you. That's just how it is. As for the second rumor I must state clearly: Michiru. Is. Not. My. Cousin. That's simply not right to think about much less blame someone openly of.

That wasn't the only bombardment rumors. No not by a long shot. There were many over the years that have caused a stir. I have learned to avoid them. Tabloids can't ever get a story correct. Purely gossip nothing more. As I sigh at the utter garbage being filled into the minds of many regarding my life I smile as the woman of my dreams feeds our adoptive daughter. She doesn't look like us and it is quite clear we aren't her birth parents. Hence the next rumor in the making. Apparently they feel she came from an abusive home and a father incapable of caring for her. Some are saying he's some sort of mad scientist. Tabloids were only half right. He could not care for her. He wasn't able to be a solitary parent to an infant. She's in our care now. Truth be told; that man is wonderful bar a few personality quirks.

Michiru looks at peace. Her eyes are soft and caring. She was meant to be a mother. Michiru is a woman guarded by many things. Her eyes are deeper than the ocean she admires. I'm not overly sure she wouldn't want to take a boat out to sea and never look back. Michiru is a woman entitled to her secrets, I don't mind. Her words are that of a soft melody. Her body is beautiful in the simplest of clothing. Her white skirt with light blue trim is effortless. Her matching blouse remains plain. Yet it suits her simple elegance well. For the moment she has her hair clipped back to keep it away from the baby's grip, but, usually she will wear it down.

We live in the countryside. It's peaceful here. Nice. Michiru is happy not to deal with the off-putting difficulty of dealing with the press. I'm happy that I can enjoy a day on a dirt bike. It will be a nice change on the racing scene; one can only deal with cars for so long. This old house made of Ridge-wood has been updated to suit our tastes. Michiru has the space she loves near the water and I find myself looking at large dunes only a few miles away from our home. The air is fresh and clean, a great place to raise baby Hotaru.

This place is wonderful. We reside only a short distance from the farm Rei and Minako own. Ami and Makoto are close by as well. With a baby on the way Makoto needs employment quickly. Lucky for her my new shop will be open by the end of the month. Yeah, she's a little green behind the ears but I've seen her refurbish cars before. Ami could also be snatched up later. I'm sure Michiru wouldn't mind babysitting. Knowing Makoto it would only be a temp job anyway. She really wants to own a small eat in diner one day. We are all like family for one another. It's weird yet true. We needed this more than anyone else. We need the others because without them we wouldn't have anyone.

Rei has her grandfather. Minako's parents still love her. Ami has her mother and Makoto has her brother. Michiru and I don't really have anyone and if it weren't for the others we would be alone. Her parents aren't overly supportive and as for mine, let's just pretend that they don't care about me. This would be the easiest way to go about life. I think we all had dreams to be so many things. Michiru and I have had more time to accept that dreams don't always come true. The others are starting to realize this as they move towards goals more important to them. Staying together like superglue comes to mind. Their ideals will always lead them back home to each other. We still need to learn that it's ok to be caught up in their whirlwind of antics.

Michiru had the skills to be a great violinist. Perhaps one day she will still want to peruse that type of famous life again. For now she's happy away from the spotlight. I agree wholeheartedly. Every time I see her barefoot dancing with her violin I see a woman so far out of what most would know as normality. She smiles wildly as the waves break the coast. Often she is with Minako who likes to ride bareback along the shoreline. At night we sit around a fire pit, crack a few beers, and enjoy listening Michiru fiddle away into the dawn. I think I like her casual playing more than her ritzy style. As classy as Michiru is, I like it when she cuts loose.

Life out here isn't for the rich and famous. It's not glamorous to have spent your day under a car getting covered in oil. Tending after farm animals isn't what one would call easy by a long shot. None of us live in the lap of luxury. When the power in the city goes out we are the last to be serviced. Often our power goes out for no actual reason at all. When storms hit we are some of the last to know. Water usually comes from a well, food from a cooking fire or a gas stove. Warmth mostly comes from a fireplace and loved ones. Music comes from our own voices and entertainment no longer comes from a flicker from electronics on a daily basis. It can be flawed sometimes but I like it here. I think whoever said that the best things in life are free were right on the mark. The look in Michiru's eyes tells me this. The smile on her face confirms it, and for once we are truly happy.


I hope you enjoyed my view of Haruka. Michiru will be next as she too reflects about the lover at their side and life in the country.