Hi this is sparkyzebo. This is my first story so No Bad Reviews understand good now on to the story.


Zak get inside. Said Drew. Why said Zak. You have a guest. Said Drew. Who asked Zak. Come in and see. Replied Drew. So Zak came back inside from where he was. So who's the guest Wadi?! Said Zak confused. She is staying with us for the week while her dad is away said Doc. Yes you don't mind do you are you going to act like the last time I. No said Zak cutting Wadi off with a blush on his face. Hey mini man you ok your face is a little wait a minute since when did thief girl get here. Said Doyle. She is staying the with us for the week. Ok so I think Wadi should go unpack now there is a guest room besides Zak's. Zak could you go show Wadi her room? Asked Drew. Sure said Zak but just then his pants fell down. Fisk happened to walk in the room at that time then he started singing. Whants won on thwe grouwnd whants won thwe grouwnd whikin wike wa wfool whit ya whants won thwe grounwd. This is going to be a long week. Thought Zak.

13mins later

So you're all unpacked asked Zak. Yup was Wadi's reply. Well good night said Zak. As he hurried to his room.