Disclaimer – don't own RENT. Belongs to the wonderful Jonathon Larson. 'Nuff said. I also don't own the lyrics to the RENT songs.

Italics are thoughts, dialog, song lyrics, memories and flashbacks

A/N: no idea how this story came to me. Just randomness. I am taking over for Sirius Black Lover (she asked me to and of course I said 'yes'). Will update Across the Universe – having a bit of writer's block.

A/N 2: The first act will be like the movie, whereas the second act will be like the play. THERE WILL BE NO TODAY 4 U, LA VIE BOEHEME A & B, HAPPY NEW YEAR B, SOME VOICEMAILS OR LOVE HEALS.

Summary: AU: what if the RENT characters were dogs? Just read and find out. It's kind of like RENT, only with dogs. Rated T for language.

Rating: T

Genre: Humor/Drama

(chapter one – Introduction)


Zeus (Mark) – Golden Doodle. 5 years old. Has a sweet temperament and is a little stubborn sometimes. Is honey-colored and has white around his eyes.

Angel (Angel) – Golden Retriever. 9 years old. Has a wonderful temperament and loves everyone. Has distemper.

Benny (Benny) – English Bulldog. 8 years old. Is sort of mean, but doesn't mean to be. Is tan and white.

Chica (Mimi) – Black Giant Schnauzer. 6 years old. Is pretty mellow, but can party like there's no tomorrow. Has distemper.

Fender (Roger) – Labradoodle. 5 years old. Has a pretty good temperament, although he is known to bite the hand that feeds him. Has been living on the streets since he was a pup. Lives with Zeus and PC. Is golden-brown and has a shaggy coat. Has distemper.

Honeybear (Maureen) – Gray Schnoodle (Giant Schnauzer x Standard Poodle). 5 years old. Is pretty excitable. Had a relationship with Zeus at one point, but left him for Pookie.

Professor Collins – "PC" (Collins) – Rottweiler. 9 years old. Has a sweet temperament, but can be mean when he needs to be. Is black with tan feet, eyebrows and ears. Lives with Zeus and Fender. Has distemper.

Pookie (Joanne) – Black Lab. 7 years old. Has a mother-like temperament, but can bite when she needs to. Has an on-again, off-again relationship with Honeybear. Recently had surgery on her back leg, so wears a pink cast that goes from her hip to her foot.