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Chapter 11

Dean pulled up in front of Bobby's and they looked around, everything seemed normal.

"Why do you think Bobby wants to see us? Think he found something on the demon? Or Ava?" Sam asked and Dean shook his head.

"All he said was to get here quick Sam, he didn't say why." Dean told him, again. He parked and they got out, grabbing their gear. The porch door opened and Bobby emerged, shotgun resting against his leg.
"Hey Bobby!" Dean called and the older hunter nodded in greeting.

"Get inside boys, we've got to talk." Bobby answered and they exchanged worried looks.

"Are you okay Bobby?" Sam asked, grabbing his shoulder and Bobby looked at him, smiling slightly.

"I'm fine Sam, just have some news you need to hear." Bobby assured him and Sam nodded, heading inside. They went through the normal test of holy water drinks and sat down on the couch.

"So what's going on Bobby? We were on our way to a possible hunt." Dean complained and Bobby sat opposite them, taking a deep breath.

"Either of you ever heard anything about Hellmouth's?" Bobby asked and they both thought it over.

"Something about dimensional rips?" Sam eventually asked and Bobby nodded.

"The current one is in a small town called Sunnydale in California and is protected by a team of fighters. The team does have members with supernatural abilities, two of whom are witches, not those who make deals for their powers either before you panic. Well one of them has a few issues…the other is a very firm wiccan. Well the one with problems decided the team needed some extra help and altered a spell, something she should have known better than to do." Bobby explained tersely and the brothers stared at him, trying to figure out what it could possibly have to do with them.

"Bobby…..is it….that's not….." Sam stammered, eyes wide.

"Sammy?" Dean asked.

"Dad?" Sam whispered and Bobby nodded.

"Whoa, what? What the hell is going on?" Dean demanded.

"Sam guessed right, the witch pulled a hunter out of hell, she pulled your Dad." Bobby answered and Dean glared,

"No, no way! It's impossible!" Dean snapped, getting up to pace.

"Is he really…." Sam whispered and Bobby nodded.

"Showed up here a few days ago. Took a while but he passed all the tests….he's alive boys." Bobby assured them and Dean's legs buckled.

"Dean!" Sam yelled in alarm, running to his side, and holding him up.
"Take it easy, deep breaths." Sam soothed, rubbing Dean's back and haunted green stared up at him.

"Dad?" Dean whispered and Sam smiled at him, hugging him and Dean let him, making Bobby frown a little.

"Where is he?" Sam asked, looking back at Bobby.

"In town, figured there was less chance of anyone getting shot if I told you first. There's something else you need to know, about the witch changing the spell."

"Is he okay?" Dean asked and Bobby nodded.

"Yeah, he's healthy and all, it's just…..the spell de-aged him boys. He looks about Sam's age." Bobby answered and they both stared in shock.

"He's travelling with one of the hellmouth team a young man named Xander. Seems the kid took your Dad in, got him a job, all that."

"Wait….a job? Does that….how long has Dad been back?" Sam demanded.

"A while, they didn't know if he could leave town and were in the middle of a bad battle. John didn't want to get anyone's hopes up only to die in the fight." Bobby explained gently.

"So he's here?" Dean demanded.

"In town, I can call him and Xander back anytime." Bobby told them again and both boys stared at him so he got up and made the call.

Xander parked and looked over and John before grinning.

"De ja vu?" He asked and John managed a shaky smile as he unbuckled his seatbelt and opened the door.
"Want me to stay here?"

"Come in." John answered and Xander nodded, getting out. John took a deep breath and opened the door, getting his first look at his sons in what for him was decades. Xander followed but moved to the side, nearer to Bobby.

Sam stared at the stranger who walked inside but…..he wasn't a stranger. Sam had seen photos of his Dad at that age and this man was identical.

"Dad?" Sam whispered and he nodded. He hesitantly reached for his son and Sam moved to meet him, hugging him tightly. John hugged Sam back just as tightly, happy that he was alive and well. The he looked at Dean who was just staring at him, as white as a sheet.

"Dean? Son?" John called out and Dean stumbled back a step before shocking them all and fainting.

"Dean!" Sam yelled, lunging and managing to catch his brother before his head hit the ground. Sam looked up as John knelt beside him, reaching out to check Dean's pulse. John studied his eldest and then chuckled softly.

"You know, I expected you to be the most emotional about this and Dean goes and beats you by fainting." He said and Sam smiled slightly. He was shocked that their Dad was back but he was also mad about what he'd said to Dean and how he had made Sam leave the room, no goodbye or anything. Dean groaned and his eyes slowly opened, staring up at his Dad. Dean realised what happened and looked away, embarrassed.
"Dean, it's okay son, it's a better welcome than I expected." John told him.

"Dad?" Dean asked and John nodded, pulling his son into a hug and Dean clung to him.
"Why?" Dean asked and John sighed, knowing there were a lot of things Dean could be asking with that one word, why did he sell his soul, why did he tell him he might need to kill Sam one day.

"We'll talk later Dean, I promise." John told him, helping him up and then he just stared at his boys. They looked tired, worn out in ways they hadn't been the last time he saw them.
"I'd like you to meet a friend, Xander Harris." John motioned Xander forward and he approached, grinning at the brothers who studied him.

"Hi! I've heard a lot about you two, it's great to finally meet you." Xander said, putting his hand out. Sam took it and shook.

"Nice to meet you to." Sam answered.


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