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Chapter 1

She hated doing this to Wendell, but she couldn't feel for him what she wanted to. He was kind hearted, and funny, but he wasn't for her. She thought they might have had a chance, but no shadow of a doubt was left.

When she told him why she didn't tell him about when she thought she was pregnant, he was sweet, in a childish way. His words responded in her head, over and over. "Duty, my share of the burden." He didn't sound excited at all! Sure she wasn't pregnant but he should have seemed happy that she might have been carrying his baby! He never once said that he wanted to.

When she and Hodgins were together, they talked about having children. She knew that he would make a great father, and he assured her that she would make a great mother. They had their whole life planned out, after they got married. Wendell and she, well, it was spur of the moment. They didn't know how long they'd last. While she and Hodgins planned on forever together. And even now, after breaking his heart into a million pieces, he still offered to help. Even if the baby wasn't his, he still offered. He loved her, wanted to be with her, didn't care that it wasn't his. He WANTED to. All the things that Wendell didn't say, came out of Hodgins mouth.

And then she knew. Wendell wasn't for her. Yes he was wonderful, but sometimes that isn't enough. And hell, the sex was good, but it didn't feel right to her. Hodgins wasn't a duty. She loved being around him, he could still make her laugh.

Wendell didn't look surprised. It was as if he already knew how she felt, before she did.

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