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Answering a challenge for a Xander/John fic by someone at the imaginings yahoo list.

Chapter 1

Xander frowned as he neared Willow's dorm, feeling the magic in the air. Tara had a class trip for three days so why was Willow using magic along? At least he figured it was Willow, they hadn't identified any other true witches on campus. He picked up his pace, worried for the redhead, what if she was being attacked and using magic to defend herself? He ran up the stairs and down the hall, hitting her door before using his emergency key. He froze as he spotted Willow sitting cross legged on the floor, a bowl of smoking ingredients in front of her and several lit candles forming a circle. She was chanting in a vaguely familiar language that wasn't Latin and her eyes were closed in concentration. He knew better than to interrupt her casting, he'd seen the consequences of a botched spell far too many times. Instead he began looking around for a spell book, moving quietly when he spotted it. Why didn't Willow have it in front of her so she could read form it just in case? Xander frowned as he mentally went to work translating the spell, his frown deepening the more he read and he began to pray his translation was way off.

Xander stiffened as the spell began to reach it's crescendo, hand going to the silver knife he carried tucked in his jeans, pulling it free and readying himself for a fight. The spell would drain Willow too much to do much if whatever she summoned was hostile. Willow screamed out the last words and a red light flashed through the room, making Xander duck and shield his face. The light vanished and a loud thud was heard followed by a softer one. Xander stood and saw Willow lying on the floor out cold and a figure lying within her circle. He approached warily, noticing several candles had blown out, breaking the protection of the circle. He readied his knife and then nudged the figure over to find a dark haired human looking male around his age.

Xander picked Willow up and placed her on her bed before digging through the weapons chest for manacles, using them to secure their visitor. After that was done all he could do was sit and wait and try to decide whether or not to call Giles or Buffy for back up.

John groaned as he slowly woke up. He didn't know what had happened. One minute he was on the rack being tortured as was usual and then the next there was this red light and everything went black.

"You waking up? Hope you speak English." A male voice called and John forced his eyes open to see a young man kneeling nearby, a silver knife in his hand. John tried to move only to hear the clanking of chains.
"Sorry about that but you did appear thanks to a botched spell so not taking any chances. Got a name?"

"What's yours and where am I?" John croaked and then blinked, what was wrong with his voice.

"Xander and you're in Sunnydale California, otherwise known as the Hellmouth." Was the answer and John frowned, Hellmouth?

"John. What sort of spell?"

"You know about that stuff?" Xander asked and he nodded.
"Good, um you are human right?"

"Last time I checked. I'm a hunter."

"A what?"

"I hunt the supernatural."

"Huh. Didn't know anyone other than the Council did that. I'm not entirely sure on what the aim of the spell was but it was a summoning, then again from what I could translate Willow decided not to follow instructions again and botched it. I let you out of those chains what will you do?"

"Other than sit up? I need to find my sons." John muttered and Xander stared at him in shock.

"Nothing, just weird to hear someone your age mention kids."

"What do you mean my age?" John demanded, dread beginning to pool in his gut.

"Um, well no offence but you look about the same age as me." Xander told him and John's eyes went wide in shock.
"Guessing you're not meant to be?"

"What's the date!"

"May ninth, 2005. Are you okay?"

"That's impossible, I'm over fifty." John murmured and was surprised to see sympathy on the kids face.

"Like I said Willow strikes again." Xander muttered, putting the knife away and moving over to John who tensed.
"Relax, I'm letting you out." With that Xander released the shackles and John slowly sat up, finding he lacked the aches that had come with old age and hunting.

"Where were you before?"

"Hell." John answered and Xander's eyes went wide as he scrambled back, the knife reappearing as he placed himself in front of the bed which John noticed was occupied.
"I made a deal to save my son's life." He stated, knowing why the kid had become defensive. Instead of saying anything Xander moved to the phone and dialled without looking away from John.

"Giles? Got a sitch at Willow's dorm, get here ASAP. And can you please take all spell books away from her? We've got a mess." Xander said before hanging up.
"Make yourself comfortable." Xander said and then fell quiet. Obviously he was waiting for this Giles person to show up. Fifteen minutes later the door opened and a man who looked about the age John should be walked in only to stop and stare.

"Dear Lord. What has that child done this time?" He asked, removing his glasses to rub tiredly at his eyes.

"Yanked John here out of hell and de-aged him from your age to mine G-man." Xander answered flippantly. G-man, obviously a nickname for Giles, looked sadly over at the bed and shook his head.

"You couldn't stop her Xander?"

"Spell was almost done by the time I got up here and I've learnt the hard way not to get in the middle when she's casting."

"Yes, well let me see the spell." Xander handed over the book and Giles read it.
"Dear Lord."

"You said that already. So now what? I mean it doesn't seem fair to send the guy back to hell after Willow yanked him out. And he's a hunter apparently, we can always use some help." Xander's comment made John glare at him, no way was he sticking around, he had to find his boys.

"We should head over to the Magic Box, make sure she brought him back correctly other than the de-aging part. Ah, my apologies. Rupert Giles, you've already met Alexander I assume." Giles said, finally speaking to John.

"John Winchester." He answered but there was no recognition from the other man.

"Xander if you would stay with Willow?"

"Sure you won't need backup?" Xander asked, looking from John to the night sky.

"Positive, you'll be more useful watching Willow." Giles answered and John saw the small flinch from Xander at the comment. Kid seemed competent enough to him, so why such a put down?