When a person disguised their intentions it was usually because they were trying to cover up something devious. But Cal Lightman was far from usual; he was the only person Gillian knew who felt the need to hide good intentions. Strange as it was, he seemed as though he didn t want people to know that he was a good person at heart so he went to great lengths to convince people that he was bad boy with a devil-may care attitude. She had to give him credit though; he played the part very well; there were times when she even found herself wondering if it were really just an act. But she knew better than that: she was his best friend, she knew that he was just playing off and playing up his natural impulses to put on a mask for people, a mask that made him easy to dislike, and he used that to his advantage.

It was bizarre and seemingly illogical, but that was how he operated and it got the job done. Most of the time that was good enough; they finished the case, dropped the masks and went home. But then there were times where Cal forgot to drop his mask; he acted as though he had to keep up the charade for her too, like she didn t already know who he really was. It was those times that she wondered if maybe he wasn t just pretending, maybe that was the real Cal Lightman and everything else was an act. The fact that she had to ask herself that question in the first place meant that he wasn t being completely honest with her, even after all these years, and that hurt far more than any mask he could wear.