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Danny Fenton and Sam Manson are sitting on a hill overlooking Amity Park's city hall, where Tucker the mayor was currently presenting the Danny Phantom statue. "I can't believe you didn't want to attend your own ceremony," Sam said incredulously.

"Well, you know me. I kinda like sitting on the sidelines sometimes," Danny replied, smiling.

"And your folks are cool with knowing your secret identity?" Sam turned to look at him.

"Yeah. The time for secrets is over. The world is safe, time for new beginnings. My dad even says he wants me to team up with him now. Says I can be his sidekick."

"You're a big star now, probably the biggest in the world." I can't believe I might be losing him. After we finally realized what we feel for each other, she thought.

"Yeah, it's weird huh?"

"You'll probably get pretty busy."

"What else is new?"

"And… I probably won't see much of you anymore." Sam averted her eyes as she said this.

"Oh, I wouldn't count on that." Danny removed his class ring from his pocket. I'm glad I never ended up giving this to Valerie. "Sam, I could never have done any of this without you," he said, slipping it on her left ring finger. Although he was looking down, he saw out of the corner of his eye that hers were wet. Good, this means as much to her as it does to me. "And I don't care what's coming next. I just hope that, whatever it is, you're there to share it with me." Danny looked up, smiling at who was now his girlfriend.

Sam felt overjoyed, which was quite something since she was a Goth. "I will be." Thinking of her reputation, she blinked the tears out of her eyes and said, "I just have to warn you, I'm no pushover you know. I still have my own way of doing things."

"That's what I'm counting on." The two held hands and leaned forward into a kiss.

Meanwhile, in space, Vlad Plasmius was sitting on a floating space rock, his head in his hands. He lost everything he gained. But he's trying to cheer himself up. "Actually, being a free roaming space nomad isn't half bad. At least it's quiet and I- OH!" At that moment, the Disasteroid, having gone through an intangible Earth, crashed into Vlad. The rock he was sitting on was blasted to pieces.

Back on Earth, Danny stood up. "What do you say, want to go for a ride?" he asked while changing into Danny Phantom. "See where the future takes us?"

Sam stood up as he finished his sentence, taking his hands. "Why not?" she replied, smiling. Danny picked her up bridal style and took off into the air. As they flew past City Hall, Sam remarked, "Cool statue. Personally, I would have made it out of recycled materials but, you know, that's just me."