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It had just been a night of incredible sex! Ted had came back and it was just like old times, to all of them, being that close to the men they loved was like paradise. Randy was already asleep and Ted was back in the other bed, but Cody was wide awake under Randy's arm. Cody was sure Randy really cared about him, and Ted too but why was it always Ted who got the sex? The good sex. Rand was gentle and kind to Cody while he was rough and dirty with Ted. Cody wasn't a slut, but he wasn't a child either.

Cody slid out from under Randy's arm and went to Ted's bed. They would have sleep in the same bed but three six foot men in one bed was a tight squeeze.

"Ted?" Cody said and touched Ted's arm, Ted unwound himself from his pillow and looked at Cody. "Teddy, can I sleep with you?"

"Sure Codes." Ted said and stretched his arm out for Cody to lay on. Cody got in the bed, under the covers and curled into Ted. "What's wrong Cody? Why are you not with Randy?"

"I missed you, can't I sleep with you tonight?" Cody asked, it was usual for Cody to leave Randy's bed for Ted's but it was unusual for him to ask.

"You know you can. What did you ask for?" Ted asked looking down at him, Cody wasn't looking him in the face. He was staring intently a spot on Ted's abdomen, but Ted was sure Cody wasn't really seeing anything.

"Look at me Cody. What's wrong, sweetheart? Did we do something wrong? Did we hurt you?" Ted asked a little concerned, he had gotten a bit inpatient with the boy. He began looking Cody over like he would find an obvious reason that Cody was unhappy.

"No." Cody said and pushed Ted's searching hand away. "You didn't hurt me, it was great… like always." Ted indentified the part in the sentence that bothered him.

"What's wrong with the way we always do it Codes?" Ted asked. He had always quite enjoyed him self, but then again he wasn't Cody.

"Nothing!" Cody sighed. "But you always get it rough from Randy, and I always get it slow and easy, from you and Randy. You get it good while I get glorified." Cody said, he was a little frustrated.

Ted placed a few, more vigorous kisses on Cody's neck to cheer him up. "That's because Randy doesn't want to hurt you, and believe me when he gets going…" Ted drifted off.

"Yea well you like it rough, and you wouldn't hurt me. You proved it tonight!" Cody pleaded.

Ted stared at him and contemplated it for a moment. He couldn't imagination being fucked as sweetly as Cody got it. And now that he was thinking about it, he didn't ever want to. He loved Randy but, God! The man had a mean streak when it came to getting off. He always took it for granted that Cody liked it nice and easy, as Randy had threatened his life if he ever hurt Cody. Not to be argent, but Ted wasn't sure what Randy would have done if it wasn't for him being willing to go through a little pain.

"Have you told Randy how you felt?" Ted asked

Cody huffed dramatically. "No!"

"Why not?"

"He wouldn't do it, you know that" Cody said "He hardly lets me use a knife"

"He does that because he doesn't want anything to hurt you. He practically worships you. He loves you." Ted pointed out.

"He loves you too Teddy." Cody said and stroked Teds face to let him know he wasn't forgotten.

"Yea, but that's in a different way, Codes."

Little did Ted and Cody know, but Randy was only pretending to be asleep but he was listening intently to their conversation. Was he hearing this right? His Cody wanted it rougher? He wasn't sure he could bring himself to fulfill that wish. He really couldn't hurt Cody. And then Ted, did Teddy really think he didn't care as much about him as Cody? He did! He just thought Ted could hold up to more. There had to be some thing Randy could do to take care of both his lovers.

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