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Michiru POV~

I sit here holding a baby in my arms. She's suckling from a bottle as her tired little eyes close only to open again a moment later. She's fighting sleep. She does that in the afternoon. Haruka is sitting with her magazine looking perturbed. She does that on occasion. I know she's not a fan of the journalists and what they like to spew about our little family. Haruka takes a silent approach. I prefer to just tell them off. I know she means well, not liking to display lewd action in public often. I'd rather let them see what they may. I have nothing to hide. Furthermore their view of who I am is strictly that. I could care less. As long as they leave my family alone during personal time let them post what they fancy. In such articles the truth will remain in the eye of the beholder. I know Haruka knows this. She just can't help but let it get under her skin.

She's looking at me no doubt thinking about the past few weeks. Talk about hectic. I haven't seen such a massive moving caravan in all of my life. I personally blame Ami and Makoto for the original idea of it all. Ami is with child. She will start to show soon and as a result they decided to move to the country side. Minako was feeling abandoned and decided to convince Rei to move as well. Things can't be done halfway mind you, and shortly Haruka jumped onto the bandwagon dragging me and baby Hotaru along for the ride. This isn't all. I hear someone is plotting to drag our friend Usagi and her husband Mamoru out here too. Of course this will ensue to lug Setsuna behind along with a few other people. What is the lesson in all of this? Don't let Minako and Haruka plan anything alone. I for one choose to stay out of this entire escapade. Ami seems to be the only one who agrees with me.

Still, as preposterous as it all remains, I rather like it out here. We are by the sea and often I spend my days on the shoreline. Minako also seems to tag along riding her horses leisurely after a long day of work. I play my violin and on occasion Ami will walk with me feeling restless. Makoto has been a shadow following Ami around helping her with every little thing in sight. I find it cute. She finds it somewhat annoying. Ami is a very independent person and Makoto is as stubborn as a mule. They make an interesting pair. Rei and Minako have quite the relationship as well. That remains Haruka's field of expertise, not mine.

With her reading glasses on her head she looks like her eyes are still trying to adjust. Her white button down shirt is left only half tucked around her casual fit jeans. I'm still trying to get her into the style of our friends. Looking professional just won't do out here. As much as Haruka loves her ties and sports coat it will do her little good out here. I wonder what she's thinking while in that half dazed stupor. Perhaps she's thinking about Hotaru. We took her out of the city to raise her ourselves. I know she feels bad for the father. He was a good man, although a bit eccentric in my eyes. We've agreed to keep contact with him so that he may see her grow up. We aren't trying to shield her from the man. Only give her a proper home environment.

If you would have told me a few months ago that the group of people we consider family would be moving to the country in mass I think I would have doubled over in laughter. Now that all is said and done I know what it means to be happy. I like not having to worry about the press invading my life. Yes, there are indeed downfalls. Our power likes to cut out regularly for example. We also have to deal with well water and that can be less than pleasant. Electronics can be hard to use out here in a somewhat no man's land and we have given up high paying jobs so that Haruka can run a small repair shop for cars. Her plan to employ Makoto worked for at least a little while. Until she's able to build that diner of her dreams that's what she'll be doing. I have a feeling Ami would also take an interest in such things. I've seen her get her hands dirty with mechanics before. I'd be happy to be a baby sitter. I see everyone all the time anyway and will consider her child a niece or nephew purely because of how close I am with her and Makoto.

I wanted a family. I have that now. This family isn't just Haruka and the baby either. It's Ami and her mood swings. It's Makoto and her cooking, guarding, and acting as a human shadow. It's Rei ranting about the horses and other animals that fail to obey. It's Minako running like a wild woman through the pastures. Soon more family will come out. It will be an extremely pregnant Usagi trying to eat her own weight in food and Mamoru trying to constantly be a devoted husband. It will be Setsuna trying to corral everyone into order and failing miserably while Saeko tries to keep tabs on Ami, thus tagging along. It will be many things left unprepared and others left that even if you plan a lifetime for fail to get finished.

People think its hard living in the city. Little do they realize how much time and effort it takes to do things like manage a farm or to build a business up from scratch. Most don't understand the hardship that comes from raising babies away from most modern convinces. Commutes into the city are longer than just a few minutes so you no longer use phrases like "run to the store." Or "going to the club." Instead you learn better. Writing a list of things to be done beforehand along with errands to remember come second nature, along with the grocery list that most people take on an outing of course. Going to the movies is noted as a treat instead of a normal Saturday night outing. You learn to entertain more often because that will be the overall bulk of what becomes social life. It's funny to think I've grown to liking this peaceful life away from the heavy traffic inner city life grants. It isn't perfect, but it is home.


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