Chapter 10: Kitsu Chiri

In der Strafkolonie: der soldat.

"Akagi-san, you are staying?" The sub

way speeds through its stops, light periodi

cally flashing through the windows once they

are passed, then veiling the train once again

in darkness. The metronome-like changing

is actually quite concise, and leaves

me content, as well as all the is nots

continuing to bleed on the ground and

seats. "Well...I'm surprised you're not staying." I glance

downwards, watching a particularly

precisely cut is not drain more and more

onto the floor. "Yes, well, there's no longer

any figurative anchor for me

here. And it isn't proper for a girl

to grow up in jail. This was by far my

messiest job, so I'm sure to be con

victed if I stay. I must pursue my

education elsewhere. I insist you

consider your options, Akagi-san.

There are very few here. I simply a

ssumed that you being on this subway with

me meant you were accompanying me."

"What are your reasons, Chiri-chan?" Aka

gi-san asks. "You ask such a thing now?" I

quip, bemused a bit. Really, this nice set

ting puts me in such a good mood. "You know

I cannot stand for discord. It just took

me a while to recognize the dis

cord in human spirit as well. These lit

tle romps with you are necessary for

my well-being and psyche." "Is that all?"

Her face is strange, she's more far off than u

sual, and I actually subcon

sciously feel the need to raise my defense.

"Of course not," I say, starting to get a

nnoyed. "Asking such a foolish question." "May

be it is best if you go," she muses.

"Chiri-chan should work as a librari

an, because she's so smart and orderly!

Yes, it's decided!" Her laughter is more

maniacal than usual, and I

just sigh. "You are being difficult and

short-sighted," I say in soft monotone.

"Is that so." It's not a question, and the

laughter is cut short abruptly and she

stares at me with another blank expre

ssion. "Or maybe Chiri-chan just doesn't

know where to go, and she's the one being

short-sighted. Maybe Chiri-chan is ac

tually was. And denying it. May

be Chiri-chan should be an is not."

I feel inside me the bubbling rise. "Not another word." My voice tastes like venom, and the blade is suddenly against Akagi-san's neck.

"Oh, Chiri-chan!" She's laughing again, her eyes not four inches from mine. "You are! You are, you are, you are was!"

"NOT ANOTHER WORD!" Sfhskriewlhjud whjswan ml ygsa

"An3d4 y6oyu kn0uu," s6h3 swhys, "m6ayb3 th%t;s okay."

I stare. "Okay? Okay? Akagi-san,

listen to yourself, of course it isn't

okay to be was! There are ises! There

are is nots! And there are ams! And nothing

else! Wases should not exist! So we are

helping! We are saving them, we are ma

king them is nots! It's wonderful! And here

you are accusing me of such a wre

tched crime? I should take care of you right now..."

"Why not? Why can't there be wases?" There is

frustration in her voice now. "How come, Chi

ri-chan? I thought I was helping, but may

be I'm not. Maybe everything...maybe

everything is beautiful." I glare at

her, but turn, repressing the urge to take

care of her. "Whatever tangent it is

that you're on," I say, "I recommend you

reconsider it. You're the one that sounds

like a was." "You told me people who are

was are unhappy, and that they'd be ha

ppier is not. Chiri-chan sure is ho

nest, isn't she?" The upbeat, cheery way

she said it was so aggravating and

subtly sarcastic that it took all of

my will to keep walking and walking on.

A/N: In der Strafkolonie: der soldat (translating into In the Penal Colony) tells of an elaborate torture and execution device that carves the sentence of the condemned prisoner on his skin in a script before letting him die, all in the course of twelve hours. As the plot unfolds, the reader learns more and more about the machine, including its origin, and original justification. Only four characters are introduced: the Officer, the Traveler, the Soldier, and the Condemned. The Officer tells the Traveler of the religious epiphany that all those executed experience within the last 6 hours of their life, and basically believe in the justice that it promotes. However, it is the last time the machine will run, so instead of the Condemned dying, the Officer tries to use it on himself- however, it malfunctions, and quickly stabs the Officer instead, denying him the religious epiphany he so prized.


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