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"Randy?" Ted said touching Randy on the shoulder to wake him. "Mmm?"Randy mumbled and rolled over and encircled Ted in his arms.

"What is it Ted?" Randy asked. Ted had curled himself into Randy, pressing their bodies tight.

"I was just thinking," He stopped painful. "about Cody." He said and glanced up at Randy. He was half expecting to be reprimanded, it was the first time either of them had spoken about the brunet. He wasn't mad at Cody any more, he just missed him.

Randy looked at him attentively. He pulled Ted a little tighter. "I know." He said softly. "I was thinking about him too." He confessed.

Ted looked away from Randy's face. "Do you think he will come back?" Ted asked.

Randy took a deep breath. "I don't know Darling."

"I miss him." Ted said.

"I miss him too."

"I am worried about him. What if Evan doesn't take care of him?" Ted had just voiced what they were both worried about.

"Shh." Randy soothed. "Cody can take care of himself." Randy said and hoped he was right.

"I feel like... well you know what I feel like," He looked at Randy with hurt on his face. "- a piece of my heart is missing"

That admission broke Randy's heart. He placed a hand on Ted's face and fought the tears that were stinging his eyes. He pressed his lips to Ted's forehead and let one slip away. "I know, he he was a piece of my heart too. I am sorry Teddy, I really thought he would come back." Randy sobbed.

"I know Randy, it's not your fault. I knew something was wrong with him, I should have told you." He looked away fighting his own tears. "He was unhappy I guess there was nothing we could do."

Randy pressed a hard kiss to Ted's lips. The tears rolling down Randy's cheeks fell onto Ted's face. Randy would have never guessed that Cody would be the one to leave their happy trio. He loved Cody! He saw a future with Cody and Ted, now he was simply dieing in self pity.

"Well he may not be here, but you have still got me, if you still want me." Randy said.

Ted looked at him for a moment. "Of course I still want you. I love you, even if I don't say it." Ted said.

Randy held onto Ted for a few moments. That was all he needed to hear, Ted still loved him! They stayed cuddled together for a few more minutes not speaking.

"Do you think that is why he cam into ours lives?" Ted finally asked. If it hadn't been for Cody, chances were that Ted and Randy would have never fallen in love.

Randy thought for a moment before he sighed. "Maybe. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be with him. All we can do now is hope he is happy."


But Cody wasn't happy, he was bored! He was sitting in the vacant locker room taping his wrist. He was just killing time until he could workout what he was going to say to Evan, and what he was going to do after he said it. He sighed heavily and threw a gob of tape across the room. The door opened and Cody looked up to see Justin Gabriel.

Justin smiled smugly, "Hey Cody, wheres little Evan at?" Justin asked in his accent.

Cody looked up at him and rolled his eyes. "He's not that little Justin." He said defending Evan's stature.

"Well it doesn't really matter if he is or isn't really." Justin said as he took a seat next to Cody he wrapped one large hand around the nap of Cody's neck and began groping Cody's manhood through his jeans. He pressed his lips to Cody's neck where he sucked generously and made Cody moan.

"What are you doing tonight?" Cody asked in a lusty voice.

"That was easier than I thought." Justin smirked letting his hot breath ghost over Cody's ear.

"Come to my room about ten, then you will see how little Evan really is!" Justin said and palmed Cody a few more times bringing his member to life before getting up and leaving the room.


"So Evan, wheres that new boyfriend of yours?" Kelly asked Evan as they sat together in the diner. Susi was a lunch the two friends shared about once a week.

Evan blushed and couldn't fight a smile. "He stayed at the arena, I think he wanted to use the ring for a bit."

Kelly smirked. "Your such a little boyfriend-stealer!" She giggled. "And they talk bad about me, I am never letting you around John." She joked.

"Cena! Hmm." He said with his eyebrows raised. "I bet he is a total bottom!" Evan smiled.

Kelly's mouth fell open. "But only when I'm on top, he's not going to take it like Cody." she said, and she and Evan laughed.

They both faded away into silents. Both no doubt fantasizing about Cena.

"But don't you feel bad about taking him away from Randy and Ted?" Kelly asked Evan tentatively as she nibbled on a piece of bread.

Evan looked up and played with the rim of his glass for a minute before answering. "It was his decision Kel. I didn't force him to do anything." he smiled and blushed. "But I am glad he chose me." He added.

Kelly smiled, she really was happy for her friend, she knew Evan had been falling in love with Cody for the past few years. She knew that if anyone deserved love, it was Evan! "I'm happy for you Evy." She said smiling.


Randy was watching Ted move about their hotel room. It had been a whole month since they had been home, but tonight was the last night of this tour, then they were going to be home for a whole week! Ted was leaned over the counter with the phone book and his iphone in his hand.

Ted had been spending a lazy day in bed watching TV. He was barefoot and in nothing but Randy's sport shorts

he was beautiful with his untidy mess of hair and his brow furrowed, he was browsing the book for something.

"What are you doing Teddy Bear?" Randy asked as he stood up from the plush hotel chair he was sitting in, he walked to stand by his other and warped his arms around Ted's shoulders and kissed his neck repeatedly.

"Ordering take out. Tonight it's just going to be you and me! How would you feel about a romantic night in?" Ted asked rolling his head to expose more of his neck to Randy's mouth.

"I would love a night with you, in that tight ass!" Randy said roughly filling his hands with Ted's firm round ass making Ted jump a bit.


Cody had made up his mind! He was going to Justin's room, he would worry about the consequences in the morning. He was briskly walking down the hall with his shoulders back and his head held high. He could see the door on the right, 437!

But he stopped like he had hit a brick wall just before he reach his destination. The door straight across from Justin's opened and Ted stepped out! Their eyes met and neither one of them moved or spoke. It was like this first time they had made love, the same uncertainty.

"Hey Cody." Ted said softly. Cody did not speak, he couldn't! Ted smiled at the silents. He looked from Cody to Justin's door like he already knew where Cody was going."Going to see Justin?" Ted asked.

Cody looked at the door then back to Ted and nodded.

Ted smiled again but it was more to keep the hurt off his face. Cody had changed and it was braking Ted's heart to think of his Cody as an easy lay. Ted nodded. "J G has a reputation, should be good sex." Ted said nodding as if he were talking about the weather to someone no more important than a stage hand.

"Ted, I'm sorry-" Cody started and Ted's head shot up, he was just realizing how badly he needed Cody to apologize. But Cody was cut off by the door opening behind Ted, and Randy stepping out. His presents dominated the scene.

"Randy!" The name slipped from Cody's lips unintentionally.

Randy snapped! He and Ted where just getting their lives back together and now Cody was here to ruin it all! Randy felt two emotions at the same time; One was a strong and over powering love for Ted and a need to protect him. The other was an anger at Cody! Randy acted without thinking. He rushed forward and grabbed Cody by the throat and slammed him against the wall, shattering a picture frame behind Cody's head.

"How dare you come back after what you did? You tore this family apart! You made us doubt everything just because you left! You almost ruined our lives by leaving! I cant believe I ever fell in love with some one so childish and selfish as you, you only thought about your self! You didn't even bother to say good-by!" Randy was speaking though gritted teeth. He was sinking into the terrifying viper that he was when he was in the ring. He looked as if he were ready to tare Cody apart!

And Cody could tell, he was triffid, and Randy's had was cutting off his breathing. To make the situation worse, Evan walked innocently into the scene. He gaped but froze. Ted touched Randy lightly on the shoulder when he saw Evan, Randy looked from Cody to Evan to Ted and then back again. He let Cody go and marched off.

Evan rushed over to Ted and Cody but kept a short distance. "Are you okay?" Ted asked and brushed some glass out of Cody's hair as Cody rubbed his throat.

Cody nodded and coughed a bit. "What else are you going to say?" Cody asked sarcastically.

Ted sighed. "Well I wanted to say that. But I also wanted to say," He kissed Cody's fore head right there in front of Evan. "we miss you Codes, and we love you. No matter what Randy says when hes mad, we both still love you and there is nothing you can do to change that." he kissed Cody's forehead again and left Cody and Evan in an awkward silents.

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