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Chapter 1

My name is Christophe Delourn. I am part of the French army….currently my homeland France is being occupied by the Germans, so anyone IN the army who was or is still stationed in the country has now been turned over to the German leaders. Meaning MY new job is hunting for Jews still in Paris. I do not enjoy my job, but in order to keep the peace between France and Germany I must do as I am told. That is all it is…an order.

MY story starts with me standing in front of a thick wooden door to a torn up apartment in the middle of my home town Paris. A cigarette hanging in my mouth, unlit so not to tip off any Jews who might be hiding, and a shovel in my hand. Slowly I inch closer to the door, pressing a tanned ear to the wood listening to any sounds that might single to me that there was indeed something inside. I listen closely, a single scratching noise alerts me to the possibility of what could be inside. I quickly press my shoulder against the door and shove hard, the wood splinters off the hinge as I force myself inside, where I am greeted by a cloud of disturbed dust and something like a sharp intake of breath.

The intake of breath sound interests me, so I hold still listening. The cigarette still hanging tightly between my lips as I close my eyes and listen, I can hear breathing... The German general in control of my troop tells us to quietly sneak into a suspected hide out. He says this because he believes the Jews to be 'beast' and everyone knows beast attack when scared….I think my approaches is better. I KNOW better, Jews are people, HUMMANS, and when humans are scared they make little sounds. These sounds can give away the location of any hiding man, woman, or child….

So I listen, and I slowly and surly walk towards the site of the sound. Opening my eyes I look down, seeing nothing but floor board and I KNOW. I KNOW there is a jew sitting under there, praying to his god that this scary man just passes him by. That perhaps he or she will be safe for….just a little longer. But we both know I will be their death. So with a empty heart I slam my shovel into the wood, it splinters and makes a sound much like my boot crunching thousands of bones beneath it. And hell, I almost feel poetic about the sound….I continue to chip away at the floor until I have a hole, big enough that even I could fit through.

Once I had such a hole, I grab a lighter from my breast pocket, quickly dropping the now sagging and useless cigarette to the floor. Then I lean my head lean in closer to the sounds of heavy breathing, and finally I light the god damn contraption. But….what I see was nothing like what I've seen before…Normally the eyes that I meet in the darkness are dead….They see me and cry, pleading for life yet their eyes hold no hope. Nothing, just empty orbs of color….That is why I felt no guilt in ending their lives. It was because we BOTH knew that there was no way for them to become safe…But THESE eyes…..

These eyes were a bright green when the light of my flame passed over them. They showed fear, yes, but they also showed hope. Hope that perhaps, this man standing above him in his dirty uniform, untrimmed brown hair would save him. Not destroy him…that….it almost scared me, I took a step back though still staring down into the dark cave like area that the Jews created. My eyes passed over the rest of the person's face…its skin was pale and dirty…but even through the dirt I could see freckles littering the skin. Its hair was a dirty and matted, but I could tell at one time it was curled and instead of the dirty orange color it was now… it was a beautiful red color that complemented the bright green orbs.

Just…Just this creatures face was enough for my heart's pace to miss a beat. I continued to stare as if stuck in some trance, I notice the little Jew (Boy? Girl? They were to skinny, and their clothes to ragged and baggy to tell!) huddled against one of the walls. Its eyes never leaving my own…

I wish we could have stayed there, ignoring the war all around us…instead just staring at each other….One in fear, the other in astonishment. But! It could not be, because at the door I heard one of my brothers in arms say something. I did not understand at first but I quickly snap my gaze from the hole, flicking my lighter closed and once again giving the darkness back to the Jew creature.

"Bonjour Christophe! Did vous find anyzing?" My brother in arms asked almost cheerfully. He stepped into the apartment with a distasted look on his face as eyes swept over the ground. He sighed and kicked a piece of forgotten cloth out of his way before he got to the middle of the room.

"Non. I did non find anyzing mon ami, 'ave vous?" I ask, turning away from the hole and looking fully at my 'brother'. I know I disobeyed an order….I know this could potentially kill me…but…those haunting eyes….they do not leave my mind even as I lie to my countrymen. He just chuckles, none the wiser to my lie. Why should he be anyway? ME, Christophe, his ally in the hunt for Jews… Shaking his head slightly he makes a move to come closer, only being stopped when he sees my glare through the darkness.
"Oi? But…I…zought I saw vous's light…eh…oh well…so wut es in ze 'ole over zere?" He asks, now acting like I am hiding something...that BASTARD. Is this what the Germans have taught us? To act like this, Even to our own!? Does he not know we have been destroying REAL people!? He…is not French anymore…we are proud…we do not enjoy destroying the lives, we just do as we are told….

Sighing slightly I shake my head as if to seem annoyed. "Ah! I zees a chat! Eet looks so pitiful I must 'ide eet from vous. I am sorry, but you understand oui?" I laugh heartedly, no doubt the Jew I am hiding is scared. Instead of ONE Frenchmen here to kill him, there are now two. Oh, I can just picture those green eyes, wide with terror but unable to pierce the veil of darkness that stands behind him and his could be murderess…

My brother just chuckles and makes a mocking cat noise. "Oho!! Ze mole 'as a 'eart!? 'o knew!! Do non worry I will non tell anyunz! Feed vous chat and come. Eet es time for ze general to give us our new orders." He laughed, drawing his arm out in a becoming gesture as he left the , as if telling me if I stay the suspicion will once again be brought up.

I politely decline the offer to leave with him, and slowly make my way back to the Jew's cave. I dare not light my lighter, incase my brother in arms is not gone…Instead I kneel, hoping to see the beautiful green eyes once again… "Silly Chat….stay zere…'ave zis food…." What else should I say…?

I…was sent here to KILL this thing…..what could I possibly say to calm it? Though I know I must say something… "…..Eet will be o-kay…zere will still be 'ope." I mumble low under my breath and dig around for some bread. Upon finding some I toss it out into the darkness and stand up to leave. As I being my walk to the busted door I hear a small sound, almost above a whisper.

"Pardon petite Chat?" I call gently, this time I listen.

"T….t-thank…y-you…" The voice whispers, its voice cracking as if not used in days….at the sound my eyes widen and then soften at the darkness….and I turn to take my leave. Each step I take my heart feels a little lighter, but my brain feels heavy. Why did THAT Jew make me feel guilty about all the others? Was it because of those EYES? Or….or was it the fact that…that person had such …HOPE…? That's…


That was a person down in that hole…Not just another order…The realization was enough to make my stomach feel sick as I meet up with my fellow brothers in arms.

"Come noa brothzers! Let us get out of 'ere! Eet smells like sheet!" One calls and they all laugh heartedly, I must as well…because this is my orders, and I must…as i must will all orders...

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