Wadi was sitting in her room back at her homeland after a week of fun with the Saturdays. She opened the box that Zak had given her. Inside was a small almost translucent turquiose colored rock. Underneath the small rock was a crudely folded note. The handwriting however was extremely neat.

Dear Wadi,

I hope you like the gift. Its special rock that's supposed to bring good luck. I wanted to give you this for being a great friend.

Your friend, Zak.

Wadi smiled at the letter before pocketing the rugged stone and leaving her room to explore somewhere else. Zak staying on her mind the whole day.


Well that's it. I'm done. The before story I was going to make has been scraped. I lost my inspiration in this story and the planned series I wanted to make this into after the show ended. I just needed to finish this. I didn't want to abandon this story because there are people who liked this story. I'm also sorry it took so long to write. As I said above I lost my inspiration and its been lost for a long time thus it being so short. My writing has improved also. I have stories over on if you still want to read my stories. Thanks for sticking with me through this super crappy story! Also thanks to my haters! You wasted your time reading me story that you hate! How stupid of you. Well review or crazy people and bunnies will attack your home. Not to offend.