I sat on the elegant dark leather couch in the Salvatore manor as I wrote in my diary. It was two days after the gala and there was still things to write. The concluding paragraphs tend to ask questions that I can't even fathom the answers to. I looked up as I was closing it to a presence. It was Damon.

"Hey Damon." I said emotionless. I put the diary back in my bag and began stood up.

"Oh, no need." Damon said with a grin. He sat on the coach and pulled my arm so I was next to him. I leaned into the cushion of the far side of the couch, which only influenced him to put my legs in his lap. I ignored it, no use trying to fight with a vampire.

"What, Damon?" I asked straightforward. I didn't feel like playing his little games.

"It was a lot more fun in here when you were writing." He commented with another of his dazzling grins.

"It was a lot more fun in here before you showed up." I said back at him. I smiled in triumph for a feel of a win at his game. Then, in his utterly unbelievable speed, he was leaning into me. I looked in his eyes and then he moved closer to my ear.

"You know you like this. You like that were alone together on the couch, that were so unbearably close that you can't help but feel something." He whispered, then he lifted his hand and pushed back the hair that was in my face. He ran a thumb along my cheek softly and I closed my eyes. I could smell his smell; his amazing mixture of cologne, alcohol, and a hint of blood.

He then moved his face so that we were face to face, his hand beneath my chin. Stefan was just downstairs, in the basement. I wondered if he could hear any of this. My thoughts ran back to Damon as he leaned in and pressed his lips to mine. At first I wanted to pull away, but then I relaxed, closed my eyes, and deepened the kiss.

I put a hand in his hair, as one of his went to my waist. We pressed together, I never wanted our bodies to separate. I had had growing feelings about him for a while, but they were small little thoughts until we had danced at the Miss Mystic gala. From then, I had knew there was something, not just a thought, but now an action. His gorgeous blue eyes, his hair, his caring, his clothes, his humor, his body, and even his personality attracted me to him. I was with Stefan though. I loved him. The problem was that I may love him, but I think I'm in love with Damon.

I heard a noise from downstairs and pulled away at the same time Damon did. We both looked at the doorway to the basement. I moved to get up and check it out, but Damon held out his hand.

"Stay back." He said in a serious tone. He moved towards the door and disappeared into the basement. I stood there, motionless, waiting. A couple minutes later Damon appeared back upstairs.

"Is he okay?" I asked.

"Yes, he just was moving around, trying to escape." Damon answered, distracted.

"Damon, about before. I-" I began, but then Damon was in front of me, as close as before.

"You what? Elena, you liked it, no need to regret it." He said with a grin. There he went again with his hit-on-the-girl attitude. I moved behind him and grabbed my bag.

"I have to go." I said, heading for the door. Then he was in front of me. He looked at me and I could see his need. My eye's probably mirrored his expression. I leaned in and kissed him fiercely, forgetting the world around me. I dropped my bag and both arms went around his neck. I pulled away, breathing, and then bit his neck. His head rolled back, his eyes shut.

"Elena." He groaned. I continued until I pulled away and kissed his again. He pulled me into his arms, I wrapped my legs around and waist. Then we were standing in his bedroom. He dropped me lightly on the bed and pulled his shirt off and onto the floor. I pulled mine off, leaving my upper body in a black lacy bra. He put a hand on either side of the bed around my head and leaned over me. We kissed as he pulled my pants off and onto the floor, revealing my matching black lace panties. Damon stopped to kiss down my neck.

"Damon." I moaned, head back, eyes shut, while my hands fiddled with his pants. He took them off himself with a laugh.

I stretched out my arms and sat up. It was then that I realized I wasn't alone. Next to me was Damon, his arms behind his head, resting on the headboard as he grinned at me. The white sheet only up to his waist, revealing his chest. I looked down and found myself under the same sheet, in nothing but his buttoned up black t-shirt.

"Morning kitten." He said, still watching me and grinning.

"What did we do?" I said as I faced forward. I ran a hand through my hair. Everything from last night came back to me. It didn't make any sense, I wasn't drunk, I wasn't distracted. I was just me, and Damon was just…amazing. I had to admit, it was the best night of my life, but I would never actually tell him that. Giving him that kind of satisfaction would only expand his ego.

"Really great by the way, you have a great voice." I glared at him as he still stared, looking me over. "Love the look too, my shirt looks great on you." He was still grinning. I was about to wipe that smug little grin right off of his face.

"Oh my god! Stefan!" I said, throwing the sheet off and running around the bed. Damon came in front of me and made me walk backward as he walked forward.

"Damon, move." I snapped.

"Is that all you can think of? Poor Saint Stefan." Nearly spitting the last part. " I'm leaving now anyway," He said roughly, looking towards the woods outside of his balcony. "Don't know when I'm gonna be back. You Won't miss me anyway, right, not with your precious Stefan around." He hissed and was gone. I stood there in shock.

"Damon." I yelled out the doors after a couple seconds of thinking. I couldn't leave us at what we just had, but he was gone.