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Contrary to popular belief Prospero's Men was not the first League of Extraordinary people, it also wasn't formed by men.

The first League was formed by gods.

It happened in 179 AD, during the last year of the sage Lucian's life and over a hundred years since the Zombie incident at Pompei.

As it had turned out a race of Dog-Faced aliens on the Moon had been the ones who sent the virus to Pompei, and from the looks of things intended to send it to Mt. Olympus.

Now under normal circumstances Zeus would have blasted them to Kingdom Come, however two nights before they managed somehow to capture Hera and as a result had a way to shield themselves from harm.

So Zeus had no choice but to get people to take them out before it was to late.

For the task of wiping the off the face of the Moon he summoned the sage Lucian who once fought the creatures, the Teutonic god Thor, the Love Goddess Venus, and the great inventor Deadalus who due to having replaced his body with an artificial one may have been immune to the disease.

However these four were not enough, so he had Hades gather the five other members.

These five were the heroes Aeneas, Ajax, Achilles, and Odysseus plus the great Spartan king Leonidas who would without a doubt be of great use to this group.

Upon offering their lives back to the five (they had been dead prior to this) and convincing the others to serve in this Zeus sent them to the Moon so they could carry out their mission.

After their arrival Lucian came up with a strategy to stop them, he'd take Leonidas and Aeneas with him so he could free Hera, while this was done Achilles, Ajax, and Odysseus would find where the virus was made and destroy all of it, the remaining three (Thor, Venus, and Daedalus) would fight the Moon creatures so that they couldn't stop the others on their quests.

Lucian's operation was a partial success, although they succeeded in freeing Hera so the creatures couldn't use her for a shield Lucian had been killed in the escape.

Ajax had been infected during the attack and apparently ate Odysseus, Achilles however being almost completely immortal managed to kill him before it was too late upon doing this he finished the task he was sent to do.

Thor, Venus, and Daedalus didn't suffer any casualties on their task…well on their side at least, the enemies were massacred by them, at some point in the fight they were assisted by a tribe of nude lunar Amazons who were at the time waring with the Moon Beasts.

After getting Hera out the remaining members of the League managed to escape, as Zeus used a massive thunderbolt to destroy the entire species of creatures (although most of the Amazons managed to get away).

As promised Aeneas, Achilles, and Leonidas were given their lives back, but to make matters even better they were given eternal youth so they could serve him again if necessary.

The other three went off to do their own thing, Thor went back to Asgard, Venus founded a town called Horselburg, and Daedalus retreated to a maze called the Labyrinth until WWII when he formed his own League.

And on a closing note, the land where the Dog-Faced creatures used to live soon after became the territory of the creatures known as the Selinites.