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Chapter Fifteen

I lost my heart a long time ago
You made me feel like no one had before
Boy you made me love you
Then you walked out the door
Well, I will not rest until you say I'm forever yours

- Whitney Houston, UNTIL YOU COME BACK

Nothing would make Jacob happier than for him to be wrong about Renesmee. But he'd been the one who woke up alone in that hotel bed all those years ago. And he'd been the only one looking into those beautiful, dark hazel eyes when she tossed his heart back to him as if it was worthless.

Neither he nor his brother spoke a word to each other as Jake raced to the airport, although Jacob phoned the limo driver to confirm his suspicions about where she was flying out.

And he prayed. He prayed that he was wrong, that he'd misread the stubborn anger in her eyes, that Jake wouldn't be devastated by her departure. Although he knew his hope in the latter was useless. His brother, albeit more prone to emotional eruptions, couldn't be any more heartbroken than Jacob was.

So he also prayed that the damn flight was delayed.

By the time they reached the terminal, his pulse was racing with an eager expectancy that equaled the urgency in Jake's strides through the crowd of travelers. They both searched the Departure monitors like pirates in search of buried treasure.

"There!" Jake pointed to the screen.

"I see it," he said, already heading in the direction of the ticket counter.

"We still have time . . . Hey, where are you going?"

He pointed to the line at the security gate. "We can't get through there without tickets."

Jake cursed and followed him to the shortest line at the counter.

"Your tickets?" the agent asked with a smile.

"We need to buy two . . . roundtrip."


While Jacob responded to the litany of questions, Jake fidgeted, making him wonder whether they'd be arrested as possible hijackers before he could even pay for the tickets. The suspicious activity didn't help matters when the agent asked about luggage.

"We like to travel light. Besides, we're going there to shop." He grinned, attempting to make his eyes shimmer to distract the agent. "Clothing is first on the list."

The agent giggled, but the look on her face told a different story.

Maybe she thought them nuts, but once he had the tickets in hand and was through security, he didn't give a damn.

Unfortunately, they'd just cleared the checkpoint when they heard the final boarding call for her flight, and the fucking gate wasn't right around the corner. After a shared glance, he and Jake took off running.

The empty seats in the waiting area were his first clue, and he knew even before the window came into view.

They were too late.

"Goddammit!" Jake exclaimed, slapping a hand on the thick glass as the plane backed away from the gate.

Jacob collapsed into an uncomfortable chair and rested his face in his hands, propping an elbow on each knee. His emotions had never ridden such a roller coaster ride before. The pain of loss, yet again, was almost too much for him to bear.

"What now?" Jake asked.

He rubbed his temples and muttered, "What do you mean what now?"

"Don't give me that. Those tickets you bought . . . Are they for the same destination?"

"Hell if I know where I told that woman we were going. I was just trying to buy our way through security."

"Call for the jet. We have to go after her."

He sat up and watched his brother pace, his face turned toward the window. The plane had taxied out of sight. "She came back to us once before," he said, trying to sound encouraging. "If she loves us enough, she'll return again in her own time."

Jake spun toward him with an enraged stride, his voice rising with equally volatile emotion. "Don't try to pretend you're okay with this. I can't believe you're just going to let her go. Does she mean nothing to you?"

Jacob shot to his feet. "Of course she does! What? You think you're the only one here who's hurting? Is that it? Well, think again. I love her, too. I need her. Just as much as you do." He jabbed a finger toward the vacant spot where the airliner had been. "My heart's ripped out and on that damn plane!"

"Why didn't you tell me?"

The familiar feminine, the most beautiful voice made both men spin on their heels.

While Jacob fought to get his lungs working again, Jake stepped toward her, but her raised hand brought him up short.

Her chocolate gaze never left Jacob.

Finally, when he was able to give sound to his thoughts, he asked, "Tell you what?"

"That you love me. You never said I had your heart."

"Renesmee . . . How could you not know? You've had my heart from the moment I gave you the word, corazón."

Tiny stars of moisture glistened on her lashes and fell to her porcelain cheeks.

He wanted to take her in his arms, hug her so close they never parted again, but instead, he swallowed hard and said, "You missed your plane."

She blinked, another teardrop fell, and her lips trembled with the hint of a smile. "I couldn't leave my hearts behind. I love you both too much for that."

She took one step forward and collided with them as they sandwiched her in an urgent embrace. Then with a joyous whoop, Jake lifted her off her feet in a tight hug and spun around, which had her laughing out loud. He silenced her with an impassioned kiss before setting her back on solid ground.

When she turned to look over her shoulder at him, Jacob held out a hand. With a timid smile, she lowered her gaze and placed her palm against his. He let her move to within inches of him, and then lifted her chin with a finger.

"Say it again," he said.

"I love you, Jacob."

He closed his eyes and savored the sound, the emotions engendered by the combination of her voice and those words. Tenderly, he pressed his lips to hers, savoring the softness and warmth.

He pulled back only far enough to see her exquisite face. "Never again, my kitten. Or you have my word; I'll tie you to our bed and spank your ass for even considering the idea of leaving us."

Her reaction somewhat surprised and completely pleased him. With a cheeky grin and a wink, she murmured, "Mmm . . . Master, you promise?"


Long as sunlight lights the sky
Light of love will be found in these eyes of mine
And I will shine that light for you
You're the only one I'll ever give this heart to
When winter comes in summer
When there's no more forever
When lies become the truth
You know then, baby
That's when I'll stop loving you


She never would've thought they could get her home so fast, but the Black brothers were nothing if not exceedingly resourceful. While one drove, the other distracted her so well that the return trip seemed but a fraction of the original ride to the airport.

Of course, another reason might be the change in her mood, which was drastically altered by the reversal in direction. On the way to the airport, she'd been plagued by the look on Jacob's face as the car pulled away. She'd struggled with the guilt of having left without a word of any kind to Jake and questioned why . . . .

Why was she in such a rush to head back to a career that offered little more than financial stability? Yes, she'd busted her ass to climb the corporate ladder, but what had she really gained? Nothing other than a reputation as an icy bitch, and a pool of underlings waiting for the slightest fuck‐up so they could stab her in the back and climb over her corpse to reach the top rung of that ladder.

Did she really want to exchange what she'd experienced with Jacob and Jake for a stressful job and a lonely, lavish apartment? No. A resounding no had echoed in her mind and increased in volume as each mile stretched the distance between her and the place she'd come to call home.

By the time she made it to her gate, she was a distraught mess and knew she couldn't go through with it. She couldn't leave. So, rather than board the plane, she'd slipped into the ladies' room to freshen up and fix the damage her crying had done to her makeup. A good thing, it turned out, since she'd heard familiar voices the moment she stepped out of the restroom.

Once home, the men spared her a few minutes to make some phone calls. She placed one to Alice and one to Rose. Exhausted from the stress of dealing with Rose's dismay over the phone, and grateful all of that was behind her now, she climbed the stairs to the second floor. She'd fax her official resignation to the Personnel department in the morning as a matter of protocol.

She stopped short in the doorway to the master bedroom.

Jacob and Jake had prepared the bed with what appeared to be ropes of some kind, but she didn't pay the cords much attention. No, her focus was on her men who stood completely nude next to the bed, bathed in soft glow of candlelight.

She blinked and felt her heart skip a beat. To think, she'd nearly exchanged this heady vision before her for a tedious cross‐country flight and a boring business dinner.

"Come here, puss," Jacob said.

She approached with sure steps, stopped in front of them, and dropped to her knees. "Masters . . ."

"Up with you, now." Jake gave her a hand and led her to the foot of the bed. "You're a bit overdressed for what we have in mind. Remove your clothes and lie down."

She quickly undressed, leaving her garments and shoes wherever they landed. Then she climbed onto the bed as ordered and discovered the purpose for the ropes, which had soft cuffs attached to the ends.

A few moments later, her hands and feet stretched toward the four corners of the bed, but her body wasn't on the bed. It was hanging face‐up a couple of feet above the mattress, courtesy of the soft leather straps attached to her limbs and waist and the ropes tied to the bed's iron canopy.

"I told you our bed was multifunctional," Jacob said, his fingers gliding from one ankle to her hip. "How do you feel?"

"High, Master." She felt like she was floating in midair.

He chuckled. "We're going to make you ours, Renesmee. Completely ours. From now on. Do you understand what that means?"

She had a damn good idea and nodded.

The flicker of candlelight, which they'd used to light the room, multiplied her sensation of floating. Unable to hold her head up forever, she let it fall back, her neck exposed, her hair brushing the sheets below her. Her world flipped upside down.

Jacob drew one fingertip over her neck. "You're missing something, kitten."

My collar. She hadn't retrieved it after returning to the house. She didn't even know where it was.

"We have something for you." Jake moved into her range of view.

In his hand was a velvet box. "Do you submit to our ownership, Renesmee?" he asked.

"Do you entrust us with your care," Jacob added, "and accept our vow that we will love and cherish you above all others from this day forward . . . forever? Will you accept our offer to be your masters and agree to wear our collar?"

Tears welled in her eyes and, in her current position, when she blinked, the droplets ran over her temples to drop onto the bed below.

"Yes . . . my masters."

With a broad grin, Jake opened the box, and she saw that it did not contain her old leather collar. Instead, on a bed of black silk lay a beautiful silver choker. At its center was a tiny heart‐shaped lock encrusted with diamonds.

Jacob pulled the piece of jewelry from the box and put it around her neck. She wanted to touch it, rush to a mirror, and view it. But that would have to wait since she remained hanging spread‐eagle several inches above the bed.

Jake slipped a hand under her head and lifted her so that he could plant a brief kiss to her lips. "You're a treasure, Renesmee. Our priceless treasure."

Her heart swelled, and she fought to keep from bawling like a sappy, sentimental fool. Her love for these two men overwhelmed her so much that she felt her chest might burst.

Jacob crawled onto one side of the bed with something else in his hand. "Today, we want you to feel like you've never felt before. So we're going to blindfold you, sweetheart."

Okay, she could admit it. That scared her. Tied up and blind? Her pulse sped up. Her breathing grew shallow. As he wrapped black PVC tape around her head, covering her eyes, she tumbled into total darkness.

Helpless. She felt utterly helpless.

Panic spurred her heart and lungs and clawed at her mind. Fear of the unfamiliar, the unknown. Yet, she didn't feel as if she were in danger—no, her trust in the men nearby prevented that from happening.

They wouldn't harm her, although they would no doubt push her boundaries.

Then soft, sultry music wove its way through the blackness like a mythical siren's call. Her fear subsided as anticipation gained new ground. She waited, wondering what they planned next.

They didn't begin where she expected them to start. They didn't do what she thought they would do. Instead, they rubbed jasmine‐scented lotion over her arms, massaging as they went, and then her feet, calves, thighs. They dribbled some of the cool lotion on her abdomen and slowly worked it into her skin. By the time they finished, every inch of her body felt warm and mellow.

"You're doing well, baby," Jake said. "I'm so proud of you. I know you're nervous about the blindfold, but we need you to trust us even when you can't see and don't know our plans. Can you continue to do that for me, honey?"

"Yes, Master."

"Do you trust us, puss?" Jacob asked.

"Yes, Master." The answer came quick and sure. She did trust them. Neither had ever betrayed her confidence.

"Good. I'm going to put a ball gag in your mouth." She felt something touch her lips, but he didn't force it in. "I remember my promise, and I'm keeping it. There are no straps, so you can spit it out if you wish to use your safe word. But otherwise, you must hold it. Understand?"

"Yes, Master."

"Open wide then." The ball was large enough to fill her mouth, but not so big that it was uncomfortable. It was soft and tasted like latex.

Someone circled her nipples, flicking them, tugging on them, twirling them between fingers and thumbs. Then she felt the sharp pinch of rubber clamps on each bud. She groaned around the ball gag and bit down on it. The weight of a cold chain lay between her breasts and slid over her right side.

Her thoughts scattered as fingers walked past her navel to slide between her legs and tease her. They vanished for a second only to lightly tap her pussy, which made her jerk. One finger circled her clit, pushing around and around, then another series of quick slaps. She couldn't help but moan as moisture flooded her sex.

The chain moved, lifted, and settled down the center of her body.

Fingers pinched and separated her labia. Then the bite of two more rubber clamps on those lips had her grunting and chewing on the ball gag.

The initial pain soon mellowed to a dull ache that radiated throughout her body and throbbed from the tips of her breasts to the apex of her thighs. When she inhaled, her chest rose, lifting the nipple clamps, which tugged on the chain they'd aligned directly over her clit. Every breath created an unbelievable friction that propelled her closer to a climax.

"Your skin is so soft," Jacob said, running his fingertips lightly over one side of her tummy. "Your breasts, so full." A warm hand cupped one.

Jake said, "We love seeing you stretched out before us, bound, helpless."

"Unable to move unless we allow it. Unable to do anything but feel as we explore what belongs to us." Jacob gave a gentle tug on the chain.

She growled around the ball gag.

"Your thighs, your hips, your breasts . . ." Jake's hand glided over each place he named, and then slipped between her breasts to gently curl around her neck. His fingertips stopped over the point where her pulse thumped, and he murmured in her ear. "Your heartbeat."

Despite her bondage, she shivered. Their words penetrated her brain, seduced her mind, while their talented hands and fingers titillated her flesh.

The men moved around her, one settling at the head of the bed between her outstretched arms, the other between her legs. It wasn't until Jacob spoke again that she knew who was where.

Jacob's voice was whisper soft against her ear. "You're ours, aren't you, Renesmee? Ours to play with any way we choose. We can nibble on you." He nipped her earlobe, which shot a bolt of electricity down her back.

"We can lick you all over," Jake said. Tugging the clamps on her pussy lips apart, he suckled her clit.

"Mmm." That was all she could manage around the gag.

Jacob said, "We can bring you pleasure . . . or pain that's pleasurable." A drop of something hot fell on her right breast, which made her lurch and grunt in protest, but it cooled quickly. Then another drop struck her left breast, and she realized it must be a candle's wax. A few more drops fell in a line below her navel, on her thighs.

She whimpered around her gag, the slight sting of the heat spurring her even higher in her sensory overload.

"Shh," Jacob said as he continued to dribble tiny droplets of warmth at key erogenous points on her suspended body. After a few more, though, he stopped and pulled the ball gag out of her mouth.

While Jake caressed her thighs, hips and butt, Jacob slid his hand over her breasts, squeezing them gently, then down and around her neck.

With that hand, he supported the back of her neck. With the other, he pressed on her chin to open her mouth. "Your mouth, Renesmee, is mine, isn't it?"

"Y‐yes, Master."

"Then serve me well." His cock demanded entry, and she gave it gladly. Her upside down position wreaked havoc on her senses as he powered into her. "Hungry for cock, puss?"

"Mmm hmm," was all she could manage since he didn't withdraw to allow a response. He pushed in several more times, easily reaching the back of her throat. His groan of approval was music to her ears. Then he pulled out. "Your tongue is mine too, isn't it?"

"Yes . . . Master." She panted between words.

"Use it, puss. Lick me like the little kitten you are."


"All over. That's it. You want to suck 'em, don't you, puss?" He scooted closer. "Suck 'em hard." His palm pressed the back of her head, supporting her, pushing her between his legs. She concentrated more on her task. "Aw, fuck, yeah. Just like that. Don't stop."

Jake remained busy as well. She could still feel the occasional pull on the chain, a flick of a finger on her clit, the stab of two others into her moist pussy. Then he moved again, his voice now coming from beside her.

"Do you need to come, puss?"

"Nnn hnn."

"Not yet."

She whined but didn't stop what she was doing to Jacob. At least not until he backed up, pressed his cock into her mouth a couple more times, and then moved out of the way so Jake could take his place. As they repositioned themselves, their hands roamed over her body unchallenged, and she reveled in the feelings their touches generated.

Their efforts had brought her to the edge and kept her poised there with astonishing efficiency.

"My turn, puss." Jake's dick touched her lips. "You want my cock?"

"Yes, Master." She tried to lick the tip, but he pulled out of reach.

"How bad do you want it?"

"Very badly. I want it very much." She opened her mouth.

"Ask me nicely."

"Please, Master. Please, let me have your cock."

He slipped in as far as he could go, stretched her mouth, and gave her all he had. "Such an obedient little pussy . . . cat. Lick my cock, baby. Serve me well, and I'll let you come." Jake's hands fondled her breasts, lifting and tugging on the chain between the nipple clamps, as he repeatedly drove his dick into her mouth. "That's so good . . . Go, Jacob. Suck her tits."

Jacob leaned over her from between her outstretched legs and removed the clamps. Blood rushed to the peaks, making them more sensitive. He laved her right breast while he tweaked the other stinging nipple. His body pressed on the clamps pinching her pussy lips and rubbed the chain against her clitoris. She writhed under the onslaught of such staggering sensations.

Jake continued pumping into her mouth and then, without warning, Jacob slammed his cock home. The climax shattered her world.

So long . . . It had been so long since she'd felt Jacob's powerful touch deep in her womb. She wanted to scream for joy.

"Again, baby. Come for me." Jake shoved his cock deeper into her mouth, cutting off any cry she made as orgasmic waves rocketed through her body.

The ropes tied to the bed allowed for a little give, turning her into a pendulum for their pleasure . . . and hers. When Jacob pounded into her, he swung her onto his brother's cock, and Jake's thrusts sent her back.

Time ceased to exist for her as the men took her body to new heights. She lived for the men ravishing her, knew nothing outside of the cadence of their strokes. They'd wanted her to feel things like never before, and she did. It was almost more than she could handle.

When the orgasm settled down, Jacob pulled back just enough to remove the clamps from her pussy lips and toy with her clit, which sent her splashing into another whirlpool of sensations.

The swinging slowed to a stop. Jake withdrew from her mouth and lifted his wet cock so his balls touched her lips. Without being told, she licked him. "Yes. Slow and easy," he said, the words little more than a breathy whisper.

"I want all of you, Renesmee," Jacob said as his cock slipped out of her pussy and moved lower to rub against her backside.

When she paused, Jake gave a slight nudge of his hips and murmured, "Keep going." She resumed her licking.

"Today," Jacob announced, "we accept your gift and take all that you are . . . everything that is ours." He held her butt cheeks apart and pushed against her. The tight ring of muscles gave way, and the head of his cock slipped inside and stopped.

"Keep going," Jake said softly, still supporting her head with one hand. Unsure whom he spoke to, she continued to tongue his velvety flesh, but her mind and body focused on what happened between her legs.

Jacob grabbed her hips with both hands and, with a deep male groan, took her ass in one long, slow stroke. There was pain, but there was pleasure, and the two were so twisted together, she became a mass of raw nerves.

"Fuck, Nessie," Jacob said on a huff of air, holding himself motionless inside her while every muscle she possessed contracted. Locked up, quaked. "Do you feel that?"

She could, but was unable to answer. Jake had backed away and was now kissing her on the mouth as if there was no tomorrow.

"Is she okay?" Jacob wanted to know.

Jake stopped, removed the blindfold of tape from around her head, and gazed into her eyes. With a smile, he said, "Yes. She's perfect," and stole her breath with another kiss.

His words were like a green light. Jacob began to pump into her with deep, steady strokes that created a sizzling burn with each penetration, which seemed to go on and on. Hands cupped, tugged, and kneaded her breasts. Fingers stroked her abdomen and bit into her hips, her thighs . . . thumbed her clitoris. At each thrust of Jacob's cock, her nerves rippled with orgasmic fury. Then with a loud shout, he poured himself into her.

Jake's tongue dueled with hers, and he drank in the sounds of her pleasure.

When Jacob pulled out, Jake moved between her legs to take his place. He rubbed himself along her pussy and slipped inside her soaked channel several times.

"Dios mio, mi gatita. You are . . . you feel so wonderful," Jake said as he pressed deeper inside her body.

She couldn't agree more. Wonderful didn't begin to describe how these men made her feel. She groaned with approval and delight at each stroke of Jake's thick cock.

After a while, Jacob returned to her side, climbed onto the bed, and sat between her outstretched arms. He lifted her head. "Watch, puss. See how much pleasure you give him?"

She was having a hard time concentrating on anything because of the pleasure Jake bestowed upon her. She was nearing another climax when he withdrew to aim for her ass, his initial entry made easier by Jacob's slick cum. As he slowly pressed deeper, however, she winced.

He stopped. Jake's head reared back, his teeth clenched, eyes closed. His bronze skin pulled taut over bulging muscles as he fought for control.

"Fuck. She's too tight, Jacob. I'll hurt her."

His chest heaved with every breath. His fingers curved into a bruising grip at her waist. He started to pull back.

"No, please," she said. Tears brimmed on her lashes.

Jake opened his eyes, his gaze locking with hers.

"Don't stop, Master."

They stared into each other's eyes as he acknowledged her plea and pushed forward once more. He took her slowly, giving her time to get used to him, until finally, every inch of his thick cock was inside her ass.

By then she was breathing heavily, but so was he. She smiled.

With a deep breath, he slid back and thrust forward again, stretching her flesh, claiming it as his own. What pain she felt drifted into the background as she saw his face take on a look of passionate bliss.

Jacob gave her a kiss on the cheek and continued to support her head as they watched his brother.

With a half smile, Jake quickened his strokes in her ass and dipped two fingers into her pussy. When his thumb rubbed her clit, her eyes glazed over, and she lost herself in another sea of nirvana. Two more harsh thrusts and Jake joined her with a shout of completion.


A short time later, the men had cleaned her and themselves, using the opportunity to tantalize her already over‐sensitized skin. They'd released her from her bondage as well, and now she lay on the bed sprawled out in post‐coital lethargy.

The bed dipped as the men took up positions on either side of her.

Each man faced her, propping himself up with an arm and laying a hand across her midsection.

She smiled and lifted sluggish eyelids to glance at them. Their hands, like their facial expressions, were gentle and warm.

Love. They loved her. Not because she held a coveted position of power in the corporate world. Not because she projected herself as a person of means, a talented professional with a reputation for an aggressive, no‐nonsense business façade. Not even because of what her body could provide them. No, they'd proven they could withhold their own pleasure to cater to her needs. She understood that now.

How had she been so blind?

As she stared into their eyes, studied their faces, she knew. They loved her because of who she was. Heart and soul.

She'd once thought Jacob—her Spanish stranger—seduced her into desiring this decadent lifestyle with promises that were impossible for him to keep. And that maybe, if she slept with him once more, she'd see that she was a fool to succumb to such overbearing dominance.

She'd thought she could dabble in uninhibited sex and have her heart come out untouched. Impossible, she realized now. Their mastery of her body went far beyond the flesh; it penetrated to the bone, even to her very soul.

She'd chosen her masters well. Those words sank into her mind, and she grinned. She had selected them, sought them out, traveled across a nation to surrender to their dominance . . . and indulge in their care.

If her obedience was all they requested of her in payment for their care giving, that was a small price to pay. Silently, she vowed to give them more. Her love. Her heart.

"Why such a sly smile, puss?" Jacob asked, again proving how in tune he was to her every thought.

"I was thinking of something you said to me when we first met in Madrid."

Jake's hand slid over her breast and up to her neck to thumb the tiny lock on her choker. He smiled at her when she glanced at him.

"What's that?" Jacob asked, drawing her attention back to him.

"You told me that you'd master me, pamper me, and take me higher than ever before. Do you remember?"

His lips curved, his ultra-white teeth showed. "I do, honey."

She gave a light chuckle. "You do know how to keep your word, don't you?"

"With you . . . always, nuestra amor."

Our love.

"Mmm," she said on a sigh. "I like the sound of that."

~The End~