Elena woke up two days later, resting in Damon's bed. He explained to her that he had called her aunt and told her that she needed to rest and that he would take care of her.

"Damon." She called. He was in in seconds. "Lay down. It's boring just laying here all day." She smiled. He smirked at her and laid down next to her.

"Elena, you know you need your rest. Are you weak, do you feel like you need blood again?" He asked in concern.

"No, I'm fine." She said. She fell asleep on his chest silently.

"I love you Elena." He whispered into her hair. Stefan watched from outside the window in anger.

3 months later

Elena's stomach had grown to an average sized bump. She walked around fine, but had to wear sweatshirts when she went out.

"Damon. I don't want to hide it anymore. I'm going to tell her today." She told him. She had been saying that almost everyday for the past month, but she looked more serious today.

"Ok, I'll drive you." he said as he walked towards her. He smirked as he wrapped his arms around her waist. "God Elena." He said as he looked down at her. "I love you so much. I never knew it was possible to love someone this much." He whispered as he looked into her eyes.

"Damon, I love you more than anything. Sure I've been in love before, but never like this. The first time it was nice, but this is THE time. With you. If it wasn't for this baby I don't think I'd ever have the courage to admit it, even to myself." She whispered the last part, looking back into his eyes. Her arms were around his neck, but then he backed up. He stood there looking at her before moving. He bent down on one knee.

"Elena, will you marry me?" He asked her.

A/N: sorry this is so short.