Title / Destined to be Mates
Rated / M
Summary / "What do I have to do to convince you Granger?" He whispered harshly as he gathered her in his arms, taking in her scent. "Don't go. I don't want you to get hurt!" Voldemort and his Death Eaters are ready to attack Hogwarts. Veela!Draco, Mate!Hermione.
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Chapter 25:

A couple months later…

Hermione had just joined the Department of Law Enforcement. A couple month after working in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, she was promoted in a way. Law Enforcement was an upgrade of sorts from Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Draco became an Auror, along with Harry and Ron. They were getting along…just barely, something Hermione always found frustrating. Well, at least now that Ron and Pansy are sort of together, Draco would have to tolerate him more.

"Hermione!" Newlywed Ginny Weasley sauntered in. She had given birth about a month ago and she and Blaise had named their baby Nathan Lewis Zabini. Oh, he's so adorable! He was a perfect combination of both Blaise and Ginny.

"Yes Ginny?" Hermione answered as she sipped her tea. She hadn't even heard the floo activate. "What is it?"

"Guess who's going to play chasers for the Holyhead Harpies!" Ginny squealed, unable to contained her excitement. Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Oh, I don't know," Hermione replied teasingly as she waved her wand, conjuring another cup of tea. Hermione frowned slightly, she was being lazier that usual… "Here."

"Thank you," Ginny beamed as she sat herself down opposite of Hermione. "ME! I'm going to play Chaser! I…I should've told Blaise first…shouldn't I?"

Hermione laughed out loud. Blaise played Chaser for Puddlemere United. "It would be pretty hilarious for you two to play each other…I have no doubt he'll try to win without hurting your feelings."

"Or I'll cast a hex at him before the game," Ginny grinned jokingly, "He promised that he will find a replacement for when we have to play each other- that is if I got in-…but that just lost it's fun!"

The two ex-Gryffindors slipped into silence as they sipped their tea. "Are you enjoying it so far?" Ginny asked pointedly as she glanced at Hermione's slightly rounded abdomen. "You must be one of the lucky ones, I was bigger than you were at this stage."

Hermione smiled softly and caressed her abdomen. "Yes, but my morning sickness is worse than yours."

Ginny pulled a face. "Whoever called it morning sickness must be a man. It lasts the entire day!"

Hermione giggled just as the floo activated. The two girls looked up and saw both Blaise and Draco engaged in a conversation.

"Hello love," Blaise greeted Ginny as he pecked her lips. Ginny replied with the same action.

Draco smirked affectionately at Hermione before resting his hand on her hand, which was still caressing her abdomen. "Better today?"

Hermione nodded, "Better than yesterday, but I wouldn't count on it getting better yet. How was the meeting?"

Draco, like his father, worked as a school governor for Hogwarts and managed the Malfoy Apothecary, which had relocated from Knockturn Alley to Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. At first, the Apothecary business was shaky because Draco hadn't known how to manage it, but soon, with some help from Hermione and Harry, they had published an advertisement on both the Daily Prophet and the Quibbler. Though Draco had technically 'inherited' his position as a school governor, no one had dared to mention anything about Lucius since Draco had certainly done a better job than his father.

"We've decided to open this coming September," Draco said as he slung one arm over Hermione's shoulders, "That leaves us about a year to refurbish Hogwarts and recast the enchantments. McGonagall's will start to recruit new staffs in a couple of months and we hope to have the letters of announcement sent to students in half a year's time. An announcement in the Daily Prophet should do as well."

"That's great!" Hermione beamed. "Neville will need to know about this."

"He already does," Blaise interrupted. "Longbottom's the first to know, McGonagall particularly wanted him as the Herbology professor. I'd love to see him teach the first years Mandrakes again, remember his face? I could've sworn he would've puked on the Mandra—ow, woman!"

"Blaise!" Ginny hissed as Hermione ran to the bathroom.

"What? I just said...oh…" Blaise cowered slightly at the sight of Draco's burning glare. He offered a sheepish grin, "It slipped out?"

Hermione groaned as she heaved her lunch up. Listening to Blaise talking about puke on Mandra—oh, Merlin. Anything disgusting that was related to food does not sit well with her stomach. She did drink a potion with Mandrakes in them…

She felt cool, lean fingers holding her hair back as she puked. Her husband's hands rubbed her back. "Blaise is an idiot."

"He didn't know," Hermione groaned.

"You'd think knocking Weasley's sister up would teach him something," he scowled. "Do you need anything? Water?"

She shook her head, "It's fine…" she took his hand in hers.

"It's all your fault you know, you were the one who got me pregnant." She said softly after a few moments of silence.

He grinned, "I believe you had taken part in the making too, Hermione," he kissed her forehead. "Alright?"

Hermione nodded and stood up with Draco's help. "At least you're not going to go through morning sickness," she grumbled. She rinsed her mouth and walked out the bathroom with Draco in tow.

"Where've they gone?" Hermione asked in confusion.

"I might have told him to get lost." Draco commented offhandedly. "No matter, I have something planned for you."

"Me?" Hermione's eyes widened in surprise, "but…why?"

"Has it slipped your mind that it's your birthday tomorrow?" Draco looked at her incredulously.

Her eyes widened even more if that's possible as her hand came to cover her mouth in surprise. "Merlin, it is! I can't believe I've forgotten!"

Her husband rolled his grey eyes and pulled her into his arms. "Now that you've remembered, shall we get going?"

"Where exactly are we going?" Hermione asked warily. "You've brought me to everywhere possible these months."

"It's a surprise, darling," his frustration humoured her.

"Right then, come on," she exclaimed, tugging on his hands.

Hermione stood, gaping. She couldn't form words. "Draco…this…I can't believe it!"

In front of her was a cottage. It wasn't far from the Burrow. The cottage was small, but she liked it. "Can we go in?"

"Of course," he smirked, "it's yours, well ours."

She beamed and embraced her husband. "I love you," she pulled away and tugged on his arm once again, "let's go in."

Hermione's breath was knocked out of her when she stepped foot into the small cottage. The living room was the first thing that she noticed, along with the stairs that led upstairs. There was a fireplace and a few single couches and a two long couches. A door that connected it to the kitchen, that was right round the back. There was a bathroom right behind the stairs as well.

"This must've cost a lot," Hermione gasped.

"Not much," Draco shrugged. "Do you like it?"

"Are you kidding?" She took another look at the house. "I love it!"

Hermione beamed and snaked her arms around Draco's waist. "This is perfect."

"It's not completely done, I figure you might want to select a couple of your own furniture." He grinned as he dropped a kiss on her forehead. "I'm glad you like it. We can move them tomorrow if you'd like, then we can sell the flat."

"How ever did you find the time to look for a house for us?" Hermione questioned in curiosity. "You've been in and out of work for a whole four months now."

"Well, I might have neglected a few minor workload…" he said sheepishly. "And I've started to look for one three months ago, when you told me we have this little tyke coming along…"

"You have?" Her tears pooled in her eyes, which she tried her best to blink away. "You shouldn't have!"

"But I did," he wiped her tears away, "now, I believe we should try the bed? I promise you this is better than the one I got for our wedding night."

Hermione flushed. "Er…I'm sorry, but I don't feel exactly comfortable…"

His deep chuckle made her blush deeper. "I mean just lie in it, Hermione, where has your mind gone?"

She groaned embarrassedly. "This…is…" she chuckled as he pulled her upstairs.

She gasped at the sight of the bed. "Draco, this is bigger than the one you got for our wedding night!"

"I know," he said casually and lied in the bed. She climbed up beside him and curled by his side, throwing one hand over him. She smiled into his side when his arm came around her. "I can't wait until you start to show," he murmured, "and we should really get 'round to decorating the nursery."

"Maybe when I'm a little further in, alright? I'm not taking chances."

"Mhmm," he murmured into her hair. "Nothing will happen. I promise."

She sighed and nodded. She tightened her hold on him and grinned. "Just so you know, I'm going to give this baby two godfathers-Harry and Ron."

"Honestly?" He scowled. She rolled her eyes. "That's not fair. I only have Pansy."

"Do you want me to pick a godmother as well then?" She raised an eyebrow.

"We're not going to argue about this now," he pursed his lips.


They stayed in silence for a while. Hermione bit her lip nervously and looked up at him. "You're right you know…the bed is really comfortable."

He looked at her and chuckled. "I love you."

"I love you too." She murmured and leaned up to kiss him. She couldn't wait to start a new chapter with him.

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